Saturday, January 25, 2020

DrEAMi! #36

Welcome to Drop Everything And Make it! where we celebrate and share all things squirrel.
As in chasing them, those tantalizing projects we just...

This month I've come across a couple of not-so-nice squirrels. Those that wreak a little havoc, in the real world, and in your sewing life.
This one is about a squirrel who had a little party in a family's house while they were on vacation.
Found here
Not quite three, but two squirrels came to play in my sewing room in January, and yes, they wreaked a little havoc in that I did not get my Island Batik quilt challenge complete by the 21st, which is when I'd figured I would! Meh, I've still got 10 days from that date, right?

My two squirrels are the result of joining in (finally!) with Project Quilting at Persimon Dreams.
11.1 was Notably Numeric which you can read about here.
11.2 was Team Colours which you can read about here.

Both of these projects fit the Island Batik challenge for January: make a scrappy quilt, any size. My actual original project is now a flimsy, and I could have done a fast all-over meander and got it finished by my January 21 deadline, but this quilt (the candles one you've seen glimpses of) needs much more special care than that, so I'm not rushing it. Both of these DrEAMi! projects are Project Quilting entries. So far, so good.

One more quick squirrel-type item which you may have seen in your email, Connecting Threads (affiliate link) has up to 50% off over 100 pink and read fabrics to celebrate heart month. I cannot tell you how much of their fabric I've snagged from these type of sales or the clearance section...

Thank you in advance if you do purchase something through my affiliate link; it helps to pay the $3/month US to have linky parties! Ooh, when I got the graphic above, I spied this gorgeous batik,'Fronds', for just $5.36/yard:
Be still my heart. (lol pun not originally intended) Similar colours to the quilt kit I recently got at bluprint, but that's another post. Thank you to those who did purchase something at that pretty amazing 60% off sale a couple of weeks ago. I never know who buys, just see the amount and my commission, which is 4%. 😊

Now, let's see what squirrels abound in your sewing rooms! Link up below.

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  1. Good morning, Sandra! It's hard to believe that it is the last Saturday in January. Prices have definitely gone up for linky parties - I'm charged $7.99 a month. I'll check out the CT link. I don't really need anything that I know of, but you don't know what you don't know. My littles are coming over soon, so I'd better hop to it! I'm happy to share my little finish for Project Quilting 11.2. Of course, I went the Packers route. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Happy end of January, Sandra, and thanks for hosting us squirrelly quilters! I always enjoy seeing what people have been up to!

  3. You mentioned that my tiara is slipping, and truly, I tried, I really tried to right it. The little squirrel is currently napping on my guest bed, waiting to be quilted. So alas, I did not get it done. I'll get that tiara back in place - soon!

  4. Oops - pushed publish too quick - I thoroughly enjoyed your squirrels who came to play this month! Fun projects!

  5. I have a squirrel project that I am sharing about on Monday - inspired by you!

  6. Always so much inspiration to be found in your posts, Sandra. I must confess all my projects are a bit squirrelly inspired and perhaps I shouldn't admit that.

  7. Lovely squirrels. Great job getting them completed. I'm so glad to have your post and thanks for the chance to link-up.

  8. Great to see you hugging the squirrels ie Embracing the moment (hope you get it, I think I'm hilarious!). No squirrels here but it's great to see yours :-)

  9. Love your squirrels....if I hurry I can post one too!

  10. I don't pay for the linky...I just use the free option. The squirrels got me this month. But it was fun LOL Can't wait to see your candles.


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