Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Best of 2020

Welcome to my stop on the Best of 2020 Linky party hosted by Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs. Be sure to check out lots of other bloggers linking up their favourites from the past year.

It's so true what Cheryl wrote in her own Best Of post, that it's fun to look back and find posts and events you'd actually forgotten about. I also think it's good prep for writing the Planning for 2021 post. From 30 years of teaching where we had to submit our year plan and goals each year, it's a habit I've done in my professional and personal life for a long time. Looking back has always been the launchpad for the subsequent year's goals.

Most Views

Who knew, but the post with the most views was Lake and Trees, the May challenge for Island Batik, where we had to create home décor. As I stated in the opening line of the post, I kind of went to town on that challenge, creating chair cushions, pillows, coasters, napkins, and a little basket to hold the coasters and napkins. I used them all summer, and still use the napkins and coasters.

I think it worth noting that a very close second, with only 100 less views, was Still Waters posted in July. Hmm, something about my favourite colour combination of blue and green in both these finishes that a lot of people must share!

I think it's worth mentioning basically as a tie with Lake and Trees for most viewed because this one did not have a giveaway, and was not sponsored by a major fabric company.

Most Powerful Make

The most powerful quilt I made this year was Vigil, another Island Batik challenge, the January one, to use our scraps. It was my outcry of rage against the shooting down of Flight 752 on January 8, with 63, as first reported, Canadian citizens onboard. Lest we never forget these beautiful faces, young, so young, and brilliant, so very brilliant.

They each got a candle.
The quilt block was originally designed thinking of a hygge-themed quilt. Hygge means comfy, cosy, homey, and candles, with their soft light and, if you use real ones, pleasant smells, are so all of that. Who knew we'd be spending March to the present in our homes...

Most Popular Share

My fourth annual QAL, Centred, was quite a success, with 18 quilts in the final parade on June 15.

I am 99% sure on the quilt we will be sewing for my fifth QAL, which will start, as per usual, on my birthday, April 3, with the final parade on June 15, my dad's birthday.

Most Popular Pattern

I released six new patterns this year, a personal best. The most popular pattern continues to be my little House Block, just $3, which was originally on Craftsy, so it's from a few years ago. You can see and follow the link to it on my sidebar. One of my first two planned pattern releases is for the entire quilt made of these blocks. They were my RSC challenge a few years ago. A Home block is pretty à propos, n'est-ce pas?
With just 3 less sales, the second most popular pattern is one I released in January, Grace.
I remade the quilt in June for an Island Batik challenge, a free theme. This post was in the top 10 for number of views. The quilt went to an orphaned little 6-year-old girl in New Brunswick whose unarmed mother, Chantel, was shot five times in her own home by police, who had been sent to check in on her mental state. She had no gun. Chantel's mother, who was taking care of Chantel's little girl had called 911 worried about her daughter and wanting a wellness check.

The little girl's name? Gracie. My own heart skipped a few beats when I discovered that, which was after making the quilt.
Another heartbreaking reason to make a quilt.

Favourite UFO Finish

This would be Fly High, my RSC Challenge from 2018.


  1. Really admire Fly High, not just for the fabulous quilting, but also your bravery to commit to so many flying geese. And they look like they all have sharp beaks and unclipped wings. sueclive at aol dot com

  2. I always love everything you make, and how each design has such meaning for you, Sandra! I loved participating in the Centred QAL, and gavecthat quilt to a friend of mine who is an elementary school principal here and needed some quilty love after this crazy year. Looking forward to following you down the quilty path of 2020!

  3. Your Still Waters is just fantastic. I really love it.

  4. I loved revisiting some of your finishes from 2020, they are all beautiful. Thanks for linking up and happy new year!

  5. I think my favourite quilt is Fly High followed closely by Grace! Happy New Year!

  6. What fun to see these again. Happy New Year, Sandra!

  7. You had so many beautiful, meaningful finishes this year. It's always fun to look back and reminisce. And always a bit of a surprise to see which post was most popular for the year.

  8. Oh, such beautiful quilts with so much sentiment behind each. It was wonderful to read about each again. Looking forward to where 2021 takes you.

  9. Oh, Sandra, these all tug at the heart for so many reasons. Thanks for taking us back to them again. And as always, I'm really struck by how well you capture just the right light to show the quilting. Now I need to go back and fill in looking at more of your recent posts, because I know I missed a lot lately.

  10. Hi Sandra. It looks like some good things happened this year despite the craziness. I wish you all the best in 2021. Take care.

  11. You put so much "heart" into every quilt you make. Your passion for social justice and people in need knows no bounds. I only finished two quilts this year and one of them was the Centred QAL. So you must be a good influence on me. I pledge to do better in 2021. Happy New Year.

  12. I'm so glad you shared Vigil. So much awful stuff has happened that I had forgotten this tragedy. Thank you for reminding all of us and including the photos of the persons killed. People who loved them will never forget but it is good for all people to remember and honor those lost. Your quilt is beautiful and poignant.

  13. What a great year of quilts you had! I love each one of these, some for the sentiment, some for the colors and some for the patterns. Perfect.

  14. A lovely roundup Sandra & once again I thought I'd left a comment on this, but must have had a 'senior's moment'. I enjoyed the Centred QAL & all your makes are lovely. Take care & hugs from down under.

  15. Thanks for a look back at those lovely finishes, Sandra. Best wishes for a Quilty New Year!!

  16. Beautiful finishes. Love those blues and greens!!