Monday, May 15, 2023

Rainbow Neighbourhood House Block #7

What fun it was to see all the gorgeous house blocks linked up last week! I am thrilled to see all the creativity just bursting forth in your houses. I love hearing how much fun you are having choosing fabrics, fussy-cutting, even purchasing a bit of special fabrics or colours to incorporate.

I was away all last week visiting Brianne and Brady and friends and family in Alberta, so I did not sew one single stitch. It was a wonderful week! Last week was the halfway point with a linkup and two prizes on offer.

One prize is from one of my new sponsors, Art East Quilting Co, your choice of one PDF pattern. And it goes to Susan Smith of Granny Smith's Quilting. She has a recipient in mind for her quilt, and she's turning some of the houses into 'buildings' such as a library for her village.

The second prize is two PDFs of your choice from Meadow Mist Designs. This goes to Pippa of Pippa's Patch on Instagram. She let her husband choose the colours of one of her houses, black and grey, because it was his birthday the day she was making it!

Thank you to all who linked up. I know there are a couple or maybe more, who are sewing but either are a bit behind or didn't get linked up. Always know that you can email me a photo and I will post it for you anytime! You are doing me a favour by helping promote the Quilt Along and the pattern!

So your homework for this coming week is to make your seventh house. Then you'll have just two left if you're making the throw!

For those of you making the twin, you will need to make two extra blocks, the small trees blocks. There are templates in the pattern to make the triangle-in-a-square tree top, or you can use a Tri Recs type of ruler. You could even just wing it, as in make improv tree tops. A few years ago I designed a Mug Rug that uses a stack 'n slash improv style of tree. You will have to make them a bit bigger however. The tutorial is here: Mug Rug Tutorial đŸ˜Š You could make the trees all the same green or switch it up. Make blossom trees or snow-covered trees. Lots of possibilities - again!

Another design option is that the flower blocks and small trees blocks are the same size and therefore interchangeable. So, you could choose to just make two more flower blocks and omit the small trees. Or just do one block of small trees and three of flowers or vice versa. 

I have to give a shout-out to Trudy’s Halloween ‘hood (let creepy organ music accompany that in your head). She's substituted ghost blocks for the flowers blocks! And be sure to check out her trees! Love!

I will update this post with my house and small trees blocks as soon as I get them done.

Update! A yellow house. 

And a wee forest…

Happy creating and sewing!


  1. Ohhh how wonderful, thank you so much. Can I make 6 placemats and a table runner, quilted & finished to be eligible for grand prize ?

  2. I am happy you had another opportunity to spend with your family and friends in Alberta. I have LOVED watching the houses people have been creating pass me by in my insta feed.

  3. So glad to hear you had some time with B and B! You definitely can't pass up that opportunity. The Halloween houses are so much fun! I'm behind by a house now - still working on house #6. But I do notice that once the quilt block section is taken care of, the rest of the house sews up quickly!

  4. I've been enjoying watching the blocks turn up on social media. It does look like people are having fun with your pattern Sandra :-)

  5. Sounds like you had a great week last week!! <3

  6. THANK YOU! I am having so much fun with this QAL & now contemplating on sashing and cornerstones. Glad you had a lovely time away with family. I'll ponder my prize as they are away & I can't reach their site till they return. Thanks again yo you both. Take care & hugs.

  7. I didn't get to post, as I hadn't finished 5...I now have some more sky in my stash and grass and a few other colors!

  8. Family time is essential time, sounds like you had a great time.

  9. Thanks Sandra, making the house blocks is addictive - mine are all finished now- and I love a theme đŸ‘»Trudy