Saturday, July 28, 2018

DrEAMi! #18

It's squirrel parade time again! I do have a partial squirrel (now that sounds nasty) which is leftovers from an Island Batik project, Lift Up, because I did flying geese the square on the rectangle method, which leaves a bunch of cut-off triangles. What's a girl to do but sew them back up? When I was working on piecing (finally) the Meadow Mystery quilt blocks into a top, I needed a leader/ender, and the stack of 36 was sitting close by, so...
a 14" square was born! I first thought I'd sew it into a cushion cover, but then I had an idea... So it has evolved further than shown, but then it stalled because this month's Island Batik challenge has to be done and done asap!
There were some gorgeous distractions shown last month, as per usual. Oh if I could only make all the quilts in reality that I make in my mind!  Never mind, I'd need a bigger house ha!

As usual, it's too hard to pick, so please go check them all out here. I do want to highlight two in the orange family:
This coral beauty was made by Lisa of Sunlight in Winter Quilts
A true DrEAMi! is one that you ignore everything else and don't sew anything else until you've got it made, as in a ready-to-use item. However. Once in awhile these DrEAMi! projects do grab you, and you do sew on nothing else, but they don't quite get to the ready-to-use stage... just yet. I mean Real Life does happen from time to time and jobs and those mundane things right? If you want more info on Lisa's quilt, click the link.

Now Anja did a true DrEAMi! Everything went by the wayside for her to make this:
For details on Anja's pillow head to Anja Quilts
I HAVE to make this...bye.

Wait, sorry, guess I'll finish typing the post and schedule it for tomorrow! So... I've read more than a couple of blogs where quilters have been chasing... dun, dun, dun!
Photo credit: Janine of Quilts From the Little House
Wait again. That is not a squirrel who is being chased; that, my friends, is a scary, contemplative, speculating, calculating little beast that is going to grab YOU! 'You know you cannot resist me; you want to follow; you can follow; come thisssss waaaaaay..." à la hypnotist Pied Piper extraordinaire!
Let's see what you've chased or you've been grabbed by this past month! Link up below.

A couple more squirrels:
Please note that all Craftsy classes are on sale this weekend! (affiliate links in this paragraph) I hope you've seen and checked out that Craftsy Unlimited is now bluprint. They have a free 7-day trial on this weekend with your choice of 33% off your first 3 months or $20 off the annual subscription.

I still plan to write a review post about this Netflix-type new style of Craftsy classes, but I will say that I love the content, have watched the entire season of True Up which follows Angela Walters around (I really don't think that girl sleeps), and I'm excited and, like a magpie distracted by shiny objects, don't know where to go next, well, finish the Angela stuff for sure, and finish the Elizabeth Hartman class I skimmed in one of the free watch classes weekends a while back. Anyhow, do beware that the fabulous deals where you get a kit and $25 gift card etc, only apply to Americans. Not even to people like me who have a US address, nope. Also know that you get to keep the classes you've bought prior to the whole launch of this, and really it is a decent deal, just over CA$10/month (I did the year deal).

I did take advantage of the up to 70% off that Connecting Threads (affiliate link) had last weekend (got my pale blue Essential thread, yay); hope you were able to score some nice fabrics too. They still have a few sales on currently.

Finally, Sew Sisters Quilt Shop (no affiliation) has a free shipping sale on all Canadian orders (ya!) this weekend! They have the new Angela rulers....


  1. No Dreami for me this month, but it has been fun seeing all what everyone else has been up to.

  2. Happy to play along today...and now my Dreami is truly finished :) You know, we have squirrel dogs. and it really is something watching those dogs chase squirrels, heads high as they chase em through the woods tree to tree.....lots of fast action!!!!!! Happy Saturday!

  3. There may have been a Dreami somewhere this month, but I sure can't recall what. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, though, Sandra! That pillow that Anja made is so pretty! I really don't need another pillow, but oh so tempting!

  4. Just love that "water-ey" fabric on your 14" block--so much luscious movement--beautifull work hugs, Julierose

  5. Great post, Sandra! No squirrels crossed my path this week. I’ve stayed very focused on the 4 projects I’m sewing simultaneously, ~sigh~

  6. I look forward to seeing what this 14" square evolves into!

  7. Sandra, those darn squirrels get me every time!! LOL Love the square. Anxious to see the finish!

  8. Hi Sandra! That pillow Anja made - fabulous but I do not need anything more to add to my plate. But those fabrics!! Drool. That does look like a calculating squirrel . . . one that is going to make us follow him. So where are those pretty blue HSTs going to lead - I can't wait to see! All the best and keeping the squirrels at bay. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Pretty blues in your squirrel, Sandra! I can't wait to see how it evolved from there! I find squirrels endlessly entertaining - both outside in the yard and inside in my sewing room. I'm always chasing them! :)

  10. Darn squirrels! I do the same sew up those cutoffs as leader and enders.

  11. I've been pondering doing a leader/ender, but it would most likely turn into another squirrel. Yours looks cute.

  12. What a beautiful boy and at a healthy 14" square, he is so handsome. You do not seem to be any worse for the wear :-) OK, only because you said born :-p

    I absolutely have a Dreami to share. Blame it on Mari of Academic Quilter. Now only if it would stop raining so that I could take a picture or two...I am also torn between playing with fabric and documenting my work.


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