Friday, April 13, 2018

Q2 FAL My List

When someone said somewhere on social media that 2018 was one quarter done, my eyeballs popped open and my heart rate sped up! What? Wait! oh...yikes.

How did I do on Q1's List? I completed 5 of the 7 on the list, so I am pretty happy with that. The two incomplete will move onto this quarter's list, and I've moved them #2 and #11 on this list.

Here is the list of what I would like to have finished by the beginning of July!

1.  Postcard from Sweden

The deadline is April 18! It's further along than this photo, but not quite a flimsy yet.

2. One H2H quilt, to be made using some or all of the Canada fabrics on the left:

3. And I hope to use up the last bits of the Dot Crazy fabric, which is on the right in that photo, for a second H2H quilt. I used this fabric for the Plus Playtime quilt for the ezine Modern by the Yard, which also is the one we will be making in my second annual QAL! Head over to either of those links to download your free copy of the ezine which contains not only my pattern, but a few others, all free! For the first post and to see what fabric I'm using, click here. Next week is the main introductory post.

4. The IB challenge for April is a vintage design made with a modern flair. I plan to use these fabrics, and I'm super-excited to make what's been floating around in my head for the past week or two.

5. Here are the fabrics for the new Plus Playtime quilt I will be making, with an adult vibe, for my QAL.

6. I need to make two cat mats using these fabulous cat fabrics I used in Cat-Eye-doscope and I also want to make two cat mats for either the Windsor Humane Society, or the cat rescue I've heard about in Leamington. The second two might be out of these fabrics, maybe out of others.

7. I'd really like to finish my knitted selvedges rug, but that is dependent on how many selvedges I generate over the next three months!

8.  A cushion using some of these Island Batik beauties. I am not sure which ones yet, so this and #9 fabrics will possibly change a little, partly because I can't show you just yet some of the one set of fabrics we received.😉 I'll update this post once we're allowed to!

9. A crib size quilt also using some of these Island Batik beauties!

10. I need to finish the quilt for my niece, Fawn. I just have two more family quilts to make: hers and her brother's, and then all the nieces and nephews will have an Auntie Sandra quilt; well, Fawn and Dray will actually have two, as they each got crib quilts when they were babes.

11. Poor beloved beautiful migrating geese! This is one of my three RSC 2017 projects and I'd love to get it done this quarter since it got neglected last quarter, although I did get the backing assembled.

This should keep me more than busy I suspect!

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  1. that's a big list Sandra. Good luck with it all.I love the migrating geese such nice use of colour.

  2. A lengthy list, all very doable knowing you.Fabulous fabrics waiting in the wings.

  3. WOW!! You have a lot a projects that you want to complete by July! Good luck! and Happy Quilting! :-)

  4. Keep you busy! I'd say it will! I have to wonder how many squirrel's will sneak their way in???

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the long list, but I sure wish I had as many finishes as you! I'm so excited to see all the postcards from sweden quilts done, it is such a fun pattern!!! And I've never seen a knitted selvages rug before, I think I might need to try this looks like fun and a great way to use all the fabric! Good luck with all of your finishes in Q2!

  6. Oh, my goodness, you make me dizzy!

  7. Congratulations on all of your finishes. They are beautiful.

  8. You are a quilting powerhouse!! I love everything on your ambitious list. And I'm looking forward to the first Playtime link up, because I'm sure having fun playing with it already. I've chosen chili pepper themed small pluses over a big red cross :)

  9. That's quite the list. Can't wait to see all your ideas in fabric form. Good luck.

  10. Good luck with your goals! My Postcard from Sweden top is done, but my sewing machine has died, so I am not going to have it done in time darn it.

  11. What a great list - it is sure to keep you busy - good luck with it and have fun with all that creating too :-)

  12. Wow Sandra, what a list of wonderful projects. All so interesting and Well worth your time and creativity.

  13. Oh, yeah....these lists are large aren't they! I love the way your Postcards is turning out and am intrigued (always) by the island batik plans. Of course, the Paula Nadelstern fabric is lovely for the plus quilt. Bought some so I could play along too. Now, I just need a background. They flying geese quilt is gorgeous!

  14. Good luck with your ambitions for this quarter! You've got a wonderful set of projects to have fun with. Enjoy!

  15. You are going to be hopping, my friend :) But if anyone can tackle this list and show it who is boss it is you. So many beautiful are you going to stay on task and not get distracted by them all...SQUIRREL!

  16. urrgh I have missed so many blog posts. You have some great projects in hand there. Great idea for the selvedges! By cat mats do you mean actual mats for cats, or mats with cat fabric? Either way it sounds great.


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