Saturday, December 30, 2017

DREAMi Linky #11

Well, believe it or not, but I had no Drop Everything And Make It Moment this month. I actually focused, and completed one of my Q4 items on the list, possibly another...there's what almost 48 hours left in the month and year, right?! It's been fun seeing all the distractions everyone has suffered, the squirrels we've chased...
'bout says it all, right?!

Note that I've changed the acronym so it's all caps but for the final i, just easier, and in keeping with the iPhone the iPad etc etc, ha)

Okay hold the phone, I guess I kinda/sorta did have a bit of a DREAMi...
This is not on the Q4 list, and there are still two items ON that list I should be focusing on...AND would you believe that is a wild oranges variegated Aurifil thread I'm using?
But the flannel backing wasn't quite dry for me to load it to quilt the migrating geese flimsy, which IS on the Q4 list, and I was itching to quilt something, and this top had come together when I used it as a leader/ before I knew it I had cobbled together a backing, found that with a little Franken-batting I could cobble together the remainder of the Hobbs 80/20 I used in my mum's quilt, Forever Flowers, and well, about 90 minutes of quilting (love, love a large meander, like watching goldfish) it was done. Binding happening Saturday. And loading of migrating geese. Pinky swear.

There were lovely projects linked up last month, so hard to choose...

So I didn't. Here are all eight lovelies:
Nancy of Pug Mom Quilts made this bright Elmo baby quilt - LOVE this photo!
Anja of Anja Quilts made this super-cool bag to carry her Featherweight (I may need to make one for mine!)
Louise of Quilt Odyssey made this fabulous Cat quilt, her Splash of Colour project - and it's a DREAMi because she doesn't do QALs, but this squir---uh cat sunk its brightly-coloured claws into her and had to get made! And now!
Liberty LOVE! Helen of Midget Gem Quilts made this beauty for her visiting grandson to cuddle in. She showed you the flimsy that just HAD to get made, and here is the finish.
Just LOOK at this gorgeous Supernova quilt made by Tanya at Tanya Quilts in Colorado, another baby quilt
Janine of Quilts From the Little House designed this, and then it wouldn't get out of her head until it grew up from paper to finished door hanging!
Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts had not one but TWO DREAMis, happy scrappy baby quilts for twins!
Are you seeing a theme here?! I know it struck me this particular month. Baby!
1930s grabbed the attention of Allison of New Every Morning...I wonder if her quilt top is now a flimsy or perhaps a finished quilt?
Thank you all for linking up such bright joyful projects! I'm contemplating switching to a thumbnail linky, because you know you need to see the photo just in case it's a juicy squirrel, and making a little moola through being an affiliate means I can pay the bucks to get those thumbnails, methinks.

Well, here's to the last DREAMi of 2017.  I wish you all the very best fat furry bright-eyed and bushy-tailed squirrels you can find in 2018!


  1. Lots of fun projects last month. I can see why the makers gave into temptation.

  2. At first glance, the quilt by Louise of Quilt Odyssey reminded me of fish swimming in a home aquarium. Now wouldn't THAT be a gorgeous, mesmerizing quilt?

  3. Good for you not getting sidetracked this month! I had a true DREAMi this month! Thanks for hosting, Sandra! Tanks for sharing some projects from the previous DREAMi!

  4. It's so fun to see them all together in photos! I didn't realize the thumbnail linkies weren't free. I'd be happy to donate toward adding the pics to the DREAMi because I know I'm MUCH more likely to click thru when I see a tantalizing glimpse...

  5. Thank you for sharing all the DREAMis it is a lovely Linky. Happy New Year and here's to many more unexpected creative asides 😀

  6. I look forward to this Linky every month. Thank you for hosting, Sandra!!!


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