Saturday, December 26, 2020

DrEAMi! #47

Here we are for the last Drop Everything and Make it! of 2020. It's been quite the year, and I'm no therapist, but I think that chasing squirrels when there's a global pandemic raging can be nothing but good for one's mental health. This UK squirrel is not only exercising his mental health, but showing off his physical prowess as well!
Daily Mail

I actually did allow myself to chase a squirrel or four, once again in the form of tea cosies, but smaller than for a teapot. I made four mug cosies and even wrote up the pattern. All that when I should have been working on my medallion challenge quilt for Island Batik...

You can read about the first two mug cosies here. Within the pattern post is a link to the free download if you want to make one for your own mug.

Those were the latest two of the four I made. The original one arrived in Alberta and Brady put it to good use last night with his, as he calls it, 'boujee hot chocolate'.

There were some Christmas squirrels last month. This ticker tape Christmas tree mini made by Bernie at Needle and Foot is adorable. Within her post is the link to the free pattern. See? I'm tossing more squirrels left right and centre!

And more tree minis in the form of cards were made by Turid at Den syende himmel.

Let's see what you have chased this past month! Link up below.

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  1. Love the cosies & also that mug, which is a stunner. Don't feel I've done much for December so won't be joining in, but need to set some goals for next year including any squirrels that may pop up. I've enjoyed these posts & look forward to more next year. Hope you had a lovely Xmas. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  2. I love that squirrel picture! Too funny!

  3. I have absolutely no clue whether my link worked for your link party. Seems like those things change every time I want to use one. But I really DID do a squirrel - your cup cozy and I posted it on IG.
    Love that enterprising little squirrel showing off his athletic skills.

  4. Your cozies are so cute! And that squirrel pic is fantastic! I watched a few squirrels playing outside my big kitchen window...does that count?! LOL

  5. It's absolutely true that in this crazy year, sewing and quilting were essential to my health and well-being! Thanks for supporting us squirrelly types!

  6. Your tea cozies are beautiful! I love this squirrel photo, it's very tenmpting to scratch his belly ;)

  7. Great tea cup cosies Sandra. Hope your Christmas was wonderful and you had plenty of on line time with Brady. ⛄️❄️🎄🤶🏻

  8. Hi Sandra! I love the boujee hot chocolate reference! Yes and I know you inspired Wendy to make a few mug cozies, too. I think I'm going to have to whip up a few for my boss . . . she loves to drink tea. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Crazy year indeed. I love your party and somehow I missed it. Looking forward to more DrEAMi! next year.