Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Q4FAL - My List

It never ceases to amaze me how fast a quarter goes by... (and don't tell me, although someone did but I've forgotten; menopause foggy brain can be good at times) how many or rather, how few, weeks there are until Christmas.

How did I do from Q3? Like a quilt retreat, I never get as much done as I plan to! Here's the collage of projects on the list that were completed; note that the Twinkle Sprinkles, the stars quilt, got finished a few days after the Q3 deadline, drat, but I'm including it in the collage because it's kind of in no-man's-land, between the two quarters.

Not bad. 70% if you count the stars one that was a few days past the deadline.
So a few of the Q3 projects are being moved to Q4 list and I'm adding in a couple more. I'm trying to leave room to play as well, to allow myself to chase a few squirrels, especially the green and red ones of the Christmas kind!

1. Migrating Geese
It's terrible that this is still on the list but it keeps getting pushed to the side.
December 2017 - almost a year ago!

2. Fawn's quilt

3. A top (I even picked out the pattern I'd intended to sew up) with this beautiful Island Batik rayon:

4. October's challenge is a paper-pieced project that is well underway:

5. November's challenge is a log cabin quilt. I have a plan (well, two, but I'm pretty sure which one I'm leaning towards). I'm pretty sure I'm using this fabric:

but, as always, choosing the fabric is the hardest part for me, as I love it all! So I might use this 10" stack of rainbow batiks with one or two of the backgrounds or save it for the December challenge:
It's going to be such a cool design, one of my own, based on Karen Combs work. She is the first designer who turned me ON to illusions in quilts when we did a 3-D cube quilt in a guild workshop.

6. December is a whimsical challenge, and I'll probably be using the rainbow set of fabrics above.
It will be a design of my own, not sure if I'm using one I've already done, or if I might play around creating another! How I love being an ambassador; it really is a challenge and a balm to the creative spirit!

The next two UFOs were started on my blogging break this summer. I haven't shown you either of them!

7. I have this cushion cover to finish, made with leftover HSTs from Postcard from Sweden:

8. And there's this cushion or maybe mini wall-quilt, companion to the bed runner original design, A Roll of the Dice, I did for a Benartex Fabrics blog hop in August:
It will be a part of the soon-to-be-released pattern.

9. My Fireburst mystery; which is at the September stage still:

I'm stopping there as that is plenty. Besides, I do have a couple of Christmas ideas percolating. Oh, and there is a certain daughter named Dayna's wedding at the end of November to do one or two things for as well!!

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  1. Good luck with your list, Sandra! You had a productive Q3 and it seems like you've got a good start on some of the projects for this quarter already. And I'm with you on how fast time seems to fly are we almost to Halloween already?

  2. That looks like plenty of pretty to keep you occupied! It is always fun to have a few things with deadlines on the list, cuz you just know you will get them done!!! I think there may be a couple squirrels running around here this quarter too...we will see if they actually come out to play or not! :)

  3. Have fun working through your list Sandra. Nice to see you are 'scheduling in' some Squirrel moments too :-)

  4. Love those shimmery fabrics in your Christmas pile. Cheering you on from here!

  5. Lots finished, but the wedding, that is looming closer every day. Beautiful batiks to choose from.

  6. Pretty items in your list. Have fun getting them done!

  7. Hi Sandra! Oh why oh why is that Migrating Geese quilt top still languishing from last year?! I love it and it looks like the quilt top is all together just awaiting some quilting inspiration. You have listed quite a few projects for quarter four, and a WEDDING. Holy moly. That will be fun though. {{Hugs}} I am confident you can manage to get it all (and more) finished. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. I hope you have a lot of fun working on these projects. I was curious about Dayna's wedding and I bet you have something up your sleeve for that. :)

  9. You have been busy!! A great finish for third quarter. And quite a list for fourth quarter! Have fun with your projects...and the squirrels! LOL

  10. Your completions are beautiful! I'm a total sucker for batik fabrics and think being an Island Batiks Ambassador would be pure heaven. I'm really liking the little piece of 4 blocks for the Benartex blog hop. I can totally see it becoming a baby or toddler "counting" quilt with the colored squares having one more piece in each block--kind of like a 12 days of Christmas quilt.

    Keep up the inspiration!

  11. My goodness, you've been busy! Last quarter's projects were terrific ( particularly like those leaves down the diagonally striped quilt). I gather you've decided to abandon sleep and sequester yourself with your sewing machine for the next few months. Don't forget to come out for the wedding. At least October's challenge is underway, and looking FABULOUS. Good luck!

  12. Your many project challenges makes my head spin! Good luck checking each one off your list!

  13. Sandra, you had so many beautiful finishes from last quarter!! And then there's such a pretty list to choose from for upcoming finishes. I love the fabrics you put together. You have a very nice eye for that.

  14. You have chosen lovely fabrics. I too like to design my own quilts. Designing is part of the fun for me.

  15. Great list, can't wait to see what you accomplish this quarter!

  16. It is amazing how fast the quarters speed by. Congrats on all the progress last quarter and have fun with your projects this quarter. Sounds like yo've got plenty going on outside of the sewing room, so good luck with the stitching.

  17. what a productive activity! love the last blocks!


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