Monday, March 7, 2016

Double C: Cleaning and Canton

Canton as in Canton Village Quilt Works.  Thought I'd put a little plug in for Jackie Kunkel.  I have no affiliation.  I've taken advantage of her recent sales a couple of times.  Here's the latest score/crush:

Top to bottom:  Timeless Treasures "Seasonal Portraits" by Judy Neimeyer; Hoffman Bali "Stitches in Lime"; Rowan "Glow" by Amy Butler-Crossroads in Marine; And Rowan "Glow" by Amy Butler-Water Fall in Turquoise.

Cat with mouse, make that a moosa-moosa, that post is still to come!
Someone else was just as pumped about this new purchase.  I had spied the Amy Butler on the first page of sale fabric, (at 4.36/yard it was practically free!), thought, yep, keep that in mind, but let's look a bit more.  Found the Niemeyer, and the batik, ($6.28/yard) put 'em in the cart. Checked out. Done.  NO!!  Amy!!  Emailed Jackie immediately asking what to do, as I'd like to not have to pay another shipping charge...

No problem.  Place the order for the Amy Butler.  She will add it to my order and refund my shipping that I will get charged; she doesn't store credit card info, so it has to be placed as a separate order.  And voilà!  Not only did I snag that Water Fall; I also saw the Crossroads and couldn't let the mere 3/4 yard left languish behind, no.  She put everything in one envelope and refunded my second shipping charge.  THAT is service.  And fast delivery, wow!  Bella and I could be petting our new acquisition in a couple of days.  We like that.

A closer look:
My first Judy and Judel Niemeyer fabric
When I opened the package, and saw this first fabric, I sucked in my breath.  "I can't even--" came to mind and still does, an expression of my eldest daughter's.  Like her, when she's talking about a new makeup, I start to choke up when I try to explain this exquisite luscious print.  The photo above was darkened in picmonkey I realize, now that said luscious textile is beside the laptop as I type this.  It is way more subtle; the turquoise and beige fade in and out so that, like mist, you wonder are you really seeing what you think you're seeing?

I love batiks.  I do not have enough lime.  Bite-worthy fabric here.  Next!

All three of my Amy Butler "Glow" purchases from CVQ over the past couple of months.
I love Crossroads and Maze!  Kind of 'meh' on the Water Fall...Until this happened....
Yep, want to lick them...that's Kona Dusty Peach
Look how the pink squares POP right off Water Fall!!  Seriously excited here.  So was Bella, that's her fur; she gets so excited when I lay out new fabric, as you well know.  She gets equally excited when MacGyver starts to do any of his fix-it or repair or install a new (insert name here) jobs.  She's climbed his stepladder, purring away.

Which is a great segue into the cleaning part of this post:
"Lo-o-o-ve tools...want to bite this one..."
Every two bobbins, I take apart my machine bobbin case area and clean and oil.  Bella gets right into anything to do with tools and fixing I mean RIGHT into.
"There has to be some thread here I can yank out, has to be..."
 She has a thread fetish fo' sho'...
"Feather duster/schmuster...Sandra's got MOI !! A Bella duster!"
I sat and just watched the performance.  You can't make this stuff up.  She was purring crazily the entire time.
and then...
"Ffffft!  Ffffft!  How do I get outta here?!" (I am not translating those feline f-words.)
Let's just say she backed out gracefully as only Bella (and pretty much all cats) can.  Sigh.  To think I have several family members who read this blog who do not like my adorable little feline.  I mean come on!  Never mind, Jude, my next-door cat and dog-loving neighbour, "gets" Bella, and we appreciate her diva-filled personality as it should be appreciated.

For my friends and family who follow this blog to keep tabs on what I'm up to.
Didn't get as much sewing done over the past couple of days because of beach time and yoga and dogwalks.  Here are a couple of pictures that just do not do Mother Nature justice.  Nor happy doggies' joy at paddling in the clear waters of the Sarasota Harbor on a hot sunny day.
Boca Grande FL (note: those human paddlers? Definitely northerners who find 68F water temps not too bad at all!)

Mother Nature's palette - perfection
No clue what these glorious flowers are (an entire hedge of them for over a city block in length), please tell me if you know.
They bring up that same choked-up, it's-so-stunningly-beautiful emotion I get at gorgeous new fabric.  Like little puckered up faces! And then bursting open, trumpeting their glory, ahhh!  They didn't smell, at least not that I noticed.
These two adore water

Brandy not so much, but even she got her belly wet today
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  1. What great prints. I'm on my way to host the intervention. ha ha ha ha Bella just wanted to be involved with the process LOL

  2. I'm so glad you got such fantastic customer service. That is the real deal. :)

  3. Well, there is no such thing as too much lime and I love that maze print. yummm! Cute Bella, how could you not love her antics? Although I hope she doesn't trip MacGyver when she climbs up the ladder!!! I've never been much of a beach person but those photos could change my mind. Looks like you just had a lovely beachy day.

  4. All those beautiful photos of flowers and water and dogs and cat make me happy! I love the graphic amy butler fabrics. Very nice.

  5. I enjoy your project news and all of your pictures so much! You are an inspiration to my newly acquired retirement sewing time. Keep sharing!

  6. What great deals! I love the green batik, I could use some of that in my batik stash. Bella and her antics are wayyy too cute and I'm not even a cat person.

  7. Wow you got some more wonderful fabric for your stash!! Love the bonus pic's of poochies, beach and wow that flower is beautiful!! And well love the pic of Bella in the sewing machine throat, LOL, what a cat!!

  8. Well I'M your sister and you KNOW I adore Bella and my canine niece and nephew! They crack me up!
    Ooh love ALL the pics, wonderful!!

  9. New fabric acquisition just makes me feel all ooey-gooey all over! Lately I've only been purchasing fabrics for specific projects; I'm starting to have withdrawals... Looks like a fun day on the beach, that sand and water is sooo pretty. We had warm temps yesterday and today - that means summer is just around the corner! Thanks for linking to MCM. :)

  10. Crazy Bella! I was worried she would get poked by the needle. But it looks like she and the machine survived.

  11. Ohhh what lovely fabric for petting! Bella looks like such a sweetie with oodles of personality! I am currently catless, but the two dogs keep me company as I quilt. Pets make such lovely quilting companions.

  12. I visited Canton Village Quilt Works based on your experience there. Bought 1 yd each of 2 different Moda fabrics at $6/yd (including shipping!). Great buy and it arrived at my door step in 2 days. Loved the fabric even more when I saw it in person. Thank you for turning me on to them.


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