Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Framed Star

Yesterday was the post for my most recent magazine publication, Let Your Star Shine.  Here is the test quilt I made for my pattern that is in Modern By the Yard, Benartex's e-zine.
It started with this sketch I did one day at my daughter Brianne's house; grandson Brady doing his own thing at the top of the same page (which, in case you missed it, grew up into a lap mat for him you can read about here:

I used mainly modern fabrics I'd recently acquired from several different designers. One of the fabrics I used in the quilt, the royal blue one with stars on, is from a quilt that never did get made, just a few blocks, for then teenage daughter, Brianne. So let's just say it's an older fabric, ha, and on that is not a dig at her age. (both daughters read the blog)  When shuffling through my blues, which are plentiful btw, in my stash, I saw that this went perfectly with the arrows fabric and the pink starfish fabric.

Wavy quilting using Fufu's rayon in pale blue by Floriani Threads
 Yes, that's Zen Chic Modern Background you see as well. Isn't it neat when old fabrics play well with new ones?
I did a flanged binding, and this time tried alternating the flange colours because of the two colours in the outside frame. It worked out pretty well! I like that the wavy line quilting and the square symmetrical quilt means that the quilt can be oriented any side up.

Here is the back, again an older cotton fabric I love which went perfectly with the colours on the front.

Nice and crinkly after laundering!

My label:
The colours on the back play so well with those on the front!

A final shot at the end of my street with Lake Erie in the background.
This quilt will be for sale very soon in my Etsy shop.  If you'd like to make your own and see how I pieced the giant star points in one piece onto the background and outer frame (pretty slick), then head over (link in first line of this post) or click the sidebar image of the e-zine cover, and download your free copy of the e-zine!

Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  Original design featured in Modern by the Yard
Size: 36.5 X 36.5"
Fabric:  Zen Chic Modern Background Paper by Moda, The Christmas Collection by The Woodrow Studio, pink starfish is Dear Stella, arrows is Desk Job by Windham Fabrics.
Batting: polyester
Quilted: on my Avanté, Avril
Threads:  pieced with Gütermann cotton; quilted with Floriani Threads Fufu's rayon 310 pale blue

Cuteness overload:

Meet Scout, 7-8 week old former orphan, new granddaughter kitty. Dayna got this precious sweetheart, aka nugget, as Beth Stern calls her kitten fosters, last weekend.  She is an almost clone of her other cat Harper. If you don't get the connection between Scout and Harper, To Kill A Mockingbird is Dayna's all-time favourite book. 😽 Can't wait to snuggle her this coming weekend!

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  1. Getting binding to change at corners is tricky, you did a fabulous job! And enjoy Scout, that looks like some serious cuteness overload indeed. :)

  2. Ditto to Yvonne's comment about the flange at the corners, they are difficult enough when the flange is the same all round. I finally found how to download, lovely large triangles, and squares, and a super size when finished. Will you get any quilty stuff done with the new fluffy cutey coming to stay? she is so cuddly.

  3. A lovely quilt, Sandra! However did you manage to change the bindings at the corners so perfectly!! Great job!! Scout is such a darling! Happy snuggling :)


  4. I love that wavy quilting and seeing the close-ups of the prints.

  5. Awh, such a cutie Scout... I love that book too and the film with Gregory Peck 😀 brilliant flange, so professional....you must have better time management skills than I Sandra, to produce such loveliness so often 😀 xxx

  6. Great quilt. Love how you did the binding.

  7. Aw, tuxedo kitties are the best! Between all that cat fluff and the quilt crinkle, this was a lovely, textured post! Very yummy :)

  8. Brianna 's blue fabric isn't old dahling , it's vintage dahling ! That quilt is so squishy looking and I love the floral backing

  9. Gorgeous crinkly look. Really like the border and alternate binding - works really well!

  10. What a gorgeous finish! I love everything about this quilt! And that kitten? Paws-atively adorable!

  11. Congratulations. This is a great pattern.


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