Monday, October 20, 2014

Shades of Frostiness!

I'm actually caught up with Snowalong!

Here are my two (yep, TWO!) versions of Snowflake #3:

That is version 3 of snowflake #3.  So far I've always just done version 1, but I see a common thread between these first 3 snowflakes I've made.  Do you?

Give up?  The centres are all dark.  So these three will most likely stay in my home, either growing up to be throw pillows or a runner.  They are sooo pretty!

I then had a thought:  to try a non-conventionally-coloured snowflake.  So, I did another snowflake #3, this time version 1.

Ooh!  I'm liking it.  This is such a gorgeous, rich purple batik I used for the background.  I could just about fall into it, it's so deep, no?  I was thinking of maybe doing a pale mauve flake, but then saw the mauve and steel blue (probably there's an actual name for that colour) on white batik with the snowflake-style bursts, and thought it might just work.

So I now have four snowflakes in my collection...

and can't wait to see what Joanne has dreamed up for Snowflake #4.  Head over to Canuck Quilter's Snowalong post for today to jump in the snowbank with the rest of us!  It's more fun than the real snowbank, I promise!  No snow down the sides of your boots, or melting on your wrists under the cuffs of your mittens, or down your low back...yep, been there, done that.  Not going back.

Watercolour Steps is on the frame and should be off tonight.

Lots of ruler work on this one

I really need to quilt on my Avanté every day.  I am beyond rusty.  However, I plan to take it for Show 'n Tell tomorrow night at our guild meeting.  I am excited for the meeting as it is about the Barn Quilts Trail of Essex County here in Southern Ontario! Here is a link to the website.  And here is a link to the trail right by my house!  I've seen several of them on this trail before I had any idea that there was an actual trail!  Many are along the wineries route.  We have 18 wineries within Essex county.  What's that?  Have I visited them all?  Well, not quite all.  Think I've missed one, but it just opened this past summer, or maybe I've missed two...  What was I writing about??!  Oh, ya. Wineries.  I mean, quilt blocks.  Barns.  Wait a minute!  Wine and barn quilts...mmm, great combo I'd say for a tour!  I'm not going to be the designated driver, just sayin'...

I am linking this post up with Joanne's Snowalong and Marelize's Anything Goes Mondays as well as Lee's WIP Wednesdays (She is grumpy too, must be something in the air;  see my Oct. 22 post for more about the Watercolour Steps WIP and general crabbiness.)


  1. Oh, I am liking your unconventionally colored snowflake! I need to find me some purples... Enjoy the Barn Quilts program. I think someone needs to start a wineries quilt trend - if you can have blocks on barns, why not wineries?

  2. Me too! The colours are so magical!

  3. The mauve and blue snowflake actually looks very like an ice crystal to me. Very elegant modification! Wine and quilts, eh? I foresee losing my quarter inch seam.

  4. LOVE the purple!! Very nice :) I still need to get cracking with Snowflake three. . . all of my adult responsibilities are finally done for the day and now I am either going to snow, I mean sew haha, or take a nap and then sew :)

  5. Yes, LOVE the purple snowflake - the colour, the vision....beautiful!! I checked out your links, and also Canuck Quilter's Snowalong post for today - all very lovely. The South Essex link though, you couldn't click on the "Click Here to read.....".
    Barn quilts....who knew?
    However I DID know your weakness for wine LOL. Just sayin' though, I can't imagine wine coupled with your menopausal mind - scary.


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