Saturday, September 30, 2017

DrEAMi! Linky #8

Sorry this is posting late; seems to be a theme in QBL today! What do you get when you put a not-quite-finished orange row for your RSC project #3 together with water, a fair amount, though not a flood, in the basement which mystifies your MacGyver? Yup, a late DrEAMi! link-up.  He's at Lowe's, as I type, going to replace the bath faucet because he thinks that may be the culprit. He's not sure this is the cause, which has me a tad alarmed as this has been an ongoing issue since we moved in here, though only once before has there been this much water dripping from between, yeah, between, the toilet and the tub area. Anyhow! This post is going to serve two purposes: my RSC link-up for September and the DrEAMi! linky party.

I actually sort of have a DrEAMi! this month. It's not the true kind, where you see something on Pinterest, or in a magazine, or at a guild meeting and it just GRABS you and you rush into your sewing room, dig through your fabric and just do nothing else, like not even eat or sleep (lol, kidding but it is that kind of intensity) until that baby is done-done! Mine is this quilt:
You can read more about it on Sew In Love With Fabric, and here on my blog. I actually did drop all other sewing and not only make this quilt in time to mail it to Michigan to get photographed for the e-zine, but I also made a test one you can read about here, while I was waiting for the fabric to arrive! Here is my own picture in the late afternoon sun:
The fabric is 'Bree' by Nancy Halvorsen, a brand new line

My RSC orange projects are up to date, ha, isn't that great for the last day of the month?! I'll be linking up with the others at Angela's soscrappy Saturday linky party.

Here is project #2, the migrating geese, orange row against my beautiful fridge, lol.  I still plan to give you a kitchen reno tour, and ya, sewing loft in progress post.
It sways a tad to the right doesn't it? It'll straighten up once I get them all sewn into rows. Lots of bias edges, and lots of shades and tints of orange, n'est-ce pas? I have a new-found enjoyment (it's not love...yet, sorry Anja and Preeti) of the colour orange. 😉

Project #3, the rainbow strings quilt has an orange square on point now as well as another yellow.
I think the edge half-squares are going to be alternating red and turquoise with the four corners in neutral. It hasn't evolved with any sort of plan at all, but when I saw what had inadvertently happened along the edges, (it's probably going to be 6X8 blocks) I like it. I've learned after the first couple of months to sew the colour of the month on one side of the centre strip unit, so that I can organize the colours somewhat.

Last month were lots of pretties again:
Diann'sLittle Penguin Quilts 'Stripes in the Wild' - my favourite photo of her improv quilt
and this one, another stripes quilt:
Rose's (something rosemade) Scrappy Rails quilt sure grabs me...ah how I love love scraps!
Maybe it's making order out of seeming chaos that appeals to me, on many levels...

So what has grabbed you this past month?  Just a quick note that Craftsy (affiliate link) might...they've got all, I mean all, their classes on under $20 this weekend...SQUIRREL!!
Link up below, visit a few others, and watch the squirrels multiply!


  1. The orange blocks look great, and moving on to enjoyment of the color is certainly better than dreading working with it. You had a great DrEAMi moment this month, and thanks for encouraging the community to share such positive, uplifting, exciting moments, too.

  2. Lovely geese on the fridge, yellow is the one colour that I struggle to work with, but I know it does give a zing that is sometimes necessary. Water problems!!! That is a worry, hope it gets fixed for all time.

  3. I am tired and sleepy. Yet I keep my eyes open, albeit forcibly, to drink in all the eye-candy in the afternoon sun. Order out of Chaos - I can definitely relate to that. And chaos? Well, I have plenty of that to choose from :-) Hope your water woes evaporate quickly - I am so punny today :-D

  4. The quilting is just beautiful! Lovely progress on your orange blocks. Those geese are coming along so well.

  5. I love those strings! And I'm sad about your water woes. Water is the *worst.* I'd suspect the tub because water flows downhill along the joists, but I really hope you get it solved soon.

  6. I love your Star Shone quilt, and didn't they take a sweet photo for the magazine cover? How have I missed that RSC string quilt? I've been absent from blogland too often, it seems. I love how it's looking so far. I have no DrEAMi project this month. Sigh. I've been much too disciplined :) Hope the water issue is resolved soon.

  7. Sandra, you are so kind to show my improv strings quilt on your blog! Thank you so much! I love your Star quilt that made it into the magazine - that sounds like the most successful kind of Dreami project! Congratulations!

  8. More delicious eye candy! Those migrating geese are gorgeous!

  9. Your string blocks are really calling me...order out of chaos, indeed. I've got some stringy stuff brewing in my brain that needs to be birthed with some stitching soon. That sounds a bit messy, doesn't it? No DrEAMIs for me in September, but I'm just finishing one today that I can link up next month :)

  10. A leak between your toilet and bath? I know when my sons were at home what I would have blamed that on !
    Still loving that magazine cover

  11. Help! The squirrels have kidnapped me..........

  12. Great month! LOVE those ORANGE Migrating Geese!! Your String blocks are coming along nicely.


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