Sunday Stretch For Sewists - Yoga Poses

Most of the posts below will be about one, or perhaps two, Yin Yoga poses.  These are poses that only take a few minutes' hold, with slow and steady breathing, to relieve aches and work out kinks.  You might be inspired to check out of there is a Yin Yoga class in your area. 

We used Bernie Clark's book Yin Yoga in the teacher training course I took.  I refer to it a lot.  His site is here.

I did a second weekend intensive with Sarah Powers and used her book in that workshop.  I also often refer to her book.  Her site is here.

These are all suggestions, and very simple poses; listen to your body and if you are unsure of anything, check with your family physician.  There are many benefits to doing yoga.  Obviously, there is a physical benefit, but consistent practice has mental, emotional and spiritual benefits as well.

Sunday Stretch for Sewists 2015

#1 July - Dangling Pose and Squat
#2 August - Spinal Twist
#3 September - Cow face arms
#4 October - wrist stretches
 #5 November - Legs up the wall pose

Sunday Stretch for Sewists 2016

#6 February - Tree pose, balance
#7 March(-ish) - Padmasana, sitting cross-legged
#8 April - Eagle Arms
#9 May - Sphinx
#10 June - Toes
#11 July - Fish
#12 August - Swan
#13 September - Eye of the Needle
#14 October - Dragon
#15 December - Butterfly

Sunday Stretch for Sewists 2017 

#16 January - Caterpillar
#17 February - Dragonfly
#18 March - Dragonfly Variations
#19 April-(ish) - Shoelace
#20 May - Square
#21 July - Melting Heart
#22 August - Meditation
#23 September - Bananasana
#24 October - Frog


  1. Good to have these to stretch those muscles! #7 you can't click on..

  2. I love yoga. I've not done it in a while and now I seriously want to try it out again!

    Riley Martin from Yoga Teacher Training Sydney

  3. Love this post, both as a yogi and a quilter! Namastay!

  4. Oh my!! So glad I found you! Love this info! I had suggested to my local guild that we should do some quilting yoga...blank stares and weird looks were the response! But I will keep working on it!

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