Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday Stash

While I was in Florida last week, I made sure of a couple of things: more than one visit with my second favourite pibble in the world and her human, John,
Reclining on our dogs' mats, doubled up for comfort! You can see the scar on her thigh from where they purposely broke her leg and threw her in as a bait dog to force other dogs to fight. The guy who did this was caught and did time...but not enough. John rescued Brandy, and she now is literally 'the Princess'. Sleeps on a human bed with her human, spends her days going for walks, meeting others, has hopes of catching a squirrel, and evenings snuggles up on the couch to watch TV or snooze. 

This little Maltese cross was super-friendly, even stood with her front legs on Brandy's chest to say "Hiya!" Brandy was her usual gentle self.

and a stop in on Wacky Wednesday at my favourite LQS, Alma Sue Quilts. If you are ever in the Sarasota area, be sure to stop in to this wonderful little shop where you can buy fabrics modern and traditional, watch Amish ladies hand quilting around a frame and listen to them speaking their language.

Wacky Wednesday is when Ella puts all her $5/yard sale fabric down to $4/yard. There wasn't much left... But she had put her seasonal fabric (Christmas and Fall) on for $5/yard too. I got a few yards...
Adorable Scotty dogs, Merry Christmas text, and a pretty grey scroll 
Such an interesting and happy tree print and a great red
The Scotty dogs weren't in our house more than 24 hours and they'd already been cut and started to be transformed into...
a Christmas pillowcase for Brady!
You can see my older Christmas pillowcase shams on the left, and a new bright 'for sleeping on' pillowcase behind Brady's. I made it two years ago when I had to ensure, "Santa had barfed up Christmas all over my house," words of Dayna, for me being all festive for Brianne and Brady's visit that year. I'm thinking the trees might need to become new shams for our bed, but then they wouldn't quite go with my Buggy Barn Crazy About Hearts and Stars Christmas quilt... maybe a Christmas cushion cover?

Anyhow Brady's pillowcase is all wrapped up and in the parcel to be mailed off tomorrow.
I remembered to sew in my label 😁
Brady loves dogs, pugs especially, so I think he'll be quite tickled with this new pillowcase. The pattern is Roll It Up off All People Quilt.

Linking up with Molli Sparkles... well I was going to but there isn't a new Sunday Stash, nothing since last Sunday. Hope all is well down under with him.


  1. Just a little cat's paw there, what bargains. I cannot remember when I saw fabric that low per yard or metre. And a wee doggie meets a bigger one, what a wondrous sight. We have had a COOL day,,, HOORAH, 17C at about 9 p.m. some parts even had a lot of rain. hugs and X XX.

  2. What great finds, I love the merry christmas and red fabric.

  3. That red fabric looks a lot like a turquoise fabric I picked up for the guild. It drove people crazy looking at it but it's turned out to be super useful. Love the scotties as well. I hope you have a great Christmas Sandra.

  4. I can’t believe things like that are still going on. I think someone should have sliced that guys thigh open and thrown HIM into the pen. So glad Brandy was rescued and found a loving home. She’s beautiful!

  5. I love Princess and the Maltese! I think it is a good book title too. Love the Scottie fabric and I am sure Brady will be over the moon with his pressie from you!

  6. Best Grandma Everrrrrrrrr!!!!! :)

  7. I'm glad the Princess has found a good and loving home. She looks like a very sweet dog! You picked up some fun fabric. I love the Scotties, and the pillowcase I'm sure will be a hit!

  8. The Scotty dogs are adorable. Nice finds, all. It breaks my heart to know what people can do to innocent animals that never did a thing to them. I'm glad the princess has a loving home. There was a young woman outside the grocery store this morning with her pibble. At first I thought the dog had been tied out while owner went shopping but as I rounded the corner I saw he had company. Sweet looking and pretty and the tail going a mile a minute in hopes of a friendly pat. It was a nice smile moment.

  9. You've been so busy! I'm binge reading blogs as I'm so far behind. You've got so much fun stuff going on in the sewing room and out. Love the Scotty dog pillow case and your Flying Geese finish turned out beautifully! Wishing you a very happy holiday season, with lots of stitching time too.

  10. Oo, my favorite is the grey scroll! It almost looks like it is already quilted in your photos.

    Brandy sure is a sweet and beautiful poocher pupper! Her heart must be three sizes bigger than most to have forgiven people so completely. She deserves a lifetime of love and comfort.

    1. Forgot to say thanks for the LQS tip! I hope they are open when we get to Sarasota next week. We might be there right on the 25th, though.