Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Warm Fuzzies

I love this term, one from my CGIT (Canadian Girl In Training) camp days (that takes me back).  It means something, tangible or intangible, that makes you feel warm and fuzzy in your heart.  A few weeks ago I had the absolute joy of receiving not one, but three surprise packages in the mail.  They were well-timed little warm fuzzies.

Tangible warm fuzzies such as this hand-made gorgeous bracelet that my friend Vicki of Vicki's Crafts and Quilting made me.  Several months ago, I'd surprised her with a fabric bowl at a time when I knew she needed a little pick-me-up.  Well, somehow she picked the perfect time to send me this.  How did she know I am a bracelet-loving girl?  I was always known at school for pretty bracelets, wore them every day.  Vicki, you do beautiful work; so intricate, and it's the perfect size. She stalked my yoga pics and decided I was pretty small; guess we have tiny wrists in common, as she used her own as a guide!  I love this and have worn it several times.  She is so talented! AND she just published her first Island Batiks post as a new ambassador for their fabric company.  Her project is a beauty.

The very same day I got a package from my sweet friend Tish!  I knew something was coming for Miss Bella from her, a 'moosa moosa'.
Guess Bella's a bit of a chomper in her own right

Tish warned me to cut off the elastic (it's supposed to be a jumpy mouse) as Oliver, her cat, loves to eat it.  Well, Bella doesn't like to eat the elastic, just bite it off immediately.  So I cut it off right by Moosa's head.  Unlike Oliver, or maybe it's Caroline, she's okay with the tags.  She loves her little moosa moosa.  However, that was not all that was in the care package...
Not one but two Mark B Gone pens!! Love.
Bella loved the cushy envelope and promptly went to sleep after a few rounds with her moosa and a little the form of catnip mousies!
Just look at all this loot!
Not only was there moosa-moosa, there was a pack of 3 catnip mice! We've played a ton with the grey one; I tied the Rowan fabrics ribbon to his tail so he dangles quite enticingly.  Tish spoiled me completely, sending me 5 gorgeous coordinated aqua and grey fat quarters, and the bundle of chartreuse.  Let's take a closer look at what was in there, shall we?
Another five beauties.  I could so see all ten of these--TEN!! growing up into a lovely quilt to take to sit upon while I teach yoga.  Spoiled.  Why?  Just because.  Tish, you are so very thoughtful.

Hand-dyed fabrics by Julie of Pink Doxies

I think it was that same day (I remember there were 3 packages on one day) that the package with the Craftsy Blog Hop blogger goodies Julie and I sent out to our bloggers arrived from Julie.  We'd split the group of ten in half, so Julie mailed out 5 packages and I mailed out 5.  In with the package for the bloggers was a package for me of Julie's splendid hand-dyed fabrics.  Yup, go ahead! Lick your screen. You know you want to!  Aren't they so rich? You can just about smell the sweetness, no?!  When you get the reaction I got from my husband, aka MacGyver, of, "Oh wow! She did those herself?!" then you know you've hit a home run.  I'm dying (ha pun not originally intended) to put these together into a project.

Intangible warm fuzzies, like talking on the phone a few times now, with Judy of Quilt Paradigm has also warmed my heart.  How I loved hearing her Midwestern accent the first time she called!  I hadn't expected that as she's lived in Phoenix for 20 years now.  We've become pretty close this past year through discovering many common threads between us.

The sweet note Gwen wrote on my Finished Quilts of 2016 page and the comment from Carol B on the Double C post each made my day this past several days.  And "double C" does not refer to my bra size at all!!!  Nor does "melon" in the blog title refer to boobs!  Melon as in head!  'What's going on in your melon, these days,' kinda thang!

I've had the joy of talking to Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts (therein lies another post) a few times as well over the past few weeks, and again, my heart is full after these connections that make our world that much closer, personal and meaningful.

Pet Toys Update
When I mentioned trying to find a Rocco-pibble-proof chomping toy, I had a few leads from people.  We found the West Paw Design Zogoflex Toppl (treat dispenser) at our local pet store.  Tish recommended these.  I didn't think it would last around Rocco, and it didn't, see last photo, but we thought it might be good for Naala, and it was on sale. You can see her with it in the first photo.  She really likes it, even chose it over one of her stuffies a few times now!  We got a GoughNuts for Rocco, which is the black donut/doughnut you see below.  Guaranteed for life. It wasn't cheap, but with the amount we have spent on dog toys, if this one lasts forever, it's worth it.  So far just the black large Kong has lasted the best, and large nylabones, which do get very sharp, but the lady at the pet store said they can be filed to smooth them. Who knew.  Anyhow, we will try the Zogoflex Jive ball in the large size, which they carry at Pet Supplies Plus in Detroit.  LPS here (ha, get it) was out.  No affiliation with these companies, just great, made in the USA products for chomper dogs.
Less than 5 minutes under Rocco's chomping capabilities, but it's a treat dispenser, not a chew toy.  His GoughNuts is the best! Bounces too.

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  1. I don't have a midwestern accent donchaknow!! LOL You should hear me talk after a trip home!

    You are the best, my friend! Beautiful loot, your friends are so good to you. Can't wait to see what you create with those beautiful fabrics :)

    Rocco has a 'must destroy' look in his eyes in that first picture! LOL

  2. There is nothing like friends in the quilting community to 'pick you up' and make you feel special! What a sweet bunch of ladies! I am so in love with Rocco...what a gorgeous, gorgeous dog! Our dog has a dispensing toy that is round like a ball. She loves it and knocks it with her nose, rolling it all over! Some dogs love them, some not so much!

  3. I'm glad Bella is enjoying her Moosa :) They are such a huge hit at our house. May she never leave it dead man floating in the dogs' water bowl. I think it is the Jive ball that Newton loves the best. He's had three of them. And will bark like a mad man when he loses it or pushes it under something he cannot reach. The bracelet from Vicki is beautiful!! And Julie's hand dyed fabrics. I am still in awe of them. Quilty friends are the best. I'm am so happy to have you as one of my quilty friends.

  4. You made out like a bandit that day, LOL And you deserve every one of the gifts!! I was just so glad you liked it and it fit :-) You are just a sweetheart girlfriend! BTW us Midwesterner's don't have an accent-everybody else does, ROFLOL

  5. Wonderful gifts from wonderful people. Vicki's bracelet is lovely! Julie's hand dyes are fabulously rich.

  6. I love warm fuzzies. Thanks for sharing yours.

  7. Yeah for warm fuzzies. We do that in Girl Guides as well (and I was in CGIT...totally dating myself). What are Mark B Gone pens???

  8. Such fun receiving TLC in the mail! And my brother-in-law is right regarding those dyed fabrics. WOW!!!!! Ooooo that purple one - oh my!!! :D :D
    Oh my silly furry feline niece and canine nephews <3 <3 <3

    1. Oh yes, that bracelet is to DIE for!!! Lucky you!! Only known you my whole life and didn't know you loved bracelets that much LOL. For me, I love my anklets, only have a handful of them (minimalist that I am LOL) but love 'em!

  9. When you started blogging Sandra, did you even begin to imagine how much your life would be enriched by the wonderful friendships you found? I had no idea really.
    What a lot of wonderful surprises and warm fuzzies. What goes around, comes around!


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