Friday, April 22, 2016

Hands 2 Help Quilts Done

I am early to finish these two, but they may have spawned a third...
Hanging between Bacchus, or is it Dionysus, and another tree spirit, maybe a dryad? Jude's additions to our beloved American Black Walnut trees

A couple of days ago when I was looking for that perfect backing I knew I had in my stash for the No Bake Jolly Bar Shuffle, I came across a few other novelty prints that would be so great for kid quilts. Two of them, the fish one, and the camping one, struck me as great for boys, and so I know another quilt is asking to be born.
camping fabric left over from backing of nephew #'s baby quilt; fish bought with kaleidoscopes in mind

But let's take a look at these two sweeties, destined for two traumatized sweeties.
The first one I made is No Bake Jolly Bar Shuffle.  I saw this on Pieced Brain Denise's blog.  It was probably her pretty turquoise and grey combination that attracted me, but it was one of those "DREAMI" moments, a term I'm coining right now.  "DRop Everything And Make It."  I blogged about the flimsy here.  Interesting, because I mentioned in that post how this quilt talked to me during piecing!  It told me it was going to go to a child; I had definitely not started it with this in mind.

I knew I had a 10" stack of Amanda Jean Nyberg's Good Neighbors line from Connecting Threads, so I cut the stack in half to make my own Jolly Bars and this little quilt grew up in no time.

Here's the back:

I had no idea how I was going to quilt this baby, just had a vague meander idea, as I find meandering so relaxing.  (quilt meandering as well as brain meanderings, ha).  Loaded it, and realized I just had to do some custom quilting in those delicious blank white rectangles.  Couldn't let that go to waste, right?

And again, the quilt whispered to me...maybe I'm becoming a quilt whisperer, lol.  I seem to do better when I don't have a solid plan but let the quilt talk to me as I'm working on it.  Words.  Vibrations of love and hope and better days ahead, even though scars from sexual abuse remain.  Deep.  For a lifetime.  Some Dot to Dot in the alternating rectangles.
The sun was out, and then went in, grrr, but that lower left word is snuggle; "hugs" is visible at the top of the photo, and "play" is mostly cut off but lower right.

As I quilted the words, writing them first with a blue water soluble marker, I put my feelings into them.  I may be considered a little flaky, but I truly believe those vibrations of care and compassion will be in this little quilt for a little person.  I felt that child crumpling this quilt, snuggling with it, wrapping herself in it, saw her finding the words, maybe getting help from a caregiver to read the cursive writing.
Here is laugh and hugs

I bound this one with the Green Daisy print.  I hadn't planned on that, but serendipity struck again: the leftover backing got placed on top of the leftover green daisy print, I saw how closely the two greens matched, and that decided it.  I also stitched it down with the wonderful variegated thread that Preeti gave me a while back, and I absolutely loved it.  I tried stitching the binding to the back of the quilt and turning it to the front, trying to see which method I prefer for machine binding;I think what I did on No Bake.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: No Bake Jolly Bar Shuffle by Pieced Brain
Size: 31 7/8 X 39.75" after quilting; 30.25X38.25" after laundering
Fabric:  Good Neighbors and Kona Snow
Batting: 100% polyester
Quilted: on my Avanté
Threads: pieced and quilted with Essentials thread in white; So Fine in the bobbin

The second quilt is Kimberly Jolly's No Bake Jolly Bar.  Tish and I made this quilt together this month.  Unofficially.  I love sewing with her.  It's really wonderful sewing with friends.  Period.  In person as well as virtually.  We each are giving our quilt away to someone in need.  I made mine smaller than the pattern because I wanted it to be the partner to the Shuffle, and I wanted it kid lap quilt size.  The link will take you to her version, also with Connecting Threads fabric.  Cat Lady!

I gave you a peek of this one fresh off the frame a few days ago.  It's meandered with three flower motifs, a daisy to echo that in one of the prints, a flower from years ago I saw in American Patchwork & Quilting, and Vicki's flower motif I saw last week, and loops.

Here is the back:

I bound this one, also by machine, with the Short Lines print from Good Neighbors, available at Connecting Threads (no affiliation).  I love the effect, but then again I do love a striped binding.

Remember I mentioned that Lotta Dots was not as soft a hand as Kona?  After washing, the same: lovely and soft.  I'm glad because I have more of it, as well as another one of their Quilters' Candy fabrics in white.

I plan to donate these to the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre here in Windsor to be given to children.  I have to call them today to find out if they do accept quilts.  For kids.  Failing that, I will give them to Children's Aid.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: No Bake Jolly Bar from Fat Quarter Shop
Size: 36.25 X 44.75" after quilting; 35.25 X 43 3/8" after laundering
Fabric:  Good Neighbors and Lotta Dots from Connecting Threads
Batting: 100% polyester
Quilted: on my Avanté
Threads: pieced and quilted with Essentials thread in white, binding stitched down with Essentials variegated in greens; So Fine in the bobbin

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PS I also washed and dried Blue Skies, and love how it came out.  Still no Etsy shop, but I hope to have a not-taken name and shop by this weekend!

You'll have heard about this in QBL already, and I did mention it on my last post, but there is another great deal or a hundred to be had at Craftsy this weekend on classes.  So many are on sale at 50% off or more, both recent and not-so-recent ones.  I am a self-taught longarmer, and all I learned I have learned through Craftsy classes, along with Leah Day's Free-Motion Quilting Designs

From these two quilts I've posted today, I would highly recommend Angela Walters' Dot to Dot, her Free-Motion Quilting With Feathers (Blue Skies), and her Small Changes, Big Variety, both of which I reviewed here.   I'm hoping to find time to watch my latest addition to my classes repertoire, Christina Cameli's Wild Quilting.  If you are just starting out quilting and would prefer to use your walking foot, Jacquie Gering's Creative Quilting With Your Walking Foot is also on sale.  Go to Midget Gem Quilts for a great review on the class.  Remember there are a ton of free classes too; one I particularly love is Mandy Liens' A New Look At Longarm Quilting.  Lots to choose from, right?  And remember there is way more than just quilting....gardening, cooking, scrapbooking, knitting, etc. etc.
Speaking of cat lady....or rather cat servant to Bella...

She is downstairs at the moment, calling me.  That's what she does at various times throughout the day...and night, erk!  Yowls.  For a 6.5 pound cat, she has one set of lungs in her tiny chest.  This was yesterday, calling me at 5:33 pm precise (date/time stamp on photo), to come upstairs and feed her.  Other times, like right now, it's, "Come down and sew, Sandra!" or "Come down and let's play!"  How can I resist?


  1. All of your quilts are just beautiful, but I especially love the No Bake Jolly Bar! I am not a quilter as much as I am a clothing sew-er, but that looks like a quilt that I could actually be successful making!

  2. These turned out great!! And I whole heatedly believe in the good vibes. I think it's very important when you work on something like this to be in the correct mind set. I love that you stitched the words into the white sections that was a very cool design choice. And you must make something with the fish fabric! I LOVE it. Bella cracks me up. "Sandra come up stairs. Sandra come down stairs." Bwhahaha. She knows how to work her human.

  3. We just can't help it - cat owners do what their pets want them to do!
    Our Muffy is very wakeful at night - mind you she is rather elderly now with medical problems and has disturbed nights. But she sleeps like a baby during the day.

  4. Sandra, the eye candy in this post is making me drool on my keyboard!! They are all absolutely gorgeous!!

    Bella :) You had better be in your woman cave tending to that poor neglected girl ;)

  5. Gorgeous quilts! Love the quilting you're doing.

  6. They are beautiful. The words are so appropriate and healing, love that green backing too. Always a joy to see your quilts.

  7. These are both beautiful and, as always, your quilting is amazing.

  8. They both turned out just beautiful and will get some kid love soon I am sure!

  9. Absolutely wonderful Quilts! Sew motivational. Sew insightful. Sew loving and compassionate.

  10. Beautiful quilts and not flaky at all I believe you have indeed sewn good thoughts throughout the quilt.

  11. Gorgeous quilts! I love the quilting on both of them, especially the beautiful words. I agree that the fish fabric is practically begging to become a quilt soon :)

  12. I love quilts with quilted words. (I quilted the Our Father on an anniversary quilt for son 2 and his wife.) The words add one more element to the overall beauty of the quilt and gives the little one something to focus on. I'm so happy to know the plan for these beautiful quilts...definitely the children will feel your love and good vibes.
    Thanks for linking up with TGIFF. And a special thanks for creating beautiful quilts for children with such deep-set pain. They will begin the healing process for some kids in desperate need of being able to trust and love again.
    Mary @

  13. The quilts are lovely and will bring comfort to the children they are meant for. Your quilting is so pretty Sandra. Well done!

  14. loving all these quilts, both the spirit of them and the looks. They will be much loved. Be careful of those tree decorations. One of them might be a green man with the "rub my nose for fertility" nose

  15. Your quilts are beautiful, Sandra! I particularly love the words quilted into your first quilt - I've done that myself and it's a lovely little secret to send in the quilt!

  16. Very pretty quilts. The quilting makes them extra special.

  17. These turned out great! It is always good to listen to the quilt and the words you added are lovely. I have quilted names on a quilt before, but I think I need to branch out. The boy fabric you picked is going to make such fun quilts.

  18. your quilts turned out so beautifully! I especially love the floral quilting that you did on the second quilt. such a fun layer to add to the quilt. it's so nice of you to donate them to a good cause, too!

  19. OMG, you got a comment from the "Amanda Jean" WOW!!! Just made my day :-)
    I too purchased a few FQs (Good Neighbors) from Connecting Threads. Waiting for the "DREAMI" moment :-D
    My friend Molly (who is an artist/painter) once said to me - the white in the picture (or quilt) is symbolic of spirituality. These quilts have a lot of white, so they are just perfect for giving away - to bring peace and comfort. Words quilted make it even more special. You know my favorite word is HUGS!!! Hugs when I am sad and hugs when I am happy.

  20. So beautiful, love the words and thoughts that go with these lovely quilts. Such a generous person, I am sure they will be loved. Hugs Sue xx

  21. Haha Bella!!
    Hey, that canoe and camping fabric is what you used on D's baby quilt that he LOVES so much still and uses every night!!!

    1. Oops duh you did say nephew #'s but you forgot the actual #! He's #3!!