Saturday, March 12, 2016

Knitty Kitty Mats

This is my OMG goal for March: a cat mat aka cat pouffé for Bella, and two mats for cat kennels that I'm donating this year to the kitties who are waiting for their forever homes in Animal Welfare League, a no kill shelter.  Update: I've just dropped them off this am at the Suncoast Humane Society, which is where I took those I made last year.  We took the dogs there to get their heartworm tests, so I thought it fitting to give them a little extra thanks.  I've taken all the photos and written up some of the directions for the tutorial for both designs too, so pop back soon. Pretty easy peasy.

You may remember that I forgot Miss Bella's cat "pouffé" at home in Kingsville.   You may recall that I found some perfect cat fabric, "Knitty Kitty" at the Port Charlotte Quilt Show.  Bella put her fuzzy butt stamp of approval on it.

I finished her pouffé a few days ago.
I think she approves!
I did stuff the scraps I had saved mainly from the making of my Swoon Mini inside it along with the poly batting I tried.  It's got that extra little 'poof' for her extra-cute butt.

Here's the back:
I quilted it with Connecting Threads' cotton. Serious love for this thread you guys!
I had got 1/2 yard of this main print.  All the previous cat mats I've made have been 12X18".  Well, this shop owner cuts you at 18" and when you go to cut your 18.5" (unfinished size, right) backing with a little extra wiggle room for quilting, it ain't gonna happen.  So I had to add in that strip of pink, and then thought the selvage with the "Knitty Kitty" name of the fabric on it could be sewn right into the seam!

Bella's pouffé with the two cat mats I made to donate
I sewed up the other two mainly on Thursday and finished them yesterday morning.  However I didn't get this post written until now because some good friends from Alberta were in Florida and we met up with them both Thursday and Friday, and they stayed the night last night, so real life took over for QBL life, which is as it should be...sometimes this QBL can suck me in, if you know what I mean.

These two cat mats for the shelter have terry cloth that I bought to make a burp cloth for a friend's grand-baby as the backings.  I got a great deal on a remnant at JoAnn's, and there was enough to make both mat bottoms and the burp cloth.  It worked out really well as mat bottoms.

I just did a simple walking foot grid to hold the layers together and still keep the mats cushy for the tushies. ;-)  All three have polyester batting in them.
Yay, the low-growing bougainvillea is blooming!
More animal warm fuzzies happened while I was sewing up these mats...
Happy happy mail arrived March 10!
Oh the noses were just quivering!
Jake, not her real name, who has commented from time to time on my blog, with whom I've bonded over our love for pibbles and all animals in general, whose work with and for animals is amazing, and whose efforts to get dogs who live their lives on the end of a chain off said chain truly humbling...anyhow she sent me this care package.  And what a package.  "Stuff it until it is full!!" is what she wrote. And boy did she.
Patriotic bandana for Miss Bella the Diva, "This is not my good side!"
All right then:
This cat should be in Hollywood.  Looks, personality, and POSES no problem.  Loves having her photo taken.
Naala wasn't so happy with her bandana being set on her shoulders...
I think it was the "Stay!" sternly said to her that made her not so happy.
Rocco does not like his picture taken, but he, like Naala, obliged by being still for a moment so you can see his adorable Spring Training-themed tie.
Dapper boy!
Naala's bandana and Rocco's tie both have loops to slide over a collar, but unfortunately, we don't have the buckle-up collars, just the continuous loop ones, so once I do get a buckle-up collar, I can put these accessories on them and take better photos.

I got some loot too!
I am OVER THE MOON in love with the cat and dogs doing yoga fabric!
Generosity abounds again.  I am overwhelmed.  There's a link to Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts here too; I believe that is her dog/cat yoga fabric scraps. :-)   Scraps!  Look at all the sweet little scraps Jake sent.  A humbug bag, something I have never heard of, and homegrown catnip.  Miss Bella has partaken of some already.  I don't know, but she seems like a teetotaler to me; she is the first cat I've had who doesn't go INSANE over the stuff.  She's like, meh.  Maybe she's like I used to be with red I'd drink it with every meal if I let myself, (gulp! haha) well, maybe not breakfast.  I'll be encouraging her to enjoy a nip from time to time of this good stuff.

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  1. Miss Bella looks pretty happy with her new mat :-)

  2. Hahaha love the cats and dogs doing yoga. So very jealous, but happy for you.

  3. Oh my, your fur babies are so adorable. Miss Bella knows she is a starlet, doesn't she? I love seeing the generosity of the quilting community! <3

  4. Your cat mats turned out wonderfully. I bet Bella is happy now. I love the thread from Connecting Threads. I'm getting low -- was hoping for another sale. We have a shop that cuts fabric with a ruler right smack dab on the line, so you have to remember to get extra when you shop there.

  5. Those mats are awesome ideas!! My Puffs would love one of those! And I love the pictures of your furry friends. Rocco reminds me of my Bronx (Italian Mastiff mixed with American Bulldog) - Bronx doesn't like the camera either. Whenever he sees me coming with my phone, he looks away and just refuses to look at me! :-)

  6. Rocco looks SO serious and sweet. :D Your cat mats are wonderful.

  7. Bella is looks happy with her new mat. What wonderful goodies you got, but what is a humbug bag?

  8. Critter fun abounds! I think I'm going to make a kitty mat for my grandkitty - sssshhhhh - don't tell my daughter!

  9. Love Bella's mat! And wow more goodies! Yay! Oh the dilly doggies and kitty!❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Love to see all the 'kids' approve of their mama's quilty habits. And kudos to you, and all your heartfelt making for charities.

  11. Enjoyed your pics this morning! Is home Kingsville, TX?

  12. Bella is such a ham! I don't think I've ever seen a cat pose like she does before. You did a great job on her kitty pillow and the cat mats. I'm sure the shelter will be more than happy to see them. Question, does her fur siblings leave her little pillow alone. I'm afraid the boys would see that as a play toy, instant death. And that is a seriously stuffed goodie package. I would say someone has been a very good girl :)

  13. It is so pink, pretty and cute, that I am almost jealous of Bella. Jake is one of the most warm-hearted souls I have ever met. I have some of that home-grown catnip. Made Jonesie go nuts :-)Enjoy your goodies.

  14. Bella is so adorable and these are wonderful photos of her. Wish my cats would love mats like she does. What a wonderful goodie bag to get in the mail.

  15. Very cute mats and even cuter animals :)

  16. What fun happy mail. I think the tie is my favorite. And your mate are awesome. They look like quilted pillows.

    1. I meant mats. (Auto correct can be funny sometimes.)

  17. What a fun post:) Bella is a pampered girl for sure, and oh, those baby-blues..

  18. Dogs and Cats doing Yoga. They obviously made that fabric for you!


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