Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Q1 FAL List

First of all, I am jumping in again for the Q1 FAL!

I did rather dismally in Q4 of 2018, the worst ever in fact...
Out of my nine hoped-for finishes, I finished two, and one flimsy.
Log Cabins

Fallen Sky

Love is All

So here's what I hope to have finished by the end of March, or shortly thereafter.
1. The Log Cabin quilt above.

2. Fawn's quilt. 
I do now have a nice stack of blocks for her quilt! They are all done, thanks to using them as leader/ender pieces. 

3. Migrating geese.
I can hope...

4. The suitcase quilt I designed for the Island Batik blog hop. I have a flimsy... (and there's a couple of giveaways on my post which is linked below, as well as at Island Batik's blog itself).
Oh! The Places You'll Go!

5. Fireburst

6. Postcard from Sweden cushion cover

7. A Roll of the Dice cushion cover

8. A mini for Island Batik (not sure on the fabrics I will use yet, but will update)

9. A vintage to modern quilt for Island Batik  (again, not sure on the fabrics I will use yet, but will update)

I'm sticking with this short list, as I also do have another must-do huge quilt on the finish and send away list. Very mysterious, I know.

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  1. Your year was so busy, I think you did amazingly well.And those Island Batiks, I visited their web page, and truly, I fell in love with every single fabric!!!

  2. I hope that you have a lot of fun working on these projects. Making and sending away is always so mysterious and exceptionally fun when you can share. :)

  3. I love mysteries. Great projects on your list, have fun getting them finished.

  4. Good luck with your list Sandra! I almost jumped in for Q1 but did not make the time to figure out something on IG. Maybe for Q2. Must be fun to have worked on such a lovely variety of quilt projects.

  5. Hi Sandra! I'd give myself a pass on the last quarter if I were you. You had a TON of things on your plate, and getting two finishes and a quilt top is amazing. Nine items for quarter 1 seems doable at only three per month. That is without regard to any squirrels that pop up, plus your mysterious huge quilt. This is my first time participating so we'll see how it goes. Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. You were a LITTLE busy the last quarter of the year, so go easy on yourself!! Looking forward to seeing that mysterious quilt you have in the works as well as the others!

  7. There is a lot of fun colour in this list of yours. Your progress will brighten up our days.

  8. Since a significant portion of your energies was directed towards Dayna's wedding, it is remarkable that you finished two items. I am sure you have already hit the ground running (or sewing) this quarter. Wish you all the best. I'd love to see the Migrating Geese finished - it is so cheerful.

  9. You can't do everything - and the last few months were busy for you, not to mention emotional. You have a lot of great products and I bet you will get in gear one of these days. I am a little annoyed that my hand stuff never gets picked up, but that has been a problem for awhile. I have no idea really for my mini or vintage. I am hoping the muse visits soon!

  10. You've got some fun quilts on your to finish list for first quarter 2019. I love that suitcase quilt, very fun! Good luck!

  11. I am loving your WIP list, just great colors and fabrics to inspire!

  12. Such a lovely assortment of colorful projects to choose from! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2019 global FAL hosts.


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