Sunday, April 19, 2020

Q1FAL Results and Q2FAL Projections

This year the format is different for the Finish Along; it's all on Instagram. For the first quarter, I linked up the following projects at #2020falq1list:
Well, I didn't do so well. At all. Out of eight projects, I finished (clockwise from top left) three. And, I didn't even know about the rules for @finishalong on my finishes, so ha, no prizes for me.

1. Vigil (the candles quilt)

2. Two cat mats

3. Beanie (so close, just a few more rows)
4. Migrating Geese (nope)
Bottom Row
5. Centred Log Cabin Quilt

6. Storm at Sea The top is done, in different fabrics, and it's currently on the longarm. I didn't use those fabrics because the 10" squares weren't big enough)
7. Baby Bear Paw (nope)
8. Arrows (nope)
I can't even tell you where those last two projects are, thanks to my sewing studio being moved up to its forever home, but in a state of chaos due to no ordering of IKEA cabinets, and various other need-to-do/build projects up there yet. Hence, not much organizing has been done and there are heaps and boxes everywhere... Regardless I will link up my three completions with #2020FALQ1Finish I should add that I participated in Project Quilting, and completed six projects. I also made two unplanned quilts: Bohemian Rhapsody for a Benartex blog hop, and Stars Aligned which appears in the most recent edition of Modern by the Yard ezine, and I finished up another scraps box, my turquoise one. So I've been pretty productive, just not on the planned projects.

For Q2, here are my proposals. They will be linked up at #2020FALQ2List and then #2020FALQ2Finish.

Here are the collages that correspond with the list. They aren't in the list order, oops.

It should keep me busy. And there are always squirrels to distract me from my focus!


  1. With that list, it would be better not to have too many squirrels stick their noses or tails in.. Of course keeping a squirrel out isn't always easy.

  2. Good luck with Q2! I did ok Q1 but really gotta move, and a squirrel hopped in with a QAL...who sent that squirrel to me??? Look forward to watching your progress.

  3. I nearly always did the finish a long, this year when its supposedly easier on instagram I haven't. Next time I will be better organised. That's some list you have there

  4. love the spots, but then you knew I would. I am enjoying your quilt a long from afar this time

  5. You had some great finishes last quarter. Good luck with your second quarter list.


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