Monday, March 21, 2016

Shadowed Star Cushion Cover, RSC Quilt #2 and Sunday Stash!

This is on my Q1 FAL list which you can see here.  Rather dismal how far from it I have strayed.  However, on a positive note, I have this finish to show you!  It fits in beautifully with Angela's So Scrappy colour theme for March of purple with a hit/hint/splash of yellow.
I saw this on a linky party somewhere, commented to the person whose blog it was on, didn't hear back for several weeks, and in the meantime, I'd drafted the block myself and made this test one.  I knew immediately it would grow up to be the graduation quilt for Dayna, who graduated from Wayne State last May.  When I did hear back from the girl whose miniature block this was, (it was a leftover from a little quilt, and she was turning it into her guild nametag), she told me what pattern her little quilt was.  I researched that and that pattern (which looks nothing like my quilt) credited the block as one of Judy Martin's.  I've since contacted her to okay using her block, but have not heard back for a couple of months. I assume it will be okay since this other girl made a quilt pattern and is selling it using this block as the basis.

Here is the cover on a too-small pillow form.
Dayna will take the cover home with her when she comes for Easter, (flat is easier to pack) and I'll get her the 15" pillow form this cover requires once we are back home too.

The back - $5/yard sale fabric from my LQS
I tried to show the quilting a little better but there was very little sun on Saturday, but lots of thunderstorms!
Another Judi, this time Madsen, influence: the FMQ design in the deep purple star
The quilt designs here match those in her big quilt.  The dot to dot one is my own design, and the matrix one in the "wings" of the shadow are Leah Day's Matrix.  There is a very slight hint of yellow in the polka-dot-esque black and purple batik; can you spot (haha) it?

I thought to take a photo of the back of the front (you with me on that?!) before I put the backing on.
"Kewl!" as my sister Linda would text
I don't usually put a muslin backing on the front of a cushion cover; I do like Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts does and just leave the batting (this is a Warm 'n White scrap) uncovered, since there will be a pillow inside.  No clue what I was thinking when I layered this baby, uh, ahem, last summer.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  original design
Size: 15.5" square
Fabric: stash scraps and Kona Snow; backing is Benartex "Yours Truly" by Eleanor Burns
Batting: Warm 'n White
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads: pieced with Gütermann, quilted with YLI 244-30-20Vvariegated plum in 40 wt, Essential cotton in white 50 wt from Connecting Threads, Coats and Clark Dual Duty XP polyester in 3250 mauve (this was a nice surprise-quilted beautifully), and a little bit of Zwicky cotton in black 60 wt

Another Scrap Quilt started
The next item is still in the March colour of purple with a little hit of yellow.  I seem to have A.  started another scrap quilt for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, which makes two now on the go, and B. I seem to have bought another quilt book.
You can see a bit of the book in the top left.  I almost moved Bella's spider-baby out of the picture area, and then I realized it's purple!
The quilt in the book is all blacks with a pop of red for that 'ring'.  I plan to do a row of the colours of each month, in as graduated from darks to lights arrangement as I can within my scraps.  This was especially hard this month, as purple is not so prolific within my scraps, and I only brought smaller scraps with me, so within this row are several pieced pieces(!) to make the required-size rectangle.  I'm loving this!  Regarding the quilt book, Cozy Modern Quilts by Kim Schaefer, it's out of the library, but so many quilts have caught my eye in it that I bought it off Amazon used for a few bucks.  No affiliation there, but remember you can save $$ by buying used books at a fraction of the suggested retail price.

Sunday Stash on Monday
I do hope you were able to score some sweet non-chocolate Easter treats for yourself from Craftsy over the past weekend.  I am sharing with you two items I got from the last sale.  AND!!! Newsflash!  They are both still on sale at the weekend's prices!  Like how?  Shh! Don't tell Craftsy...
Anna Maria Horner bundle of 15 fat quarters
I don't know how, maybe they extended it a day, but this Anna Maria Horner bundle is still what I paid, $27CA, so that is less than $2 per fat quarter, which is AHHH-some!  Lick-able prints here, just sayin'...The bundles are $20US for my American friends.

I spent some of my Christmas money from my mum this winter on two quilt kits.  This is one of them.
EEEEP!!  Major crazy happy dance and petting sessions a-happenin'
Tula Pink's Simply Eden quilt kit.  btw the US price of this makes me cry; however the Canadian price is still pretty darn amazing for 10.5 yards of fabric here to make this:  (or not; remember you don't have to make the kit with the fabric, right?)
I haven't checked what other stuff may still be on sale, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say I bet there are several other items.   I wouldn't wait; who know when they'll take these off.  Clicking the pictures will take you to the item, and if you make a purchase, I receive some moola, as you know, since I am an affiliate. Merci beaucoup.  :-)  As you can see, the $$ seems to go back to Craftsy!!

I will be linking up for the Q1 FAL at the end of this month at She Can Quilt.  As well, I'm linking up with:
Beth for Main Crush Monday
DWM at Patchwork Times
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and yay! It's not too late to link up with Sunday Stash held this week at Charm About You with Lucy, who lives in Manchester, Lancashire, England(!!)  That's for my family who knows why this is so cool for me this week! btw there is a pretty sweet giveaway going on there this week....


  1. Love all the purple. And your quilting is definitely kewl! What a great test block.

  2. Kewl indeed sister! ;p Wow that purple is just sumptuous! It's a stunning piece of art, really it is! Lucky Dayna! ❤
    And KEWL again! Yup, gotcha on the linking up thing in Lancashire! Small world!

  3. Ummm...I think I heard your credit card scream in pain. ha ha ha ha These are all great fabrics. And sounds like great deals. Your pillow is awesome. I always put a piece of fabric on the back -- whatever is hanging around, usually something I don't love any more.

  4. Oh, wow, do I ever love BOTH of these! Wonderful designs. Thanks for posting on MCM so I could see it!

  5. Very interesting scrappy project! Is there a name for the block? Did it come from that (unnamed) book? I like how the block allows for easy use of our monthly accent fabric.

  6. Love the quilting on the pillow it is fabulous! Loving all those purples.

  7. I knew I was on love with the quilting on Dayna's pillow, but then you showed the picture of the quilting from the back...Sandra, it's just beautiful! I love when quilting makes it's own little whole cloth look from the back. So glad you snapped that shot. Your fabric scores always amaze me. Love that Tula Pink quilt kit. Will you make the quilt or do you have another plan in mind? Just curious :)

  8. Love the pillow and the quilting is wonderful (as usual). You are KILLING me with all these stash show-offs!!

  9. Love your pillow . Saw something similar on Sharlas ig feed so it might have been her . Love the Tula fabric . Mught be tempted

  10. That cushion cover is beautiful! I love the quilting that you did on it!

  11. Love, love, love your new purple RSC quilt! That little pop of yellow is amazing!

  12. Sorry for the,delay on RSC16. Your star design is very striking and the quilting is gorgeous. Too bad that back is hidden now. Your stash must be loving all the petting. I've already bought a couple of kits for the fabric. Super buy!

  13. The pillow is beautiful, I love the design and the quilting.

  14. The quilting looks great on your pillow; I love that ribbon candy design. I've been practicing it....I better get back at it! :) Thanks for sharing all your goodies on MCM!

  15. Hey I think I see some toes peaking out in that purple strip quilt photo!! I like what I see of that quilt too! Great cushion cover, love seeing the back of it for the quilting! Nice job as usual my friend!

  16. This is one gorgeous pillow!! Thank you for sharing this with the FAL Community and for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts


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