Thursday, July 26, 2018

I Like/Love #18 Five Senses

This is another of those posts that kind of showed me its cohesiveness after I put in the first few likes with pics a couple of weeks ago. I only publish one a month, but note things all month long, not all of which I publish. It's cool how they often end up just flowing together like I'd been planning it all month long!

1. I like that on July 13 I first noticed the sound of cicadas. I used to call them 'heat bugs' because it seemed it was super-hot when I'd hear them, and I had no idea what they were as they aren't in Alberta. It was around that time that I also heard the first crickets

2. I love the sound of Bobby Bazini's voice, that sexy, gravelly kind. He's easy on the eyes too, just sayin'... Two of my favourites are "Never Let Go," and "C'est La Vie". Check out the first one below; maybe it'll play while you continue reading? It's his live version; I love love love live music.

3. I love the Chrysler Canada Greenway and living on 42N, which is on parallel with Milan, Italy, and the northern border of California. This means we have the hottest summers in Canada, and we are the warmest city in Canada. I like the feel of heat, like the feel of hot tropical days, and sultry evenings. Of course when it's especially steamy, it's good to have AC!
If I had one wish for the Greenway, it would be more garbage and recycling receptacles!

4. I like walking by vineyards along the Greenway:
Just beyond the green space strip, centre of photo. No clue to whom these belong; could be just a private vineyard.

5. I like the wall of green in our yard against a clear blue sky.
I also like that prism/rainbow that happened on the camera lens!

6. I like this little fountain/bubbler that I bought several years ago with some money my mum gave us for our anniversary, think it was our 30th. It has a very gentle water sound, and well, the image says it all.

7. I like the sentiment of this card that is in a little holder for rotary cutters, scissors, pens etc on my cutting/pressing counter. My sister gave it to me. (I like the fabric beneath it too, used in the baby version of Plus Playtime.)

8. It never gets old...
...the view of Lake Erie from the end of my street. However, on that day, a steamy 32C/90F (yeah, by the lake it was that hot, and that's not the 'feels like' temperature due to humidity!) I was drawn to the smell of the lake, not just the sight and the sounds, although those always draw me in. Maybe it was the cooler water evaporating into the hot humid air but it had a pungent, ahhh, lake! smell. I love the smell of water.

9. Much to my husband's dismay, I take photos of food, be it something I've made, something I'm about to eat in a restaurant, or this month, something I've grown, or a farmer nearby has.
Clockwise from top left: Tim Horton's Garden Veggie Sandwich, on a croissant; my own tomato; fruits and veggies all grown within Essex County, and a delicious blueberry scone made by yours truly, with almond milk.
9b. I've discovered that I really like Ethiopian food. I recently got to taste some in Buffalo when I was there with Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts.
This is a plate we shared. She showed me how to eat it, using the rolled up spongey flatbread as a scoop. I've since found Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant in Windsor! The same dish is on their menu too.

10. I like red wine. I am lucky to live in a county where there are 18 wineries. Colio Winery is one of the oldest, and I like that I got two 1.5L bottles on sale!

A couple more than my usual ten this month:
11. I like seeing more Monarch butterflies around this year. Maybe it's with so many conscious of the need to plant milkweed? I was so amazed at how long this one posed for me, held still with her wings spread, and let me get so close to her!
I'll admit I did zoom in a bit, but still, she stayed still for so long!
12. I feel a bit like a starry-eyed teenage groupie, but I like that Tula Pink herself liked one of my 100 blocks I'm doing with Angie of GnomeAngle!


  1. I love your little fountain! That's one of the things I miss about having a yard or patio, having a fountain. I hear water all the time (obviously!) but it isn't that bubbling kind of sound. And I adore Ethopian food, too. We ate it all the time in California, but it's been harder to find on the go recently. I'm sure there's a good restaurant here in New York, though :) So happy to read your list this month!

  2. Love your list. How grand to live so close to one of the Great Lakes!

  3. This is so fun to read. Love the water photo. I really should live by water, like live on a lake. There's something about water that just calms me. Lake Superior is my favorite, being somewhat close by. It's my happy place. Red wine, I'll be right over. I'll pass on the white, thanks. Enjoy your day, Sandra!

  4. So much to like here—but water! Oh, water! It restores the soul. (Except in the form of humidity. 😅 )

  5. It's fun to see all these dear things. I especially love Ethiopian food, ever since our daughter visited there. And Monarch butterflies. We have a few milkweeds that come up in our garden every year.

  6. Hi Sandra! I found myself going WOWEE with #12 myself. And I never, ever tire of looking at Lake Michigan. I work very close to it, and know just what you mean about the lake smell, ahhhhh! At home I have a good 20 minute drive to enjoy it but it is so worth the drive. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. I always *love* all your likes, Sandra! What a beautiful walk - we love walking near or through vineyards when we have the chance. I just love that kind of landscape! We love our local wineries, too, and have a couple that we visit on a (ahem!) regular basis! I will have to put Ontario on our list to visit for good wine tasting opportunities!

  8. We lived near Lake Tarawera for many years, with the mountain across the far side. I never grew tired of the view, and on cold frosty nights, that fleeting vivid pink as the sun set. There is something so special about lake water, and hope Lake Erie keeps cooling everyone nearby.

  9. Heat buggies! And mmm... food. And such a pretty water fountain.

  10. Sandra, I love all your likes - the lake, the walk, music, food, everything. Quit complaining about the heat or else you may find yourself in Texas next summer where it's hitting 100+ everyday!

  11. Your likes are all very likeable indeed. High five on the Tula Pink connection, that's awesome - I feel a little shiver of a thrill just being someone who knows someone who was liked by Tula Pink! :) And my other favourite on your list is your statue. How precious. Hubby would swap it, no thought required, for a plate of that Ethiopian food though. xx

  12. Wonderful list, Sandra. Thank you for introducing me to Brian. He IS awfully good!

  13. I smiled all the way through this post!!! Food and Wine and lots of sun and beach to play - pure bliss. Have a great weekend!!!

  14. I like all the likes my friend! It's been in the 100's here! It's a hot summer for sure. Your wine and ethopian food looks yummy. Probably Tula would like red wine too! I really like that singer! thanks for that

  15. A very nice list for the month of July. Water and wineries? You live a wonderful place indeed.

  16. A wonderful list of likes my favs are the food, wine and wowsers Tula Pink!

  17. Your gratitude is beautiful. I love your views.


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