Saturday, August 26, 2017

DrEAMi! Linky #7

Okay, clearly I am in denial, because it cannot be a September weekend next Saturday?!! However, I checked, and yes, today is the 26 and no, there are not 33 days in August, so yep, this is the last Saturday and therefore a DrEAMi! party! If you aren't sure what the heck is a DrEAMi! then click here for a detailed explanation on the Drop Everything And Make it! phenomenon that happens to strike a LOT of us quilters.

I actually did have a DrEAMi! this past month.
This is Fractured Pieces, designed by my grandson, Brady, named by Jean of All Points of the Compass, and drafted and then pieced and quilted by me. You can read about it here.

So what has snagged your quilty attention lately? Please do share; the thought that our squirrels can scurry from one blogger's mind to another's excites me. 😆

Here's just two of the several fabulous projects that suddenly HAD to get made in July:
This is Janine's DrEAMi! made for her brother and sister-in-law.She literally did drop everything and get this beauty done in under 3 weeks!

This is Tanya's, and to quote her, "I succumbed to a moment of weakness... I had no willpower..." oh yeah, I hear ya! Free pattern from Pat Sloan in case you're interested. Tanya has the link.


  1. I know...where did August (and the summer) go?????? It gets dark so early here now. I want to be in denial, but sadly there are too many reminders.

  2. It was a fast month. No DrEAMi for me this month, but I bought fabric for what I hope will be one next month.

  3. September already...what happened to August???? No Dreami's here this month.

  4. No link up for me either this month but I do have a head buzzing full of ideas . Or maybe just buzzing ...

  5. YOur GS's Fractured Pieces looks great - how cool that he is now designing for you!! Have barely had time to sew let alone Dream but I really do need some of that creative time..maybe next month :-)

  6. Fractured Pieces is so good, and for some reason it made me think of swans, or swans wings in particular, yes I do get these odd thoughts. All I seem to have done this month is work on Gypsy, but it's not dreami, more obsession.


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