Saturday, October 27, 2018

DrEAMi! #21

I know it sounds cliché but where did this month go? And do not, I repeat, do NOT tell me how many, or should I type few, days there are before Christmas! While I should be focusing on my Island Batik project of the month (super excited to reveal this) and various Christmas gifts, I of course got waylaid by a pesky idea that scrabbled around, and kept popping up, nut in its mouth, willing me to come play. Yep, I got sucked in by a squirrel this month.
Actually a few...

Apoloiges for getting this post up late, but I was actually focused all day long yesterday, Bernina foot pedal to the metal, and didn't even think until bedtime about writing this post...

But before I share my squirrels, Wendy of Pieceful Thoughts sent me this video. She said she thought of me when she saw it; gee I wonder why? On more than one level...
I died.

So glad the squirrel didn't!

You may recall that I made a couple of makeup bags, one for each daughter as per request. Well, the one I made Dayna turned out to be not quite as per request; she'd wanted a smaller one, like the Pyramid Pouch I designed for Moda Bakeshop.

After finishing the #100days100block2018 QAL, one block, well let's be honest, quite a few, resonated with me for potential projects. Last week, I rifled through my Island Batik scraps, found some pink and black (this black is not a scrap yet; it's a yard they provided in Box 2 and it is FAN-tastic. I turned block 24 into a smaller makeup pouch for Dayna.
Of course I had to stitch her initials into her bag! No they aren't perfect, but that's FMQ for you.😁 I used Sulky Holoshimmer metallic thread, the last of my pink spool.
I did 1.5 blocks per side and figured it out so that they would wrap around each end continuously.👏 Of course there had to be a little strap.

Here's the bottom.

A peek inside where I used another piece of lush Island Batik fabric.

I have a tutorial planned for making your own; stay tuned. I'll be linking it up with Yvonne and Cheryl's Tips and Tutorials Festival too, so think about linking one of your own posts for the November festival.

I had another DrEAMi! (they come in waves sometimes don't they) this past month, and it's a result of attending Windsor's Etsy Show with Brianne. I had thought about going in it myself this year, but they were here for their visit, so I thought no, but maybe she and I will go? And so we did. She wasn't that bothered she admitted later, thinking it's mostly old lady craft crap...was she pleasantly surprised, and has now been combing Etsy shops and discovering all that Etsy is and realizing all that Etsy is not! She wanted me to make scrunchies, and found a tutorial, which I have slightly modified. Here are a bunch of scrunchies (a couple more aren't shown) sent out to both daughters for testing and quality control ha. Again, they're all but one from Island Batik scraps. The navy and black marble one in the top left is a scrap of Benartex's Wonderlust, the Marbella fabric I am SO IN LOVE WITH by Paula Nadelstern.

Well, now I need to do what I did all day yesterday, 'go dark' and stay offline and off Instagram and focus on my Island Batik October challenge project which involves a 40" quilt that is entirely paper-pieced. Nearly done. It's going to be super incredible if I do say so myself, the fabrics I'm using, oh wow.

Here are a couple of terrific DREAMis from September:

I just love this Ric Rac quilt made by Nancy of Grace and Peace Quilting:
Like me this month, she had two DrEAMis last month! This one is made of Island Batik scraps as well!

And this one, made by Andrée at Quilting & Learning - What a Combo:
I used that same Joel Dewberry print but in pink in my Wayward Transparency quilt, Flow. It makes me think of the Nazca airstrip markings in Peru.

Thanks so much for linking up your squirrels, aka eye-catching projects! What did you chase during the month of October? Link up below:


  1. Beautiful pouch! And the quilt made by Nancy is a beauty, thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my, that squirrel video is so sweet. Thank you for sharing it with us, too! I look forward to seeing your finished October quilt!!

  3. Hi Sandra! Oh that squirrel video - I don't know WHY Wendy thought of you at all. Heh. I am 100% sure Dayna is thrilled with her new pouch. I l.o.v.e the scrunchies!! Hmm, I wonder if anyone I know needs some. Even if they don't, maybe I'll make some. HAHA. No DrEAMis for me - I'm barely getting anything accomplished this month. Happy Saturday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. You are such a giving mom to make whatever they're needing, and then make another one, too! Of course I would do the same for my boys, if they ever asked. :) Love that pink and black pouch - it's really pretty!

  5. The pouch is awesome. The squirrel video...what can I say.. LOL

  6. Love the squirrel save! Love that pink bag. You definitely won't loose that one anywhere. Good luck on your October Batik Challenge.

  7. Love the pouch and as my granddaughter would say the colour is perfect! What a kind heart that young man has to help a little squirrel, there is hope for our younger generation.

  8. That squirrel vid is a perfect start to a squirrely post! Nice of you to drop everything and make your DD a pouch in just the right size! And with monogram, no less! Great scrunchies. I'm looking forward to you PP project! And thanks for featuring my Ric Rac quilt! All quilted, now to just get to that binding...

  9. That video cracked me up! I love the projects you showed and am especially pleased by Nancy’s - made from the scrap pile of Island Batiks in my Augsust hop! Let’s see if I get to join in the fun - I am thinking of one for the Tips/ it might just work!

  10. Sandra, I have been following your blog for about a year and a half and enjoy it very much. Today I have a specific request for you. I am making a list of Canadian bloggers for my local quilt group and I remember you introducing some new bloggers in a blog hop. I specifically enjoyed a Newfoundlander who worked in the medical field but I can’t remember the blog. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate your input. I follow several American blogs, but only have three Canadian and a favourite Australian. I welcome your input if you can think of anyone that I should check out and add to resources for my guild members.TIA JAN

  11. Ah, the squirrel video. Good to see there are still some caring souls in the broken world of ours. You pouch is so neat. I’m glad you’re doing a tutorial because I can’t wrap my head around how you did that with the pattern. Old lady craft crap. Snort! Well she’s late to the Etsy party, but at least she’s there. Scrunches! I remember when they were all over our house. They look really neat in batiks. Can’t wait to see your IB quilt. 40 inches and paper pieced? Sounds good already.

    1. Typos abound, but you know what I mean. I hope.


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