Tuesday, October 6, 2020

A Sweet Little Diversion

It's not really a squirrel, because I've been sewing the HSTs left over from making the first Grace quilt back together as leader/enders, and then in pairs once I decided what design I'd make with them. I always knew I'd make a dolly quilt for the daughter of the recipient of the first Grace quilt. I'm happy to say it is done, and I didn't even have it on any finish or to-do list!

Can you believe there are 200 triangles in this little ~13" square quilt?!

I didn't have enough of the stitch n flip corners to make a big enough quilt, but I had a bunch left from the two Smooches quilts I'd made and only ended up adding in four more HSTs to get 25 diamond blocks to make a 5 x 5 layout. I had a brainwave in coming up with a design to incorporate the 10 red blocks with the 15 pink ones. I was able to make a subtle X, which took nine of them. The tenth is a red/fuchsia diamond in the bottom row.

I had another brainwave once I got the top together: where did I put the leftover Minky from the first Grace? I wonder if I'd have enough to back this doll quilt? Well I did. I had a long strip about 6" wide, so I pieced in another piece of Minky from Brianne's quilt that happened to be in the same drawer, and voilà, backing.

I didn't put any batting in as it's the perfect weight for a doll quilt without it.

I got so into making it that I didn't even take a photo of the flimsy, but I did take one of the quilting in progress.

I used Sulky rayon variegated. It doesn't show much at all because I just stitched in the ditch through the pink and red diamonds.  It is bound by machine, and I even remembered my satin label! I FMQ-ed the little girl's name, but for privacy the thread is strategically placed over it! I'll be sending it off in the mail today!
Right in the centre red diamond there is a triangle of Gryffindor fabric, leftover from the cushion cover I made Dayna last year. I knew it would be another connection, as the recipient of the first Grace quilt is a good friend of Dayna's.

Quilt Stats: GIFTED
Pattern: Diamond in a square
Size: 13.25" square
Fabric: scraps
Backing: Winky scraps
Batting: none
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads: pieced with various, quilted with Sulky variegated rayon

I have been remiss in not having the Rafflecopter choose the winner of the four fat quarters of Island Batik bundle! It chose Cindy of Stitchin at Home. I've emailed her and will be sending these off at the same time as the doll quilt. Thank you to all who left such thoughtful comments on my backpack post. I have two more giveaways planned for October, so stay tuned!


  1. Such a lovely little quilt--very nice finish hugs, Julierose

  2. Oh my goodness, 200 triangles! Wow! Soo cute! xx

  3. I like how you used the leftovers to make a lovely finish sure to put a smile on a little face!

  4. What a sweet surprise gift! I am guessing it will be played with and used for many fun adventures.

  5. What a lovely doll quilt! I like that you added so many things to tie in to other quilts, and stitched in the young lady's name. I agree that top = minky is a great weight with no batting, I do that for most of my kids' quilts. It's a great weight and at least here in the US South, a lighter blanket gets more use year-round.

  6. Hi Sandra! What a pretty dolly quilt. Gosh, 200 HSTs?!! I'm always amazed when I sew some together for A Doll Like Me how many 2.5" squares are needed for a good size piece. In my mind, it should just be a 'few'. My leftovers that I've cut into 2.5" squares are piling up - time for me to make some dolly quilts myself. Thanks for reminding me! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Great way to use up left-over HST. I'm sure your thoughtful gift will be appreciated.

  8. Piece numbers add up so quickly! It's a sweet little gift.

  9. Well, if that isn't a squirrel, I'd say it's a chipmunk at least, and a cute one at that! Great way to use up the minky too. Congrats to Cindy on the giveaway!

  10. Doll quilts are so fast and fun, especially if you know the recipient! This one is really cute :)

  11. A lovely little quilt, but oh my goodness, so many HSTs.
    A beautiful finish, Sandra!
    Barbara xx