Thursday, August 24, 2017

No-Waste Two-Colour Wings Flying Geese

Gosh that's a mouthful of a title! Look, Ma, two colour wings, no waste!

I dislike wasting fabric. I'm one of those who will sew back together the little triangles you cut off if you do the 'Connector Corner' method for making flying geese, and the triangles you trim when joining binding. Hey, don't laugh; I made a cute mug rug last winter with binding ends:
Well okay and a teeny-tiny cow head in a 4-patch
So when I saw the directions for block 123 for the 150 Canadian Women QAL from Next Step Quilt Designs, I thought I can do the No-Waste method.  (My full tutorial for no-waste method is here.)  I've already made a couple of 2-colour wings star block quilts using the method, but the way I did it yields two pairs of opposing coloured wings. Click here to see what I mean. You can see another version of a two-colour wings geese star block in the top right corner of my blog header.

So could I use this method to yield four sets of identical 2-colour wings flying geese? I believe I could.

With a little thinking, (quilting is so good for a menopausal brain!) I figured if I cut the squares on the diagonal first, and placed them opposite each other back in square alignment, I just might get this to work. I pinned each HST carefully in place, and sewed very carefully 1/4" from the cut edge.

The quilt inspector Bella kept a very close eye on this experiment.
I cut apart on the already-cut line (that sounds ridiculous, but I think you know what I mean). Pressed, as you do, to make little heart-looking units:
Yep, with the little Steamfast iron, cannot sing its praises enough, as you know! (affiliate link there)
Laid the next HSTs atop the the background square as shown. Sewed once more 1/4" either side of the cut line... and, as you see from the very first photo, I got four identical 2-colour winged geese!

If you are here to check this out for making Block 123, then you need to cut your background square at 4 1/4" and two of each red at 2 3/8".

Here are this week's blocks, perched on my beloved new granite countertop 😃:
121 - Elizabeth McRae: Canada's first woman neurosurgeon in 1982 (!) practised at Calgary Foothills Medical Centre; 122 - Eleanor Hill Venning: PhD in experimental medicine from McGill U; made pioneering research contributions in the endocrinology field of pregnancy; 123 - Nellie J. Cournoyea: Inuvialuit who cofounded COPE, Committee for Original Peoples' Entitlement, had major leadership roles in land claims work; elected to NWT legislature, then became Canada's first Indigenous woman to lead a provincial or territorial government, yeah!
Nellie has white snowflake fabric in the four corners of her star block; Elizabeth has that so-cool pink bubbles/spheres fabric that in my mind, symbolizes the brain.

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  1. I love this! I have to admit to seeing your first post on IG and wondering what you were up to this morning but this is brilliant. Thanks for sharing and linking up, too!

  2. I've used that no-waste method, but never with two different colours. Interesting.... Your blocks look great.

  3. Love your no waste method for make dual colored flying geese. That's pretty cool.

  4. That's such a creative idea. Those dual-colored flying geese look beautiful! Andrea

  5. I love your multi-color flying geese - what a great idea for the leftover HSTs! Now I'm going to have to try that!

  6. Love your little two colour winged geese! I admit too also sewing up those cut off corners.

  7. You are a thinker you are! I don't throw away my cut off corners either, some day I will use more of them up! I did use up a few of the red/white ones on a winter wall hanging or two last year, hehe.

  8. Waste not want not. Love that you shared this, would have never thought of it. Thanks.

  9. Ah, this makes me want to squirrel! I love your two-color geese! Thanks so much for the tute. I'm also intrigued by your tiny iron--I didn't realize it was so small until I looked up the link. Do you use yours with steam or dry? I've been looking at travel irons at antique stores, but I'm always worried about whether the cord is safe. This would be a good solution.

  10. Genius! I never would have thought about cutting the squares apart, but these work beautifully. Thanks for being brave enough to try it! (Your blocks look great, too!)

  11. Nice little tutorial! It's reminding me how long it's been since I stitched up any geese. Right now I'm hip deep in 60 degree triangles, making a quilt for my Mom. She's an avid reader of my blog, so I'm keeping it all on the down-low :)

  12. Good days work . I always kept my off cuts too and played with them . I reluctantly got rid of many of the behemoth triangles , I felt I was drowning in them . And of course now I am sorry

  13. I didn't think I liked your two colour wings, until I clicked through and saw them in action, clever, I must remember that. Yes, I've been saving tiny cut off HST too, nearly burnt my fingers trying to press them!

  14. As always your work is amazing! Thanks for sharing and making my head spin with ideas (in a good way).

  15. Thank you! Tried your two color method today and love how they turned out!


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