Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stepping Stones and Orange Play

I got all my blocks done a week ago for The Inquiring Quilter's Stepping Stones QAL, but haven't blogged about them.  However, I did post a photo on Instagram so Jennifer could see my progress, and enter me into the weekly draw.
Rocco surveyed the photo session this time, not Bella.  Being grey, he looks quite nice with the blocks, don't you think?  Here is a better view of the stack:

I am still unsure about these rather brown blocks...don't tell Bella!  However, it is what it is, and this fabric has languished for a long time, some of the pieces much longer than others, so better off the shelves and into a top, right?  Some is stash, some is scrap.  I am so pleased to have worked in a piece of my New York City fabric from The City Quilter.  I was in NYC in November 2007 for the National Teachers of English Conference, and it was such an incredible time, both English-wise and NYC-wise.  I need to go back.  There are scraps from Shift, from my first paper-pieced project, a chickadee minimini (waaay before the time of the current minimini rave, and pre-blog era), also a piece of soft brown floral from my Trip Around Alberta I made in 2000 as my millenium quilt (not blogged about, maybe a TBT post in the future), some new-to-me pieces, and some old ones, like both floral ivory main prints.  Man I do love scrap quilts!  Even more meaningful.

Ha, there's even a brown piece that is part of a crazy-quilt-style doll vest I improv-pieced probably around the turn of the century too, for a doll that is still bald...I am not brave where her hair is concerned, and so she sits, on the stash bookshelving, the lights glinting off her shiny, hairless head...I should make finishing her up a #bravequilter project for Julie in the near future.  But I digress.  Today is Week 6 of the QAL at The Inquiring Quilter, so I should have a top for you in the near future!  Last week it was announced that I won the Week 4 prize!  I won!  A beautiful handmade prize by Jennifer in her weekly draw for participants who post photos of their progress on FaceBook or Instagram.
Isn't this so sweet?  I had Jennifer send it to Dayna to save her some $$ on postage, and Dayna's photo doesn't do the basket justice, so Jennifer let me use her own photo.

I was able on Monday to finish up my orange row for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge at soscrappy.
Pulled all my oranges, which is not the most plentiful in my stash/scraps:
Because I ended up making a gradation row out of the purples last month, I thought I'd see what I could do here:
a few blips in the light to dark run, but I left it as is
That photo shows the centres done, a dark on the lower right, medium to the left, and on top the lightest.  In retrospect, I could've gone to the peach spectrum, but don't think I'd have had enough peaches.  Hmm, might have to investigate that a little more; the quilt is a long way from assembling!  I ringed the centre rectangles with black batiks, as a little brown or black can be added in with the orange. Angela used a Monarch butterfly photo as her April colour of the month inspiration.

split into 3 groups, light, medium and dark...ish!
And then sewn up and arranged from light to dark:

I found it quite fascinating playing with the yellow-oranges, the orange-oranges, the pinky-oranges, the red-oranges and brown-oranges.  Lots of scraps here, but a little stash too, if I'm honest.

Okay, the other fur kids want in on this post:
A couple days after we got home, took this of Bella perched on the pouffé I forgot, clearly telling me she prefers it to the prettier one IMHO I made her in Florida.
A couple of posts ago, you saw my Christmassy-looking view.  Here's the one I soaked up all weekend from our side of the duplex (that's my neighbour, Jude's stacked up patio furniture on their side). Naala soaked up some rays too, as did Rocco, not pictured, but right beside me.
Bare toes again! So nice to see this much of Lake Erie before the leaves fill in a good chunk of the view. :-)
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Geez Louise, I thought this would be a super-quick post!  Just read Tish's post for today, which was published moments before mine (we are getting freaky in more ways than one of late, 'nuff said, lol) and she reminded her readers that Craftsy has put a whole schwack of classes on sale starting right now.  Uh yeah, if you're thinking of maybe treating yourself to a gift that will NEVER stop giving, as in you can watch it over and over and over, pause, freeze-frame, have handouts you can print out as many times as you want, keep notes right at the spot in the video you feel inclined to write something...need I say more?  btw I have never paid full-price for a Craftsy class.  Confession: I almost never have paid full price for anything for myself...which is why I have both of my patterns in my Craftsy shop as freebies, gotta give back.  Anyhow, if there is a class you have been considering, check out the link on the sidebar, or click here.  There are quilting classes as well as a ton of others on for at least 50% off - gardening anyone? My good friend Lara of Buzzin' Bumble wrote a great review post about the latest class I got, Wild Quilting.  Go here to read her post and see what fabulous FMQ Lara did--WOW!  Once I take this class, uh which is ON SALE right now, crazy-good for a just-released class, I will write up a review post too! There are affiliate links in this paragraph that will give me a small commission if you click through my link and then make a purchase, and I thank you in advance. :-) Lara's post is not an affiliate post, although she is an affiliate; she plain LOVED the class. I have Christina's second book, which I love and use a lot, so I know I will love her new class too.  It's right up my FMQ alley...but I have a couple of small quilts to quilt up this afternoon!

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  1. Your Stepping Stones progress is very pretty with the greys and blues. And the Rainbow Scrap Challenge row is great with the gradation of those blocks from light to dark. Good to see your toes are able to get out and enjoy the wonderfully sunny spring weather we are finally getting!

  2. Oooh... those rainbow scrap challenge blocks are lovely in their color gradient order.

    I have to say; I haven't figured out the email at my blog name either. Gmail works for me and at this point it seems almost impossible to change. o_O BUT... maybe I should look into it, too. I would be more professional, right?

  3. Your stepping stones quilt - I love how it's coming along . The world needs more orange . Congrats on the win . And I've said it befire , I love the view from your home so much

  4. I love how your stepping stones quilt is coming along. Not much orange have at least 3 times as much as I do.

  5. I am in love with Rocco (that goes without saying) but I'm loving the Stepping Stones blocks as well. It's Earthy and calm. Congrats on the basket win! It's very cute. I think you had a wonderful selection of oranges to choose from for the Rainbow Scrap challenge. I don't know that my selection would have been that great. Bella looks quite serious in her picture. I think forgetting that pouffe may be a deal breaker next time. Though I think the one you made her is much better, I'm not sure why she's being a diva. She probably secretly only lays on the new one when you are gone. Cats? What are you gonna do?

  6. Those black windows framed in orange - Ooh I LOVE it. I feel there is so much pressure (her in the US) to paint your toes. That is one reason to love winter - no waxing/shaving/painting/sloughing. Sorry for whining. I am considering buying sandals with closed toes.
    I am not too fond of the neutral earth tones. But I am sure whatever is lacking in color you will make up with spectacular quilting. Miss you.

  7. That is a great view! I can never get enough of the big lakes! Congrats on the win. I love that little basket. I am anxious to see how your stepping stones quilt works out. I have a rather brown project going at the moment as well and am having a hard time getting excited about it.

  8. Mr. Rocco looks very handsome indeed with those blocks. He has very gentlemanly colors, doesn't he? I'm loving the gorgeous orange to yellow ombre effect you created with the rainbow scraps Sandra! Congratulations on winning such an amazing prize! And lastly, thank you for sharing the link to my review post. You are right about Wild Quilting being right up your alley. You are going to have a ball with it!

  9. Those orange blocks look great! What a nice prize, too. If you've never used one of those quick change Olfa cutters before, you are in for a treat. As soon as I laid my hands on one, I bought a second one for my 'travel kit' and gave away my old ones. Now I never mind changing blades. :D

  10. Orange is fab😀 animal pics are always warmly received by me.... And you have sunshine and cute toes lol😀😀 we have had a bit of sun here in the UK but it's back to cold again now brghhh hugs ,sue xx

  11. Your blocks turned out great for both the quilts. I never realized how close you are to Lake Erie. (I almost said "the lake" but then I remembered your mom's feelings on that.) What a beautiful view.


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