Friday, June 14, 2019

Sherbet Stars

I just love this new little quilt, my second rendition of my Beothuk Star pattern and my quilt for my third annual QAL. It is one of the items on my Q2FAL List so I am so happy to have another finish to check off. I also have just loved seeing Beothuk (Bay-uh-tuck) Star quilts pop up all over Instagram. There is a hashtag: #beothukstarqal if you would like to check it out!

This little quilt that finishes at 42" square is a perfect baby quilt, a wallhanging, or even a good-sized table topper. I curated this kit for the QAL, and you can still snag one for yourself if you'd like, at my main sponsor, Needle & Foot Fine Fabrics. I hope you will pop back here tomorrow when the linky party opens, so you can check out all the other versions of my design.
Of course, once I stitched the last stitch in the binding, I tucked the quilt under my arm and walked down the street to Lake Erie. It was a little bit windy in my back yard... down by the lake it was Windy, with a capital W!
I love taking shots of quilts at this empty lot, soon to be built upon, and some of its 90-year-old trees to be taken down... I talked to another neighbour and found out that an elderly couple from Windsor has bought it, 82 and 85 years young! They've always wanted to live on the water, and so they are doing it. Much as I hate to lose the opportunity to lake gaze, I am glad for them.
I am glad I thought to take a couple of clothespegs with me as I pegged the quilt to some of the dead wood in this pile the guy who takes care of the lot has made. Getting the 'flat' shot above took uh several shots, but I've included this one so you can see how well the backing works with the front!

I actually did manage to quilt this pretty simply.😉 My first Beothuk Star was pretty intricate. That one was done on a DSM, my Bernina. This one was done on Avril my HandiQuilter Avanté. I did wavy lines horizontally across the quilt centre. I did stitch in the ditch between the quilt centre and the final border. The wavy lines are about an inch apart.

It was so HARD not to do something fancy in the four corner star centres! I did do a feather design of Angela Walters in her Shape by Shape Quilting Book 2, in the centre 'pop' star, just to draw your eye in to that now-you-see-it-now-you-don't centre star.
No, the quilt is not in the water! It's on a cliff, and that's the water probably 20 feet below!

The motif in the border just came to me, or the quilt whispered to me, as they are won't to do, to do this design based on feathers on a spine, but instead of feathers you do big beads. I did this on Pocketful of Sunshine, a free pattern that used to be on Craftsy. The big beads echo the sun faces.

I spy a Rufus photo bomb.

This is the backing which was left over from another quilt, but not quite a yard. The colours were perfect! I added a strip to either side to make it big enough.
Isn't it fabulous fabric? I got it at Alma Sue's Quilts in Sarasota maybe three years ago. I remember the girl who was cutting asking me, "Can you tell me just what you're going to do with this?" LOL I told her that it would make a fabulous backing, and it does.

I stitched the binding to the back and top-stitched it down on the front. I love this turquoise, Wild Bloom by bari j. I actually had bought it in one of Bernie's fat quarter bundles and didn't even realize it when I was putting the fabrics together for this quilt kit! She still has it by the yard, in case you're needing some...

Here are the labels:
I'm still waiting, a month later, (not impressed) for Ikaprint to send me my correct labels, which have my name on the underside. When I reordered, they simply resent my original order from a few years ago. She assured me she was resending them out the next day, correctly, but I have yet to receive them, and have not gotten a response to my email this past week telling her of this. Extra-not-impressed.

Sherbet Stars came to me as I mulled over the colours in the quilt and the name of the background fabric, which is 'Sun Kissed' by Maureen Cracknell. Sun and warmth (something that is alarmingly and uncharacteristically lacking in my little southern corner of Canada this year) leads to cooling foods, specifically dessert!

Of course I had to hang it in a tree:
It was wonderful (especially for getting photos of my quilt!) to see the sun today after a day of gloom and rain all day yesterday. Sadly, we're back to lots of rain for the weekend and Monday. It's depressing as all get-out. However, there is more than a little ray of sunshine in my world:

One dormer is totally done! Well it needs shingles as does 3/4 of the roof yet, but still, yay! We couldn't be happier and love how the porch has gotten updated and tied in with shakes in its peak too. We plan to add more grey amidst all the white on white. The shutters, which have been removed, will be painted along with the trim around the door and the columns.

This little quilt will be first of all linked up to the final QAL linky party which opens tomorrow, on the birthday of a famous Canadian: my beloved Dad. 😍 Second, it will be listed in my Etsy shop. I hope you will come back tomorrow to see all the other beautiful versions of my design. The linky is for finished flimsies or quilts, and it will be open for a week, so if you're inclined to suddenly jump in and chase this squirrel, you have a week, and if you haven't quite got the blocks done, you've got time to get them together into a top!

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Original design
Size: 42.25 X 42.5" square (after quilting but it's not too dense)
Fabric: Various Art Gallery
Backing: Fairlyte Garden by Melissa White for Rowan Westminster Fabrics
Batting: Fairfield 80/20 Cotton/polyester
Quilted: on Avril; 37 093 stitches
Threads: Pieced with various cottons; quilted with Essential cotton 50 wt in the top and the bobbin.

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  1. the photo shot by Lake Erie are beautiful, but the tree shot is my fav! Beautiful quilt!

  2. Hi Sandra! Aww, yay Rufus! I was thinking he wasn't going to be photobombing but then there he was. Woohoo! This turned out fabulously. I love this second colorway in this design. It seems to me that the yellow in the center really stands out and is more pronounced. I also like this simple quilting design very much and maybe that's why the center is more featured. Lovely texture and movement on this piece and the backing fabric is just lovely. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. The dormers really add to your house! You will be thrilled to bits to have all the work behind you. Your quilt by the water is perfect. You'll just have to make friends with the new people fast so you can continue to take pic's there!

  4. Such beautful colors in this quilt. The backing really is perfect for it and I love wavy quilting. My quilting life seems to be at a standstill these days (Thanks, Ziva!) so it's nice to be able to admire yours.

  5. I love how you quilted this beauty. The back worked out really well and so much fun to celebrate your Dad this way. Looking forward to linking up mine - thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  6. Such a beautiful version - I love the happy colors and that backing is perfect for it! Thanks for showing your wavy line quilting - I really like it and it's doable for my skill level, too, lol! Your dormers are just looking great. They will add so much to that upstairs level of your house!

  7. Well's beautiful. I'm hoping quilting inspiration hits me soon.

  8. The wavy quilting looks great on it, and backing is beautiful. I can easily imagine you struggling with not to do something fancy. I really like the photo you took of the quilt with the tree.


  9. A lovely small quilt and the backing is fabulous. I also love your 'glamour' shots by the lake. Take care.