Friday, January 31, 2020

Island Batik Box #1 Reveal

Finally it is my turn to show you what was in my first Island Batik box of 2020! I am so happy to be sewing for this company, such a wonderful company it is, again this year. This is my third year as an ambassador and it looks to be a very exciting year with a few changes to the programme.
Back at the end of December I made a video as requested, of my unboxing. You can view it on YouTube. I also took photos of what was in the box, so read on to see those.
Here are all the sponsors for this year's programme once again with links to their websites.

Hobbs sent us two king size battings:
I've already cut into the Heirloom Premium for my current quilt, the candles one you've seen glimpses of. It's got beautiful definition.

Once again they sent us a couple of yards of rayon. I must do something with this this year; I've gotten so far as to pull out a dressmaking pattern to use with one of the other pieces I got last year... This is my favourite neutral yardage they've sent yet: Whip Cream. It's a very pale blue with light grey paisley-swirls.

Each year they send us a half yard of several Basics and Blenders. I can see a quilt like right there, no?!

I love how they wrap certain packages within the box.
This collection is Faded Blue Jeans. They know my love of blue runs deep!

You will probably see Sant Fe in another blog hop. I am not a brown lover, but put it with certain colours, like pink, or this rich green, and I'm taking a second look!

We got two packs of 5" stash builder strips. These babies are gold mines for a lovely assortment of rainbow colours. I'm glad I got half cool and half warm, as I haven't had many warm colours over the years.

This, as you can see, is one of the Fall/Winter 2019 collections, 'Prairie Skies'. I already mentioned my love of blue, but did they know I was born an Alberta prairie girl?! This is for one of four blog hops this year, the first of which happens in February. We are to do a log cabin quilt. My turn to post is February 25, and just gazing at this photo, not to mention the actual fabrics, gives me a quiver of anticipation and excitement!

More quivers and anticipation abound with the die Accuquilt sent us for a future project. Storm at Sea is a longtime favourite want-to-make quilt, so again, I am blown away by how this suits me!

I can show you another lovely rayon scarf that they sent, but I can't show you the 'Surprise' fabric collection yet. It's all kinds of gorgeous goodness, rest assured. The scarf fabric is one from 'Crystal Ball', the collection I made my 'Oh the Places You'll Go!' quilt (think suitcases) last January. You can get the pattern for it in my Etsy shop. Here's a photo of it in case you've forgotten:

Aurifil sent us two lovely collections of thread, and Schmetz several packets of needles, and we got a few more goodies as you see.

A separate package arrived for me a couple of weeks ago:

Yay! These are hands down the most beautiful, drapey, high thread count solids I've ever worked with. It's wonderful to have four yards each of these four basic backgrounds.

Looks to be a great first half of 2020, doesn't it? So far I've outdone myself, lol, in January, with not one but three projects for the scrappy challenge. Coasters, cat mats, and now a rather large candles quilt about to be shown. It's a quilt that has taken on its own mission, and I am merely the humble listener/maker, so I'm doing it justice. And with that, I'm back off down to the basement bedroom where Avril awaits for us to complete it. I lost more than a day with a wicked migraine but it should be on the blog within the next couple of days.


  1. Those are the yummiest of colours Looking forward to seeing what you create.

  2. OH, the joy at seeing all those goodies, I would be so overwhelmed, and the decisions, but with IB fabrics, they all blend together beautifully, not matter which ones you choose. Storm at Sea, this will be totally gorgeous.I am so happy you have lots of your favourite blues to play with.

  3. Lots of goodness! I enjoyed meeting you through your video :-)

  4. What a parcel of goodies & now the excitement of putting creativity to the test, but I think you'll do it all justice. I'll be following along to see you progress. Thanks for sharing & take care.

  5. So jealous of that Storm at Sea block! Can't wait to see what you do with it and everything else. Lots of great stuff.

  6. Look like fun things. I make chenille scarves out of the rayon batiks. It is so fun and totally changes the look.

  7. Oh my goodness, that rayon scarf is beautiful! And, so are the other goodies. Congrats on being an ambassador again this year!

  8. It’s great to view your video, from now on when I read your posts I will hear you talking to me. That’s a fun box of goodies, I particularly like the look of the Santa Fe, and the needles and threads, my favourite brands for both. Love them.

  9. That roll of warm colours makes me smile. Bird wings perhaps? I will have to go to my LQS which has so very many batiks to see what I can find in their scrap bin. Thanks for sharing all of your goodies. I particularly appreciate that you describe some of the neutral colours because that really helps me imagine.

  10. Ooh, so many wonderful Batiks - heavenly. And I can imagine they spark all sorts of ideas - what fun. I'm especially looking forward to your use of the storm at sea dies, I have seen some fantastic designs through the arrangement of colours and this block. Have a great weekend, and thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh be still my heart the gorgeous green and browns. Yum!! Beautiful batiks!

  12. I've been watching these "unboxings" with the Island Batik Ambassadors and I salivate more with each one! How blessed you are and how fortunate for IB to have such fine representatives! I loved the's so nice to hear your voice. :)

  13. Hi Sandra! Oh so many goodies you've shared with us today. Wow - I can't even imagine how you'd pick which one to use first. I have to agree with your assessment of the browns - they really look pretty mixed with those greens and pinks. I guess brown is needed in nature to balance out all the flowers and such! Feel better - those migraines are no fun. ~smile~ Roseanne

  14. Lots of great goodies. Can't wait to see what you create this year.

  15. Gorgeous fabrics. Can't wait to see what you create.


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