Saturday, March 5, 2016

OMG for March and #Brave Quilter

Well, I could have oh, 10 items on the list!!  However, I am picking one, which is, in itself, three...
"Knitty Kitty" by Greta Lynn for Benartex

These are going to grow up into a cat mat for Miss Bella, who has sat on the grey cat fabric every day since it came home with me after the Port Charlotte Quilt Show on February 20.  I forgot her very own faux sheepskin cat cushion/pouffé in Kingsville, bad cat mama I am.  I saw the grey cat fabric and thought bingo, there she is.  The grey and white on the back of my sewing chair was another piece I got because it is an interesting grey.  That is when the shop owner told me it was part of the Knitty Kitty line.  And she pulled out the red.  And I got 1/4 yard.  You know.  Get back in Miss Bella's good graces by making her a patchwork mat rather than just a hunk of fabric mat.
She isn't glaring; it's the sun in her eyes, I'm sure of it
Now that I have a little more than I'd planned on getting, I will be making another cat mat, maybe two, depending on how far the fabric goes, for two cat mats for the Sarasota Country Humane Society.  Every year we've been down here I make a couple and donate them for the kitties waiting for their forever homes.  They lie on them in their cages, you see.

Not only will Bella get some polyester batting inside her mat, she will also get these scraps of fabric and batting stuffed in.  At the November retreat a girl from Michigan was saving all our scraps for this very purpose, and it hit me last week that I could add my current fabric bits into Bella's pouffé to make it a little more poofy for her tushy.  ;-)

I also hope to get my second nephew, Aidan's, flimsy sewn together.  It's all cut out now, ready to go. Triangle Transparency.  But that is just a sidenote mainly for me.  My OMG goal is the cat mats.

Brave Quilter
If you haven't heard, Julie at Pink Doxies has started up a new linky party.  Just as in yoga, where I sometimes face my fears, she is encouraging us to face our fears and tackle something that may intimidate us, or something new we'd like to try but have perhaps put off, or a new technique, or something way out of our comfort zone, or something we find rather challenging, get the picture?

I've had this collection of fabric and the Texture Magic for almost 2 years.  The triptych is going to hang on a rather large wall space in our home in Kingsville.  I keep putting it off, even though that blank wall stares/glares at me on a daily basis.  MacGyver has done his part and built the most beautiful skinny computer table that goes there.  Now I must open this package, read the instructions, and DO IT!  It will be my goal for the month of March with Julie's #Brave Quilter

Linking up with OMG at Red Letter Quilts and with #Brave Quilter at Pink Doxies.


  1. I think Bella already approves of this project, so that is definitely just the sun in her eyes. :) And my goodness I got so excited about a Triangle Transparency project, I can't wait to see it come together (but I will be patient, I promise). <3

    Texture Magic is going to be really neat to see how that works and comes together in a project for you.

  2. I've never tried Texture Magic but I've seen some really magical results. It's definitely cool stuff. Not sure I'd take any chance on the sun being in Bella's eyes ... I'd just get right on that cat mat. :D Love that kitty fabric; it is just so cute. I save my scraps for a member in my quilt guild. She uses them to stuff cat mats for a local shelter.

  3. Aw Bella will ❤ that!

    The triptych will be gorgeous!

  4. Nice projects! Good luck with both!

  5. I have some texture magic somewhere in my closet, maybe someday I;ll bring it out to play with. Bella has been patient and I'm sure she is glad that her pillow is your goal for this month.

  6. I love that cat print. Can't wait to see it all put together. I'm sure Bella is anxious for you to finish. LOL

  7. Thank you, Sandra, for linking up with #BraveQuilter this month. I'll be watching since this is something I know nothing about either. And may I say what a sweet person you are making kitty beds for those waiting for their forever homes.

  8. I love those fabrics for Miss Bella's kitty pillow. I just hope she doesn't have Oliver's bad attitude and refuse to sit on it after you have constructed it, even though she's laid on the fabric every day before. Cat's are so funny that way. Putting quilting bits and pieces inside the stuffing is a great idea. Can't wait to see how the texture magic works out. I'm not sure I've heard of it before, but it looks cool as all get out.

  9. I think Bella was staking her claim. She'll be happy for her own project.


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