Thursday, April 26, 2018

I Like/Love #15

Some months these posts are hard to write when my heart is heavy and I think, what's the point of making another quilt, or writing these posts, but then I think of what my friend Jasmine of Quilt Kisses told me a few years ago, "We keep putting a bit of beauty into this world." And she's right. By making another quilt, writing another 'I Like/Love' post, I add another drop of beauty and positive thinking to this world. Maybe if we all did this, we could banish the darkness.

1. I like Mozart. His symphony #38 in particular is a favourite. As soon as its melody penetrates my brain, I start head-bobbing conductor-style and rocking out, thinking, 'Oh I just LOVE this! What is it?' and yup, it's his Symphony #38.

2. I like giving quilts to people I care about, and when I get a photo of them in use at their home, it is such a rush. My heart and my brain, well, my entire being, just hums. Outside of my mum's photo, I got these pictures within the last couple of months, two within the past couple of weeks!
Clockwise from top left: Galentine's day mug rug given to Linda T (didn't she do a wonderful job photographing it - what a wonderful surprise it was when she sent me that, the day after I gave it to her); my mum's 80th birthday quilt in her living room amongst bouquets of gorgeous flowers; Aidan's quilt on the spare room bed in his house (love his orange curtains! And, the fact that he sent me two other lovely-staged shots of it in two other places in his home!); Auntie Norma's quilt I made her for her 80th birthday. All but Aidan's were made within the past six months.

3a. I like my calendar my friend Helen sent me. I turn  a page over each Sunday and pause to read the quote and gaze at another of her incredible paintings. This is an especially good quote for this week with another tragedy in Canada, this time in Toronto.
A glimpse of MacGyver's garage there, almost completely sided!
3b. I love Instagram's personal message feature, which allows me to get breathtaking, jaw-dropping, incredible photos from Helen, and talk to her instantaneously, when she is literally on the other side of the world from me, in Bali.

4. I love the Gulf of Mexico. I love sand dollars. I love Lido Key and its white-like-snow beaches. On a recent, not-exactly-planned sojourn (yup an extra one) there, on a must-do beach walk, this one showed itself to my not-exactly-shell-hunting eyes.
A poignant find, a bit of a farewell, see you next time, to my mind.
It's been a few years since I found a perfect sand dollar, and suddenly there, this one just 'appeared'...

5. I like free fabric. More than that, I love the power of social media, and that, hard as it can be at the time, the good that can come from a loss.

Preeti's good friend, Angel, died recently, much too young. Preeti's online friend Amy, had had a baby boy who has multiple medical issues and just before Angel's death, Preeti had emailed Amy for news, because Amy hadn't shared anything in some time. I believe on the day or day after Angel's death (correct me if I'm wrong, Preeti) she heard back from Amy. This triggered her to check the Go Fund Me campaign for little Axel, and when she saw that it still had a ways to go, to take action. And did she come through! Axel's Go Fund Me hit its target and is still climbing, thanks to Preeti putting out the word to a few bloggers, one in particular, named Bonnie Hunter, and those bloggers putting out the word... We CAN make a difference by being united and committed. I love the young people's commitment and passion and united front as young people, no labels, as they fight for better gun laws in America. That has all come about through the power of, and the good to be found in, social media.

6. I like ezines, and once I get a new iPad (mine is six years old and hasn't updated for two years, and is starting to cough and choke and wheeze) I plan to load them onto it for easier reading than on my laptop. I won a 6-month subscription in Leanne's #springintocolour2018 challenge to Make Modern. I already bought an issue and quite like it, so I'm excited for the new issues! Because of #4, where I didn't have regular Internet access, I didn't get all the photos posted before the challenge ended, but I finally did as of this week. It was fun and a good exercise to make me really think about colour. The photo of my Postcard from Sweden quilt below is the one I used for Rainbow, the last challenge.

7. I like thoughtful, cost-nothing gifts. I think this came from my friend Laura a while ago, and I keep meaning to share it, and keep forgetting. I also keep meaning to continue my beloved Singer ladies' stories, but there's always other pressing deadlines to meet! And I don't always meet all the deadlines. See #6.
How did she know I, like my mum, love all things faerie? Note that the thread is blue as is the fabric!

8. I like companies who stand behind their products. For those who have read this blog for a while, you know how much I love my little Steamfast iron I bought from Craftsy a couple of years ago. Well, about a month ago, while using it (and I've used it so much that I wore down the grey rubber grip!) it suddenly sparked and smoked where the cord starts to enter the unit. I quickly unplugged it, and removed it from my pressing area. I wrote to Craftsy, who directed me to the company from whom they buy these irons. Within four hours, yes, hours, I had a response from Steamfast, aka Vornado Air, telling me what to do so that they could send me a replacement. Here it is below, arriving in record time.
I will continue to sing the praises of this little iron who packs quite a punch for heat and steam! If you are interested in getting one, here is an affiliate link to Craftsy for one.

9. I love Spring. Even though April could possibly be the coldest on record in our area since they started keeping records in 1860, the lilacs have buds on them, the daffodils, crocus, violets are all bursting forth with the past few days of warmer temperatures. Even a worm made me happy last weekend.

 Wood violets random throughout our lawn, Narcissus?--tiny daffodils under one of our trees, and wild or volunteer crocus.
10. I like meeting new people, hearing new ideas, getting fresh perspectives and inspiration. I like teaching, well, I love it, so seeing the passion for quilting sparked in younger quilters, (like 20s and 30s!) excites me. I hope you'll take some time to visit eight new and newish bloggers to QBL, by going to this post where you will find links to their blogs and my co-hosts' blogs. There's a pretty sweet giveaway on my post as well! Something like 15 more prizes up for grabs.

Speaking of giveaways, be sure to check out my previous post for the list of wonderful prizes offered by my generous sponsors for the Plus Playtime QAL which starts next Tuesday with fabric selection and tips!
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Sidenote: for my American readers, your dollar is worth about 10 Canadian ones right now LOL...

I will be linking up with LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for her weekly linky party, where you may read others' likes/loves!


  1. Great list. I guess we should all take responsibility to put some good out into the world. Imagine the power of that.

  2. I had seen Axel's page and written to Amy before I heard about Angel's passing. Amy responded a few days later, on the day I got the mind-numbing news. They say Time heals. I believe action heals faster. Thanks to Axel, I am at peace. Thank you for being my rock in this journey. Love you so much!!!

  3. Great likes! I enjoy your photographs, so pretty!

  4. I enjoyed your list so much, and I do think using social media for good is a worthwhile endeavor. I also like faeries, especially Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies of the Summer book. I bought a copy nearly 30 years ago and take it out to enjoy on my coffee table each spring. Do you have any favorites? I also love beaches, shelling, and sand dollars—I long to go to a beach when all our lakes are frozen.

  5. So many good things in this post, Sandra! Any time spent by water is a good time for me, especially the ocean. However, I will settle for Lake Superior when I can't get to ocean beaches.

  6. So many wonderful things that you are blessed with. I am sorry for what is making your heart heavy. I-know focusing on these does help bring us back to the other side. You area light to so many, glad you are seeing the light, even if difficult times.

  7. The power of community is formidable. Hugs and love to you, Sandra.

  8. I'm so sorry for the events taking place in Toronto. Sometimes, I feel the world is going crazy. But, thank goodness we can make this world a better place with our gifts ( and besides, the process gives us comfort). Yes on Mozart. I love seeing my quilts in my kids' homes being used daily. Thanks for the hookup on the Steamfast. That will be my next one. Have a great day and thanks for the great post! mary in Az

  9. Just want you to know that I look forward to your posts.

  10. You are so special. I thoroughly loved your post word for word, sentiment for sentiment. We have a grand community of makers don't we? And we are not just E posts we are people connecting. Although I am more about jazz, I'm headed now to listen to your classical #38! LeeAnna

  11. Hi Sandra,
    I love seeing a quilted item in use - there is nothing better unless it is wearing it out from use. Oh that cute little mug rug and your mum's quilt - it looks so nice and homey there. The only thing better is if mum had been sitting there too! Oh the daffodils and wood violets - definitely Spring has finally sprung. ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. Wow...your post was wonderful and so Happy! Thanks for sharing your Likes.

  13. Thoroughly enjoyed all the positives in this post, we can all use positivity in our lives.

  14. Fairies sewing, so beautiful.Yes, we all have to try so hard to look for the good, the pretty, the wonderful news, and try our best to help those in hard times. Lovely setting for your Sweden quilt , perfect draped that way. I wonder who will be the first to make a quilt for the new Prince, as yet un-named.Maybe protocol says wait till Charles is home.

  15. You always have wonderful likes to share, Sandra! I find myself saying, "Oh yes," to all of them when I read your posts. Especially loving the ocean - oh yes! Glad you got to spend a little more time there and come home with a treasure!

  16. I believe in the power of bringing beauty into the world, whether thru quilts or music or any other art form. I think the reason it helps is that making and giving beauty is a profound act of love. Creating art isn't easy and isn't fast. It contains our hearts and our minds and giving from that well of creativity spreads love. And in the end, only love matters.

  17. What a great thought about bringing beauty into the world through stitching up a quilt! I think our collective hearts are heavy about much that is transpiring around the world right now. I'll take all the positive and empowering thoughts, inspiration, and association I can get! Please keep up your posts. You are appreciated!

  18. You have a wonderful list this week. Some weeks, it's so hard to watch the news. But it really helps to be reminded about all the small things in our lives that make the whole of it better. Happy stitching this weekend.

  19. Lovely post Sandra.... There are some pretty special moments in this collection.

  20. Maybe it's because it is late on Sunday night, but I feel quite emotional reading this. It is lovely to see our quilts made and in use. And it is lovely to feel the interaction that other quilty friends let you know they care too and share the love. As Yvonne says it is a great community

  21. It makes me smile inside and out to see that you keep the little quote book out.
    And, the technology capabilities we have now to converse from anywhere in the world... it's just amazing. What a treat to think, "I bet Sandra would like this..." and then simply sending an image of it with no more effort than if I was in my own home.