Sunday, April 1, 2018

DrEAMi! #14

Late Saturday evening, I got a ping! in the conscious part of my brain from the subconscious. "Today is (was) DREAMi!" Oh no...

So here I am on Sunday morning to open the linky to see what had your regular projects go off the rails in March! I, again, did not, unless you do count the postcard I made over the course of a straight, focused day and a half of sewing. However, it wasn't something out of left field...

Again multiple deadlines and then an extended Easter long weekend trip have ensured I stay on track. I'm part of the parade of postcards on Elm Street Quilts this coming week, so be sure to visit Patty for the links to all these fun postcards that have been zipping around the world... some back and forth, like mine, which came back to me...waaaahh. But never fear, I resent it on its way across this continent.

How did you do? Did you stay focused? Or did your best laid plans go off the rails.... but the end result was sew worth it!


  1. I started a new project yesterday that I hadn't planned on starting at this point - I have too many things going on but I said "just one block" wonder how that will go

  2. Aside from my pillow, which was (sort of) planned, I stayed fairly on track this month. However, I am just itching to do something new and different. But I need to stay on task and get caught up with Postcard. The struggle is real . . .

  3. Started a new project but nothing finished. I admit I've been lacking in the sewing department.

  4. I didn't have anything to post about but since you moved to Sunday, I do now have something to link up. LOL

  5. Oh yes, I was so focused that I ignored everything else. I was obsessed. With Axel's cause. Now that is completed, I realize there is a quilt that needs to be finished in a hurry. And as soon as I write a post, you will know all about it.

  6. March was such a busy month that I didn't have much time to work on the planned stuff, much less get myself into trouble with the unplanned. But it's fun seeing the "off the path" stuff that everyone else is working on.


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