Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I Work Well Under Pressure

One day to go to get the Q1 FAL list done.  This is another of my goals completed.  I had so much fun with these!

I stitched them up last April
April 2015

when I designed a set of six placemats (that post is here) to take to Angela Walters' Dot to Dot class in Sarasota.  You can read about that highlight of my quilting life here.  I made three pairs: two in blues and two in greens.  The pinks are not really in my décor, so I concentrated on getting the blues and greens done.
May 1, 2015
Here was the first one quilted but without binding:
No clue what the names of the Kona solids are, sorry
I did that Dot to Dot design in the fuchsia triangles on both mats.  In this second one after I quilted the centre one, I thought, "Hey, these are equilateral triangles; what if I rotated each one so they radiate around that central pale pink triangle?"  Yep, quilt talked to me again.  I made up the dot to dot design in the fuchsia HRTs.  I don't think I've done the fern design before, which is basically a feather-design, and I love how easy it was and its effect.  I rotated them too!

Unlike the first four, these had to have binding. Not sure why I didn't cut the backing bigger all the way around as I did for the blues and greens mats.  I've suddenly, as I viewed this post in "Preview" realized why...doh!  I believe I'd had the thought to make these up into a bag...ah well, that's what I get for being menopausally scatterbrained, and for nearly 1-year-old UFOs.  (Ya, 'cuz I never have any UFOs older than that, nope...)  Yay for me because I found some Kona black strips (I think) in my black scraps bag.  Have I said yet how very glad I am I brought all my smaller scraps with me?!
All bound. I added in the white straight line quilting after I bound them and confirmed what I had suspected, that I'd done this in the first four.
Here is the other one:
Fabulous texture, n'est-ce pas?  The Spirograph-esque design is Angela Walters' from her book, Shape by Shape, but I did it in a triangle as opposed to a square. You can see it drawn and then stitched out by The Quilt Journal here. Thanks to Judy at Quilt Paradigm for showing me that take on this easy and effective FMQ design.  I did it with my walking foot, since I don't have a ruler foot for my Bernina. I drew two lines ahead of my stitching with a Hera marker, since you can't draw the entire design ahead of time.
I had to incorporate feathers, you know me...imagine my surprise when I checked the photos of the first four and found I'd done that on one of those too!

The backs.
Throwing finished quilts around on the ground again...
No clue why but one turned out about 1/3" narrower.  Looks more in the photo for some weird reason.
It was super hot and humid the day I finished these, so, unlike her usual close scrutiny of my projects, Bella chose not to be as involved.
Hot Himalayan puddy-tat
You know I often snap photos of gorgeous flowers.  Here are two more delicate spring flowers, one is a black-eyed Susan I believe and the other, no clue.  The flowers are orchid or iris-like in appearance but not size, they are very small.  On one corner they were so prolific it made me smile.

This post might end up as part of Soma's Wandering Camera linky next month.  I told her that I'll be sure to snap photos as we go what always feels like "back in time," heading back home to Kingsville, Ontario, and share those on the first Thursday in April.
Great spot for early morning coffee or afternoon tea; I will miss it.
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  1. OK, so I got the feather, the fern, the dot to dot in the equilateral triangles. What is the swirling motion created by echoing (angularly) straight lines in the light pink portions of the placemat? Whatever it is it is very yummy. The ferns look so delicate - almost lace-like.

    1. Updated under the photo. :-) Meant to say it was another Dot to Dot of Angela's but in a triangle as opposed to a square. Enjoy the calorie-free yumminess! ;-)

  2. These are great. Making shapes to purposefully practice some of Angela's dot to dot designs is a great idea, and clearly you are rocking the texture here. Bella looks content even in the heat and humidity, the photogenic lass. :)

  3. Those triangles are amazing.

  4. Mais oui on the texture. Congrats on having no UFO's older than a

  5. Beautiful work again Sandra.... Yippe I think I may have sorted my no reply blogger issue. Please could you try to reply?
    And if not I give up, hubby can't take any more questions about it lol.

    Enjoy that beautiful sunshine, Although it is also sunny today here in Lytham St Annes, UK.

    Suegsqueak@gmail(at) Gmail(dot)com..... Just in case 😀 xx

  6. Your quilting is exquisite! I bought Angela's Shape by Shape book this winter and am looking forward to getting back to my Janome! I've attempted a few designs on my old Kenmore, but it's just not the same! Have a great afternoon! XO

  7. What a showcase of gorgeous quilting Sandra! I especially love the effect of your spirograph quilting. You have been so busy getting projects completed!
    The blue flower looks like Nepeta - or catmint. If it has a square stem, then in is a member of the mint family. Crush a leaf and sniff it and that will tell you too.

    I wish you and MacGyver and all your furry pals a safe and pleasant journey home! I hope you get to do something happy birthday-ish while you a re on the road too.

  8. Sandra, these are gorgeous! Sometimes there is nothing better than exquisite quilting on a solid background. Your quilting takes these place mats to a new level. And poor Miss Bella, get that girl a Popsicle. She showed up to the beach party in her best fur coat.

  9. Your quilting is amazing! I was especially intrigued by the spirograph-like designs. I've been wanting to try some zentangle-ish quilting and these just really got me excited about it. Your flowers are so pretty, and Bella just makes me laugh. Enjoy your trip home, and be ready for some crazy weather changes. (I hope you bring consistent sunshine, as well as some flowers, with you.)

  10. These are pretty. Great job quilting. Congrats on finishing your goal.

  11. Very beautiful. I love that spirograph!

  12. Beautiful! I love the way you rotated some of the designs. It's fun when the quilts tell us what they need, isn't it? :) I have Angela's Shape by Shape book too and a few days ago I used some of the hexagon designs. It's a great book for when you need to fill a specific shape.

  13. Your quilting is always so beautiful!! I would be too afraid to use them, they are so pretty. Haha! I love when kitties sleep like that. Bella's tum looks just as sweet as the rest of her. The flowers photos are so pretty, love the Black-eyed Susan. I will see you on Wandering Camera in April. Safe Journey, Sandra!


  14. All those mats are just beautiful!

    I love those flowers, what bright beautiful colours! And poor Bella LOL

  15. oh these turned out just terrific! Thanks for joining the FAL on behalf of the FAL hosting team!

  16. Your placemats are gorgeous! I want to make some for my new house soon.

  17. Your quilting is amazing on these! Each of the triangles is a beautiful composition unto itself!


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