Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Alex--Sandra and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

That title came to me yesterday, Tuesday, as I stomped up the stairs to get ready to drive into Windsor to my yoga class.  Yoga class ends at 6 pm.  Guild meeting starts at 7 pm, a 50-minute drive back to Kingsville....

1.  First off, I broke my darling "I heart New York" coffee mug, memento of my 2007 trip.  It slipped out of my fingers and hit the granite countertop.  Smash!  No....

2.  Walking Rocco an hour later, I stepped in another dog's poop that was lying on the sidewalk, and slipped, arms flew out, nearly fell...just about stepped in another log two feet after that one.  Okay, that's not quite true of yesterday's walk, but it is of Monday's.  Nasty.  Naaaa-sty.  Ya, you can laugh.  You're not getting a picture though, although I'm sure it looked hi-freaking-larious.

3.  Headed down to the basement to work on Watercolour Steps.  The navy rayon Fufu's thread by Floriani was NOT cooperating.  Fight.  Curse.  Switched to a new one I'd bought with another quilt in mind.  This is YLI Machine Quilting Thread, 40 wt, beautiful thread.  Now, Avril the Avanté has taken anything I've thrown at her over the past year and a half.  Tension issues have been solved by either tightening or loosening the top or the bobbin case, and, if that hasn't worked, I know it's me.  I don't use the stitch regulator.  I know I'm très rusty, but I could not get the YLI to work properly either.  In fact, the tension with Aurifil was off and on, but mostly good.  Avril's sounding a little cranky (noisy) too, much like her operator...wondering if her timing is out after I hit that ruler??  I see a trip to the Handiquilter Hospital...realized I don't even know where or if there is one near me...ugh.

4.  I fought all freaking day with the Avanté, tension and thread breakage.  Not happy.  At.  All.  Very very grumpy, as a matter of fact. Stabbed my belly with one of the pins holding the backing onto the leader.  Sliced my pointer on another pin.

5.  My quilting was interrupted around 1 pm by Naala barking her head off and growling at the front door.  I went up to see one of the neighbours at the garage of the empty unit beside us.  He was running his garden tractor that he uses to plough his and some of the neighbours' driveways, checking that it was in good working order!!  This is the third week of October people!!  We haven't even had a frost yet!  Unbelievable. Grr.

6.  By 2:30 pm, I knew Watercolour Steps was not going to be done for the guild meeting.  Any other time, I could easily have finished a lap quilt.  Decided she was going, crappy tension on the back, sans binding, bottom border quilting unfinished and all.  I won't be there for the November meeting and I wanted to show them Joanne's pretty pattern!  Squared her up, folded her, and put her at the front door.

7.  Had to do dog pee patrol before I left (on the last minute, see #6) grrr.  Normally one or the other of us does this, and it's no big deal, but yesterday it pissed me off (had to use that, get it?!) because of all the other annoying things that had happened, and I was rushed.  Why can't husbands read their wives' minds?  Especially menopausal wives...  AND to make matters worse, the north wind had started to BLOW, and it was FREEZING standing outside for them to do their business! More muttered curses.

8.  Walking into the guild meeting, I realized I'd lost a contact.  Are you kidding me.  Thank god I actually had brought my glasses.

9.  Someone forgot to tell the operators at Kingsville arena that our guild meeting room is NOT the ice rink.  Froze our butts off, and the overhead fans were all on to boot!  Several of us kept our jackets on the entire meeting.

10.  Because the guild meeting was right on the heels of yoga, I had no supper, and no glass of wine.  This was fine, not unusual on Tuesdays, especially on the guild meeting.  I had decided I could do with a fast anyhow that evening.  However, at break, I headed straight to the leftover-from-the-quilt-show goodies and placed a lovely slice of lemon loaf onto my plate, breaking off a piece and popping into my ready mouth, when, no!!  I remembered I was supposed to be fasting...ah well, another time.  Ate the entire slice and half of a butter tart. Fasting, schmasting...

All in all, if this is what constitutes a terrible, horrible day, my life is pretty darn good.  I own a longarm, I have two good legs and arms, with which I operate it, with which I walk my dog, with which I do yoga...good eyes (even without one contact, I'd have been okay...driving...well..), I can drive!  I have a very good vehicle TO drive, I live in a beautiful small town with so many routes to walk, with gorgeous scenery, I have fabric galore to last me the rest of my life (well, maybe not quite that much), I have a creative brain, I have a wonderful husband who adores me, and I him, I got home in time to have a wonderful chat with Brady, and.... I still have my sense of humour.

And today is a brand new day! 


  1. So funny when it's not happening to you... I hate stepping in other people's doggie poop but even worse is stepping in your own dog's poop when trying to pick it up ...

    1. Oh, been there done that as well! In fact, nearly did it this morning, since I was not paying attention to exactly where the poop was deposited in the grass...about 3 more inches and, yep...

  2. We all have those days! Here's to a brand new day with no mishaps and aggravations in it yet :) And for the record, I would have eaten the whole butter tart. MMmmm. I love those and they don't have them here and now you've made me crave some...maybe I need to go do a little online recipe searching. There goes the rest of the "to do" list for the day!

  3. Drives me crazy when neighbors let their dogs do thier business on the sidewalk! Ick! Anyway, hope today is going better for you!!

  4. .......AND..... you have an amazing, incredible, MUCH younger sister. Methinks you forgot to mention that in the last paragraph. Or no, maybe it should go in the first part as number 11. LOLOLOLOL
    Love ya xoxoxo

  5. Yeah. One of those days. I always try not to think about having bad day because once you do, it happens :)

  6. :) Bad days. . . sh1t happens :) sometimes literally! haha I find that when days start going south like that. . . I just take a nap. . . cuz they just don't seem to turn around no matter what I do - better to sleep through it!

    OK, here's a little laugh. I read the "over head fans were on" . . . I'm thinking hockey fans. . . wondering what exactly they were on. . . had to read that several times before I figured out FANS. . . blowing things. . . mystery solved. Brain is on overdrive foggy today. . . OK, yes, it is most days just not quite that bad ;)

  7. I love the way you brought all those negatives around at the end and made them positives. We should all do that when we have a "not so good" day! Your quilting skills still blow me away!


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