Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Q2 FAL List and H2H Check-in

Hmm, the Universe is conspiring against me to get this post published.  I had it basically ready to go except for photos.  Then we had an Internet hiccup that I didn't notice, so nothing got saved, because I was not connected. Quite the surprise when I opened up the draft post today...

First of all, notice the new URL?!  Yep, been thinking about buying the domain for some time, and today, my good friend and partner in crime online shopping and sewing, and now domain-buying, Tish, spurred me on to just doing this already!  This is not because of wanting to open an Etsy shop, but I think it will help when I get to the 'branding' stage.  And, btw, thank you for such a great discussion on my last post! Wow.  I had no idea I would get such a wealth of thoughtful and informative comments, which I have taken to heart.  More on that in another post, but thank you for taking the time to write and for your frankness, input and wisdom.

I had a lot of wonderful quality time spent this past weekend with my daughter Dayna; therefore blogging and, to some degree, quilting, took a backseat.  Totally fine by me; I loved every minute of it.  So did Rocco (photos courtesy of Dayna):

On a bed...  On a couch... Is that not the cutest pibble bum ever?!  And on the couch, he looks like a trussed-up turkey, back legs tucked right up under his chin.  He was glued to Dayna the entire time she was around.  As a result of lots of Dayna time, I ended up missing the sign-up deadline for Q2 FAL, which is both sort of freeing, and also annoying.  I work well to deadlines.  I also missed the Hands2Help check-in, and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Saturday linkup.  Yikes.  Yesterday and today, well life happened, and so I am sitting beside Rocco after supper, getting this post DONE!

Here is my list first, and foremost, to which I will refer over the next 2.5 months.

I hope to finish:

1.  Dayna's quilt (a sneak peek; she wants to be surprised):

2.  Cheryl's Mystery Quilt

3.  Both Hands2Help quilts (see below)

4.  Fall Half Hexies quilt

5.  Cows quilt

I also hope to publish two patterns, another freebie, and one for sale in my Craftsy shop.  There are a couple of other flimsy-finish goals, but we will leave this as a finish list.

Hands2Help Check-In

On Friday I had two flimsies, one from a few weeks ago...
No Bake Jolly Bar on the left and No Bake Jolly Bar Shuffle on the right
And on Sunday I had one of them quilted.
I did 3 flower motifs, a daisy for obvious reasons, my favourite go-to flower in the bottom left, and just slightly above it and to the right, a new flower I saw on Vicki's blog.
Meandering is just so much fun, so relaxing, and so FAST!
Today I trimmed it up ready for binding.  And now the story.  If you read Tish's Adventures in Wonderland, you will see her beautiful version of this super-fun and super-fast Fat Quarter Shop No Bake Jolly Bar quilt.  She did the full-size; mine is smaller.  We are both giving our quilts away.  We sew well together.  We also shop well together.  Virtually.  Look out world if we actually (hopefully soon!) GET together to do one or both of those activities.  We iMessaged a bit about the possibility of doing another OMG together for April, but both of us thought na, probably wouldn't happen, well maybe a flimsy.  Yet both of us have our quilts nearing completion. :-)  We shopped for the fabric together, hitting one of the sales on fabric during Connecting Threads' week-long crazy-good deals in honour of National Quilting Month.  This is a 10" square stack of Amanda Jean's Good Neighbors line.  I used a 5X10" rectangle of part of the stack to make the first quilt, blogged about here.  Good Neighbors is great quality fabric; some colours and patterns that are not in my wheelhouse, but I wanted to play with it and at those prices, I could afford to.  I also got the white "Lotta Dots" from them during the sale. It doesn't have quite as soft a hand, but still is great to work with.  I used the green daisies Good Neighbors fabric on the back. Such a happy quilt, isn't it!

Both of these quilts are for Sarah's Hands2Help, and both quilts have 'told' me they need to go to a child.  I am in the process of investigating whether the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre in Windsor will accept quilts for children who have been sexually abused.

And now I'm off to load up the second H2H quilt and get started on it! I found the perfect backing in my stash.

Linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Linky Tuesday and for the first time with Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts.  Check back tomorrow (I hope, lol) for another update on my Stepping Stones QAL.


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  2. Congratulations on your URL!!! How exciting. Life happens so don't stress about missing blog deadlines. Your H2H quilts look great. Good luck quilting the second one.

  3. I think that is the cutest pibble bum! He's such a hambone! I'm sure he was in 7th heaven with Dayna home. Don't show him the pictures of Becker in my lap, Rocco will want to set on yours. Pibbles are tiny lap dogs you know :) We are quilt partners in crime. I think we need a Sandra and Tish quilt talk show. We would keep everyone in stitches...get it :p I didn't realize we both used Lotta Dots. How did I miss that??

  4. Oh Rocco <3!
    And though I know not a thing about quilting (ya ya shocker, can't be your REAL sister, must have been switched out at birth LOL), but wow, I just get lost in looking at Dayna's quilt. My eyes just wander and wander, and it's actually quite soothing! She's so fortunate to get such a beautiful (and purple yet!!) quilt!

    1. Oh and yes!!! I noticed the URL right away, confused me for a minute, (which is no easy task considering I'm so worldly 'n all LOL), then thought huh! Maybe it's been like that all along and I just didn't notice!

  5. Oh, congratulations on securing your URL. Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs went to purchase hers about a year ago and found someone squatting on it and asking $$$. So, yeah, not very cool. I love that you and Tish are spurring one another on so much; it is fun to watch!

  6. Congrats on the URL! I have no idea how to do that kind of stuff, but it looks great! Considering you had your daughter home AND gorgeous weather over the weekend, you sure got a lot of quilting done! Those quilts are so fun! And the quilting is delightful. They will really cheer some children. I love revisiting your quilt tops in your FAL list.

  7. Congrats on your url purchase! I can hardly wait to see Dayna's quilt all finished. The Tish and Sandra show now that would be worth watching.

  8. Great job on those flowers!! Thanks for the shout out;-) You have several projects to keep you out of trouble for a while, LOL I decided not to send up this quarter-just wasn't in the mood I guess.

  9. Love your quilting on Dayna's quilt. Those are gorgeous feathers! Glad to hear you are having a ball shopping and sewing with Tish. What a quilty friends for?!! Lovely projects, Sarah and congratulations on your own domain!

  10. Rocco's tush is too cute... I bet you just want to rumple him up sometimes.
    That kind of "life happens" getting in the way of quilting is always good Sandra, so don't fret about not getting to the goal making post deadlines in time.
    Congratulations on getting your own domain - an exciting step for sure! You and Tish make wonderful partners in crime!
    Hooray for making so much progress on your H2H quilts! I need to get crackin' on mine.

  11. Congrats on owning your own URL....and I hope the Etsy shop does well in the future. What kind of thread did you use on Dayna's quilt? It looks wonderful. I purchased come of the Essentials from Connecting Threads...it's strong and the price is fantastic.....but I've had alot of lint buildup. Do you experience this as well? This is my first time using it and it's the red so maybe color is a factor as well. I also know each machine has it's preferences so if my Avante doesn't like it I'll use it for fmq on the sewing machine. I'm still looking for that "perfect" thread...and by perfect I mean affordable...lol. I enjoy your posts so very much. From one menopausal melon to another...have a great rest of the day!

  12. I can honestly say this is the first time I have been asked if this is a cute pibble bum! And if I could buy a congratulations on your domain card I would send you one !

  13. Good luck with your goals (even if you missed some deadlines). So glad to hear you had great family time.


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