Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Brady's Book Bag

I spent a wonderful first day of 2020 fulfilling a request from my grandson to make him a bag in which to put his library books. He goes to the public library on Wednesday nights to get out a book or a movie, but mainly to play chess with one of his buddies. I love it.
One of the five or was it six ideas I had for 3D Challenge for Island Batik in December was to make a bag or a makeup pouch, so when Brady asked me to do this, back at the end of November, I thought, aha!

Island Batik supplied the black fabric, (if you are looking for a fantastic quality solid black, get some of this; it is the very best I've ever used, and I've sewn since Adam was a lad) and Aurifil supplied the gold 50 wt thread I used for the B. That B is the same monogram I quilted on Brianne's La Vie En Rose quilt. Brady will probably notice that connection. He's an attention-to-detail kind of kid. He's a lot like his nana in many ways.😉

It was on one of his most recent trips to the library that he came up with the idea of his own accord. He said out of the blue to Brianne that he was going to ask Nana to make him a bag for his library books. He'd been using one of Brianne's little shopping bags. He also said it should have a pocket on the front for his library card. What did I tell you about attention to detail?!

The idea of making a B came to me when I started planning the bag this morning. I love this pencil for writing on dark fabrics. I am so glad I saved the B template I made for Brianne's quilt! It took a... ahem, few minutes to locate it, but locate it I did.

I thought the gold Aurifil toned in well with the book-themed fabric I found in my stash for the lining. I FMQ-ed it on my Bernina, going over it three times. I did it on a single layer of fabric, and underneath I had a scrap of interfacing and a piece of a thicker interfacing.

Once it was done, I turned it RST, stitched around all the sides leaving an opening for turning, and then top-stitched it onto the bag front. I attached a small piece of black velcro at the pocket top edge to keep the it closed. Don't want to lose that library card!

I made the bag 12"wide by 14" tall, which included allowance for seams, so it finished at 11 x 13". I boxed the bottom, just 1" wide.

The handles are 1" WOF with a scrap piece of black Hobbs batting inside. I top-stitched them with black thread along the edges and the Aurifil gold down the centre.

Inside is that old piece of books-themed fabric from the stash:
I think he will love it!

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Original design
Size: 11 X 13"
Fabric: Island Batik
Lining: stash
Threads: pieced on my Bernina with Mettler polyester; B monogram and top-stitching with Aurifil

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  1. What a great idea. I never learned to play chess.

  2. Great gift for a great kid! I love public libraries, and my son did too when he was growing up. The librarians knew us well! Brady was so smart to ask for a pocket for kid card. I might make a bag for myself with that special pocket. I’m ready for another Inspector Gamache book and placed a hold.

  3. How wonderful that Brady goes to the library and the request for the outer pocket great idea. Love the B with the gold thread!

  4. I am sure he will carry this proudly and tell everyone about it <3

  5. I am happy to hear that Brady loves the library. So many of my happy days have been spent in one library or another.
    The bag is perfect for him. I love the gold B. It would work for me also (last name.)

  6. How great that he actually READS and wants a bag for his books. Also, wonderful that he plays chess (I never learned). This kid is definitely a keeper.

  7. I'm pretty sure Brady is going to enjoy this bag. How great that he likes to read; any way you can foster that is good! I wonder what he'll request from Nana next? :-)

  8. That looks like the perfect book bag for Brady! How neat that he asked you to make it! I keep thinking I need to make something like this for myself. I'm so glad to know Brady enjoys going to the library!

  9. This is THE perfect book bag! The fact that Brady specifically asked you to make it for him just warms my heart :)

  10. Fantastic - both that Brady wanted a bag and knew what he wanted on it and that you could just whip one up! Winners all the way around. Great start to the New Year!!

  11. Hi Sandra! Fabulous bag. Of course, Brady will adore it. How could he not?! It's a nice size to carry several books or movies at a time; the hands are just the right length to fit comfortably over his shoulder; the personalize pocket will contain his library card in style; the lining is just perfect for a library bag; and finally, it is loaded and packed with love from Nana. Great project and great way to start the new year. {{Hugs}} Love it, and I will look for the nice, black solid fabric. ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. Well, a request like that is hard to pass up! It is a love "B"rady Book Bag!

  13. Brady sure is smart.... he reads, plays chess and knows exactly where he can get all his sewing needs met. And of course you delivered in style. :) Love your relationship with him, it always makes me smile. My kids like Chess, me I never liked it as it requires too much strategic forethought. I am more of a make it up as you go along type. haha. Great start to your year, all the best for a good one!

  14. Libraries are wonderful places :) It's cool that Brady is able to meet a friend for chess at his library, too. The bag turned out so well and that gold B is gorgeous. I imagine he will be pleased with how Nana fulfilled his request :)

  15. How wonderful that Brady is asking you to make him things. It's a wonderful bag and I am glad you managed to find the B.

  16. What a fun design for Brady. It's a very grown up and manly black, with a touch of elegance with the gold (you can't say bling for guys I've learned).

  17. It's a great bag! It'll be perfect for books and games and possibly snacks (don't tell the librarian).
    Love the "B".


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