Thursday, June 27, 2019

I Like/Love #29

Here is my list of likes/loves for the month of June. Each week, or each month for me, a group of us post about things that we like, and link up at LeeAnna's blog, Not Afraid of Color.

1. I love that Bella is not spending so much time in the basement, avoiding Rufus. He is spending a lot of time on the deck, and when he's in the house, he's blocked off so he cannot chase her (or do worse, is my fear). After one scary incident where he was extremely strongly corrected by my husband, he seems to have realized she is off limits, but we still don't trust him as he has a high prey drive. Still, Bella has stared him down, barricade between them, and just once to my near heart attack, she'd somehow got in the same space as him, and I found them mere feet apart staring at each other, motionless. She's actually enjoyed a couple of afternoon naps on our bed again.

2. I love the Beauty Bush, and I have two between us and our neighbours', this one I could see (it's done now) outside our bedroom window. The lilacs finish, and this, as well as a mock orange (heavenly!) begin, so the timing is well-planned.

A closer look
3. I do not like talk shows, but I am enjoying this podcast, 'The Business of Life', with Jann Arden (love her) and Arlene Dickinson, two intelligent Canadian women, one a music artist, the other an investor of Sharks' Den fame.
 4. I love my Bosch dishwasher, and I love it even more when it is this shiny, thanks to a stainless steel polishing spray product.

5. I like points, and with one Visa I had enough to get an Amazon gift card, so I treated myself to these three books. All look to be pretty good purchases. Of course you can't go wrong with Christina Cameli; she's right up there with Angela IMHO.

6a. I love being a nana to this wonderful boy (who is nearly as tall me!). He was here just for five days, and although it was brief, it was pretty fabulous, despite the turmoil in our house with the renovations. He loved sleeping upstairs, wait, make that camping out upstairs with Grandpa! We went to the Detroit/Windsor fireworks that celebrate both countries' national days of celebration, ours July 1, and theirs July 4.
Detroit on the left, or north, and Windsor on the right, or south (yep, check a map)... Yep, the Detroit River is a lovely shade of green.
6b. I love fireworks, and Ford does not disappoint with these almost-half-hour-long ones each year. Just snapped a couple with my phone which just does not do them justice. We were quite far away because Brady doesn't like the booming and banging, awww. Neither did both of my daughters! The first fireworks I will never forget: at the first kaPOW! they both burst into wild tears, near panic, and I had to put them in the car, cowering.

7. You might have seen a post of Brady on Instagram at my favourite beach, Seacliff, where we skipped rocks. We went back on another day, and I found my first Lucky Stone of the season.

8. I love orioles. I have seen a lot more this year. I'd love to know what tree this is. It is so pretty!

9. You know by now how much I love Lake Erie, and that I am so grateful that I live within a 2-minute walk to her shore.

10. I like these football blocks!
This is the start of a bed-sized quilt for Brady, who requested one a year ago. Ahem. It's on my Q2FAL list so I best get crack-a-lackin'.  A like inside a like is I like my new bright pink pedicure!

11. I like that the builder, Dan, is gone today. Ahhhh. We have spent more than half the day cleaning and straightening, and trying to regain a bit of the old normal. There's a ways to go yet, with gutters etc., electrician, insulation, and then MacGyver can start drywalling, but I like that we can turn on the AC now (we need it, phew!) because it is all closed in. We are not huge fans of air conditioning, but when you are dripping in sweat, and a cool temperature inside of 26C (78F) feels like a meatlocker compared to outside where, at 31 (88), with the humidity we are feeling like 34 (93), then I am glad for a very good air conditioner!
All roofed! All sided! More in another post as to the side and back views and inside views of the new sewing room!

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  1. what a wonderful month's listing!! Sounds like you had a great time with your cute grandson...those times are so wonderful...hugs, Julierose

  2. The house is looking wonderful, Sandra! So glad you had time with Brady, and that he had fun camping out upstairs with Grandpa. I love fireworks, too - looking forward to our city's July 4th display next Thursday!

  3. Alterations are looking wonderful , Brady, you are a great looking young man, let the girls wait a few years yet and then??? Lake Erie, beautiful.

  4. A great month of likes. Nothing beats air conditioning at this time of year.

  5. Love that Brady was for a visit and the spirit of adventure in boys - camping where ever makes me smile. That bush is called a willow bush in my neck of the woods - I live on Willow St on Peaks Island and I planted one. Some are smaller, but mine is huge! It has sort of pink flowers/leaves on the end for awhile. The house is looking great, and so glad your are nearing the end.

  6. Woot Woot! It's getting there and soon you will be sewing away in your new happy place. I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing all the dets! What a fabulous shot of Brady and I'm glad you got to enjoy the fireworks. I don't like the noise either. Your Lucky Stone - is it sea glass?? I have a friend who has collected that for years and has beautiful vases filled with the pretties. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Another wonderful love/like post. So great that you got to spend time with your grandson. Camping upstairs with Gandpa sounds like a LOT of fun! Glad that you got to use the AC again, I could not do without it during summer months.

    Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera!

  8. handsome boy! weird that parts of MI are north of Windsor! Glad Rufus and your poor kitty are coming to terms. Sometimes in dog language, when you step in front of the object of desire it becomes yours and the dog will back down. Cesar Milan did it on some video, but he's a real energetic force to dogs, and the dog isn't red zone! I do that sometimes with some little thing Milo wants and I don't want teeth into, I stand over it, and glare at him til he looks away and takes a step back but that's not a cat, and he's not prey driven, just obnoxiously playing. It didn't work when I stood between him and a bunny... I enjoyed your list, thanks for joining us! LeeAnna

  9. Yippee for all the progress you've made on the house! Creeping ever closer to a finish :)