Monday, July 30, 2018

July Challenge Progress

Thought I'd pop in with a quick update here and a little quilting motif to show you too. The challenge for July is to make a quilt that has a secondary pattern. Totally up my alley! This is one of the things that drew me in to quilting in the first place. I'm using fabrics from three different groups, which is something I love about Island Batik fabrics, who supplied all the fabric, is that very thing, how different lines play well with each other. I got the blocks all done and laid them out on the kitchen floor...
and discovered my secondary pattern was Bella! But of course, she thinks she looks good with this quilt too.
I moved the blocks to the design wall (duh), stepped back and... YES!  You'll have to wait a day to see what I saw. For now you can be in suspense, knowing that somewhere in this quilt is an incredibly rich eggplant batik!
I switched out Tillie, my 1951 Featherweight, after cleaning and oiling her good before letting her have a rest for a couple of months in her boudoir (case) for Billie, my 1947 Featherweight. I got her cleaned and oiled, and this quilt was pieced entirely on her. Go here and here for their stories which tells why I ended up with two of these sweeties!)

The block I'm using is one from the 150 Canadian Women quilt (see progress on it here) and if you spotted that it's the one in the second row fourth block from the left, you were right! I looked it up and found that it's called Baby Bud. In the Canadian Women quilt, it represents Shanawdithit, a Beothuk woman, the very last one of her people, who died at only 28. Her race was wiped out by, you guessed it, white Europeans.

Okay quilting.
In the large squares I decided, no, the quilt asked for, something fancy. I'd originally thought to quilt this with straight lines, get it done quickly, start on August's challenge. I'm quilting on my Bernina right now too, remember, as Avril needs a short stay in the hospital. Sounds like her issue isn't complicated, it's getting her there right now that is, more another time.

I remembered the spirograph type quilting that Angela Walters does, and the one that is on YouTube that I did on Dayna's graduation quilt, Shoot for the Moon.
Yes!! the quilt said (and so did I). Here is the YouTube video link of how to do this.
In the corners I'm doing a design I invented on Dayna's quilt too. So glad I have these posts to go back and reference! However, I see I have never told the entire story behind her quilt either... One of these days, hers and my friend Linda's quilts need telling fully. Okay focus.

Corner quilting motif. It's simple but effective.
Step 1: Straight lines
Stitch with your walking foot or ruler foot a diagonal line down the centre of the square. Move to the midpoint of one adjacent side and stitch diagonally back to the starting corner. From that corner, stitch a third straight line to the midpoint of the other adjacent side. You could leave it as is.
Step 2: Wiggly lines
Switch to your free-motion foot or just stitch with the ruler foot on, (I prefer my free-motion foot because I can see my needle) and stitch a wiggly line between the edges and straight lines you just quilted.

All done!

It gives a 'shine' or burst kind of feel when quilted in the four corners of star blocks. So, hints as to the secondary pattern have been dropped, which leads me to the name of the quilt, Beothuk Star. Okay, off to finish this up and hopefully have a post on it for you tomorrow!

We had quite a few squirrel linkups in the previous DrEAMi! post. If you chased one last month, perhaps link up a post? It's open until Wednesday.

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  1. That is an interesting block - I'm looking forward to seeing how they go together! Your quilting is always so beautiful and detailed, too. I think I could do that second pattern you're showing with my walking foot - I'll have to try it!

  2. Such a quilting tease! Now I want to see all of it :) Love that cool straight line design in those blocks. I've head to try it. I love Bella's cat pose...a little jealous none of my cats do that.

  3. Oh ;))) Bella is adorable--is she a Rag Doll kitty? Her colors are so sumptuous...
    oh and the blocks are pretty too (hahaha--just kidding). Your quilting is beautiful. I have only ever done straight line or wavey line quilting...very lovely blocks...hugs, Julierose

  4. Beautiful quilting. I look forward to seeing more!

  5. Lines and waves, you make it sound so easy. Those batiks, beauty shades together.And Bella, she knows where to go for that camera shoot.

  6. I love seeing your quilting but does it every inspired me to try it--you know the answer but I do love the Dayna stitch and might give this one a try. You finally did it! I can't wait to see the quilt now, hopefully Bella will let you finish it.

  7. Love seeing this and that line/squiggle combo is fun! I have to watch the video on the other - looks intriguing!

  8. I like the warm colors you've chosen for this quilt. The Spirograph motif looks great in that wide over area. I look forward to seeing the whole thing.

  9. I am going to have to try the straight line wiggly line quilting, I really like it.

  10. Thanks for teasing us, hahaha. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing;)

  11. What a productive month July has been for you! Have enjoyed seeing all your completed quilts throughout July and love today's quilting tutorial of lines and squiggles. How photogenic your little Bella is! Can't wait to see what next month brings.

  12. Looking forward to seeing your finished product! I think Bella struck a perfect pose for you! It's so great our animals enjoy our quilting - almost as much as we do! LOL

  13. Oh, the fabrics are totally YUM! I love that spirograph motif, too and had to really peer at it to see how you made four of them work together. Very fancy! Looking forward to the big reveal of Beautiful Beothuk Star :)

  14. Hi Sandra,
    Oh, I can't wait to see this whole finished project TOMORROW. Why does it take a whole day for your new post email to be sent?! Here I am, late to the party. And Bella, well that block does look fabulous on her. She's the Belle of the quilt ball so to speak. Happy Tuesday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  15. I can't wait to see this quilt either, especially with that eggplant fabric! Clearly Bella is striking a yoga post and letting you know that those blocks would make the purrrfect kitty yoga mat. So get to it! Haha! You and I were mind melding on quilting this week, just a teensy bit. Mine isn't quite as fancy as that spirograph, but closer to the straight lines and squiggles.

  16. Going to have to try that spiralling square - not that I have a ruler foot or a ruler - yet! :-) Thanks for pointing me in the direction.

  17. Oh Bella! You look lovely as well as silly on any quilt. The spirograph quilting looks amazing, Sandra! I am looking forward to seeing the whole quilt. You are such a tease :)


  18. Sweet Bella! She’s a pretty kitty! I’m looking forward to seeing your creation! Your enthusiasm is catchy!

  19. I see a "T" in those blocks, but I'm sure that's not in your layout. Can't wait to see it. Love Tillie and Billie. I've got to get mine serviced so I can start using them. How come there isn't enough time? I'm busier since I retired.

  20. I love straight lines in a corner block or in the corner of the borders - they just look so fresh. I think of it as a starburst kind of design. So pretty. I can't wait to see your blocks together so we can see your secondary design! And thanks for the sweet comment about my new site. :)

  21. Bella sure looks comfortable there! I like the straight lines with curvy lines in that square. It's fun coming up with something new and interesting.


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