Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Quilting Confessions

Okay.  Deep Breath.  Here goes...

I get sidetracked pretty easily. In life, a bit (I can see MacGyver busting a gut laughing at that), so, since this is a confessions post, okay fairly often. This is why I work so well under pressure. Put the blinders on. Focus. Pedal to the metal kind of thing. Therefore, I have quite a few UFOs.

Blogging has been both a positive and a negative when it comes to UFOs.

  • A positive: joining in with FAL to get things done, prizes to motivate, pulling out some older projects to put on the list
  • A negative: like a magpie or is it a crow, I am easily distracted by shiny objects; like a dog, I am tantalized by squirrels and rarely pass one by, (I started a DREAMi monthly linky that kind of celebrates those chasing squirrels moments); and, getting designs published means pushing the FAL list to one side while a deadline takes precedence...

Enter Tish and her mission for next year to help us tackle the skeletons in our closets, pretty plastic organizers, IKEA Kallax units, drawers, top shelves, bottom shelves, under beds...wherever these cotton skeletons lurk. Her post about it is here.

I'd asked Tish if we should count the projects that are still in our heads and we'd maybe just bought a few pieces of fabric towards making them...she called them mythical quilts (I love that!)... well, it would take a few posts to list all the wannamakes in my brain. Know that some of the quilts on my list below are in the mythical quilt category!

All right, full confession: this is not a full confession, LOL. I did start a list in Word, however, and I plan to get those, as well as more lurking UFOs, organized and put them out here... well, maybe. It's a good way to maybe stop the buying? Make myself reread the list before I hit 'check out' at the online sales...ya, okay, I'll let you know how that goes.  I admire Lynette at What a Hoot Quilts for her candid post she linked up. Interestingly, reading Lynette's post on the Henry Glass Fabrics projects she created is the reason I got involved in the Henry Glass Desire to Inspire challenge in 2016. Cool how our paths cross here again! Her list is very much like I suspect my own would be were I to actually sit down for a day or ten and itemize every project in my sewing loft. She is running 18 in 2018, which you may want to check out. I may participate in that too. Anything to move these projects along!

Without further stalling, here is the abbreviated list of projects I need to move along over the next year:

Quilts partially quilted

Brr Park (this one has been started quilting on my Bernina) red face of shame that it has been put aside for two years now...

Flimsies awaiting quilting

RSC 2017 Migrating Geese
Stepping Stones
fleurs (Self Round Robin done at my former guild)
Wayward Transparency
Lazy Daisy
Kaleidoscope #2

I see I have created an A list, a B list and a C list of UFOs! Well I tweaked it a bit to get this, but I like it, but then, that doesn't surprise me, because as crazy as my UFO list is, I do like order.

UFOs (Blocks stage)

RSC 2016 Pop Rocks
RSC 2017 Strings
RSC 2017 Houses
150 CA Women
Splash of Colour
Scrap Vortex
Canada Quilt tested for Cindy
Stack n Whack green/coral
Magic Tiles

UFOs (Cut fabrics stage)

Box A Lot
Hometown Charm Jelly Roll (MBS by Rose)
Celestial (McCalls Quick Quilts) *about 1/4 of the strips are cut
Sea glass Quilt

UFOs (All, as in various, stages)

Tula Pink City Sampler (x2)
Cat mats (at least 2, hopefully 4 this year)


Downton Abbey b'day quilt
Sea Swept (Quilt Sampler Cotton Patch LQS)

Patterns I want to make (some fabric already pulled/purchased) 

Aunt #3
Cats quilt
Postcard From Sweden
Sewcial Sampler with Tish
150 Canada pillow
With Glowing Hearts
My Guy
Modern Hand Drawn Lily & Loom
Suburbia with Boundless Blenders
Puzzle Tropics

38 items!  Won't happen.  However, seeing them in print here, and then checking back, will, I believe, help me get these done and in use or given to whoever they may be for, including charity. Some of these will also show up on the quarterly Finish Along and monthly OMG in which I usually participate. I've found these to be excellent motivators.

Hope you may consider joining Tish!


  1. How funny I had been considering all of the projects in the same way. I wouldn't even know where to start. But like how you divided up your list.

  2. I keep a running list of my UFOs in Excel. I've decided that 2018 is going to be the year of the UFO, I'd like to get my list down to under 10. Good luck with whittling down your list.

  3. I love that you confessed that it's not a full confession...I almost spit water on my screen :P Thank you for linking up, my friend. I think you can accomplish just about all of these and more this next year! You are one of the most productive people I know. Although, pace yourself. I fear the party will continue on for a while at my page, and I want you partying right beside me all the way...even if I have to send you some of my UFO's :)

  4. I have considered not blogging anymore....as it seems to have increased my ufo's very muchly!...but I continue on.

  5. Oh my goodness, I love this post! I can so relate. Squirrels everywhere!! I just pulled all of my UFOs out yesterday and listed them. I was amazed at how I had squirreled them away in various places. Haha. This is going to be a good year, Sandra -- squirrels unite!!

  6. I definitely look forward to seeing you make progress on these and whatever squirrels pop up in 2018. :)

  7. You are definitely in good, quilty/guilty company Sandra! We all have so many ideas, plans and projects to create beautiful things. My problem is trying to squeeze in sewing time around family, work, cooking and housework. Yeah, I'm not alone there either! Let's make 2018 a year to get those past projects done!

  8. Should be an interesting year seeing how many you get down without running into too many squirrels.

  9. I am exactly the same. I bought storage drawers so I can store and easily swap what project I am working on. I am not counting WIPs but will try to finish some.

  10. I love making lists. It helps me get more accomplished when I can cross things off. I hope the lists help you as well. I wish you the best in 2018.

  11. I wonder what it is that makes it so difficult to finish something when it is such a GREAT feeling when it gets done? Is there some sort of brain chemical emitted when a new project gets started that our body really enjoys? Who knows!! I just know I am needing to get my projects all confessed too so I can start whittling down the number! I am hoping that making this list will help with that!

  12. That's quite the list. I missed the link up. I think I'll finalize my list tomorrow. I don't think it's too bad......


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