Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bloggers' Quilt Festival - Fall Entry #1


I might have two.  I nearly had none, but Judy of Quilt Paradigm reminded me of this fresh breath of summer quilt I made (summer lost now!) and I thought, well, why not.  Just as I say when I teach yoga, "Thank you for coming; without you there would be no class,"  without quilts entered, there would be no festival.

Besides, I didn't get my snowflake done yesterday for Joanne's linky in her Snowalong, so I have to post something as it's been a few days--!

So here is my first entry, Summer Breeze.

You can read about the quilt here and here.

It's Angela Walters' fabric, mainly from her Textures line with a couple from Legacy.  The white is Kona in snow.  The pattern is Off Track by Cluck Cluck Sew.

I used several of her quilting motifs and principles from her book as well as her Craftsy classes.  This was the first quilt where I used my blue ruler to quilt straight lines, and it was a learning experience.  Had a little accident, but all is good.

I did swirls in all the solid white areas.

It crinkled up wonderfully.  I love how the seams just disappeared once it was quilted.

It's a great lap quilt!  I'm entering it into the Modern Quilts Category.  Hop on over to Amy's Fall Bloggers' Quilt Festival for some amazing inspiration and to vote for your favourite one!


  1. Fun bold quilt in fabric and design. Great quilting too. Aren't Craftsy classes the best?

  2. It is beautiful- I love the bold look in soothing colors.

  3. YAY!!! Love love love this one - it truly is spectacular :) Bold look in soothing colors - what a great description!

    SO glad you decided to join the parade of quilts :)

  4. Great! Good luck!!
    Send out a reminder so we can all vote for you!!!

    1. Ooooooh nooooooo you didn't send out a reminder! I just remembered now, went on, and the voting ended yesterday! Boo! :(

  5. That loooks so cozy, but crisp at the same time. Very nice!


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