Thursday, June 30, 2016

Better At The Lake - Henry Glass Fabrics Desire to Inspire Challenge

It's HERE!! The day you get to see all that I did since the June 9 post which is when I received the fabrics!  You can motorboat on over right now to the Henry Glass Fabrics blog, and read about me and see all my projects in detail, or you can read through this short teaser and then jetski on over, wink!

Here was what I received:

and here is a peek at almost all the projects all together taken yesterday down at the beach:
Lap quilt, coffee koozies, lighthouse pillow, coasters, this one with a sandpiper on it, drawstring backpack
The quilt flag was missing from that photo, but that's because MacGyver was MacGyver-ing up a quilt flag holder from a shepherd's hook plant pot holder for it:

What is on the back of this quilt flag?  (which, I may add, could double as a table centre)

One more quilt is in the works, at the almost-a-flimsy stage as I type! You can see it on their blog...

So paddle on over to Henry Glass Fabrics' blog and see the post of all the projects!  There is a sweet little giveaway there too I might add, and I will ship internationally!

I had SUCH FUN and this challenge really pushed me to thinking of projects to show off this rich colours fabric line.  Thank you so much to Henry Glass Fabrics for the fabric and the challenge!  If you would like your chance to show them your sewing stuff, follow their blog, (they'll be announcing the July challenge tomorrow I would imagine), their fabric company website, sign up for email notifications as I did, and toss your rotary cutter into the ring!

Now, I have a certain house to clean, some actual meals to cook for my MacGyver, some blogs to visit....and lots more sewing to be done!

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Mini Round Robin - Round 1

June has definitely been a challenging month for me! Well and truly.  There's the ongoing Henry Glass Fabrics Desire to Inspire Challenge (big reveal later this week--eep!), getting two quilts made and sent off to England to my aunt and uncle, doing the Rainbow Rose QAL from my stash, making a minimini for Make Modern's #MMminimini Challenge, and also the Mini Round Robin.  Here is the link to the original post with my centre and our rules we decided upon.  You can still join us by setting up your own group with your own rules.  Without further ado, because I have still some serious sh*! to sew, here is my addition to Cindy's lovely original design centre:

I knew right away that I wanted to do some Seminole patchwork (yup there will be a tutorial on the blog).  It was a matter of exactly what design to do, and then getting the math right so things would line up.  Choosing colours, and where to place them was another factor.
I first thought a darker green would look nice but once I placed it against Cindy's centre, uh nope.  Headed back to the batiks stash and found a better one.

Seminole patchwork is a cool technique where you make stripsets and then cut them into varying widths, or not, stagger them in a certain order, sew, and then trim off the sides (so ya, you have to be comfortable working with a bias edge).  I added in the pale mauve because somehow it jumped off the stash shelf and said, "Hello," and I liked it with the greens.  I originally thought I could put the Seminole patchwork the entire way around the centre, but no, it overpowered it, and it would not have lined up properly in the corners.  I am pleased that I got the black small squares centred and then played with the black squares theme by using them in the corners.

I'll be sending this off to Tish to work her magic for Round 2.  This is really a lot of fun!  Here are links to my other quilty friends in the Mini Round Robin in shuffle order:

Tish @ Tish's Adventures in Wonderland
Julie @ Pink Doxies
Cindy @ Stitchin' at Home

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If you haven't already, remember to check out Craftsy's incredible sale, on for 2 more days! 40- as much as 65% off all kits and supplies. Check out the fat quarter bundles, as well as the kits (both of which I have bought a few of); you get a price of around $5-6/yard which is fantastic, even with a not-so-great exchange rate.
Here's a steal of a deal, 65% off Michael Miller Colorful Cats, 14 fat quarters for $20CA, for a cat-lover in your life, as well as a great deal on a Riley Blake bundle (apologies for such blurry photos, but that is what we were sent):
Riley Blake on the left 12 FQ for$23CA/ Michael Miller cats on the right
Thanks so much to those who have ordered through my link.  It truly means a lot to me. The Craftsy links are affiliate links, FQS is not.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rainbow Rose Week 4

I finished this week's homework on Thursday, taking a break from my "Better at the Lake" projects;  the photo of the fabric is at the end of that post.  We didn't have to make the entire quilt centre, but how could one not?  It's so pretty!  I love how it's turned out, and can't wait to quilt it and get it hung on my sewing room, vapour barrier plastic!  You can still easily hop on board with us; head to Modern Quilters Ireland and follow Ruth's steps.  The hardest part of this was choosing colours and analyzing them!  You can do every single HST and square a different fabric, or you can double up in areas.  For example, my outside ring has 8 diamond shapes that result from making the two HSTs the same fabric.  This results in 40 different fabrics.  Next week is borders.  I'll be linking this post for the giveaway too!

Next week is also the reveal for the first round on the centre block of our Mini Round Robin.  There is excitement building!  And next week is also my big reveal of projects made for the Henry Glass Fabrics Desire to Inspire Challenge, and my interview on their blog, eeek!  Or 'eeeep!'  Also be sure to visit their blog if you'd like to take on this challenge, as they will be announcing the opening for the July challenge probably on Friday, July 1!  It's been fun: good brain and good creativity work.

Right NOW, for four more full days, Craftsy (affiliate link) is having another mega sale on supplies and kits.  This is as good a sale as they have, but what is better is that they have extended it to a full 5 days (it started yesterday), as opposed to the usual weekend one.  Apparently this is it for all summer, so now might be the time to stock up, replenish or snag the product you've been eyeing for a while.  As the button on the sidebar says, 40% off all kits and supplies (and that is across the board, so if you knit, for example, check out the yarn as I have, and take advantage of some sweet deals), but some products are as much as 60%.  Remember you can sort by price, and go from lowest to highest.

Important:  As you heard once before I've had some issues in the past with orders bought through my links but not credited to me.  I had asked if you do buy through my link, just let me know in a personal email, and the order number, nothing else, so that I can check to see that that order number did show up.  I totally appreciate this that several of you have let me know.  We did a conference call and screenshare in early June to check everything and all appears to be working.  However.  I have heard now that not everyone can SEE my sidebar button which Craftsy puts there and updates.  It is right under the Moda Bakeshop button, so can you let me know if you do NOT see it?  If it is there, no need to tell me.  Thank you for supporting my blog; it means a lot, truly.
So a leedle update and enabling since I posted this (yeah yeah I've been browsing)...that Steamfast mini iron which I ADORE? Haven't used my Rowan big one except for once on a quilt top since I've been sewing on the dining table, and I can tell you I am more in love than ever with's even cheaper now than what I got it for! $26CA so I would bet it's under $20US.  It's also part of yesterday's freebie Friday giveaway on the Craftsy blog, if you haven't entered yet.  If you are in the US, there is free shipping on orders over $99, so get a couple friends together and take advantage of that sweet deal!

Hope you've also been checking out the New Bloggers Hop going on; there are some sweet giveaways to be had as well!  This is Week 2 and you can find the links to the blogs at Cheryl's Meadow Mist Designs.
Have you decided whether or not you are doing Cheryl's mystery that starts in just under 2 weeks?!  This is mine (yet to be quilted) from last year.  It was a great project, lots of fun, with one step per month, so not much at all to add to  a person's load, right?

One last quick photo...
Catalpa tree flowers
See how orchid-like they are?  Just stunning in colour and frills, no?  They are dropping big time now, so I picked up three good ones and laid them together for a photo to show you.  These are off the huge tree (which MacGyver says is not 70 feet tall, maybe 50-60) which I photographed in my last post and in which Jean saw the shapes (like cloud shapes) of a sheep's head and an eagle!  LOL-- I thought she could see a real eagle, so I zoomed right could happen; I've seen them on a few occasions flying and once watched one land on a sandbar with a fish and proceed to eat it, glaring at me from time to time as eagles are wont to do!

Happy weekend! Hope the sun is shining in your little corner of this blue-green planet, as it is in mine, and that you get in some sewing time as well.  Take the time to pause, though, and remember those who are hurting, those whose loved ones were killed in Orlando, those whose homes have been lost either in Fort McMurray, or now both homes and lives lost in West Virginia with the terrible flooding.  Send them some love and hopes for better tomorrows, and maybe even participate in one of the ongoing quilt donations.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rainbow Rose & A MiniMini

For Week 3 of the Rainbow Rose QAL, we made the four corners to the quilt.  I hadn't cut any more of my 5" squares, so I laid out what fabrics I had thought I'd use in the places where I anticipated placing them:
That helped me with the flow from say red to red-purple.  From there I was able to complete the corners.
Three fabric in here are from the Benartex bundle I received a couple of months ago for recommending their emagazine
The bottom is not as dark as it appears here; I tried to get natural light on it with limited success.  I really am liking it so far; it's a great blend of older fabrics with modern ones IMHO.

In other news, Bella has accepted that we now sew upstairs on the dining table.  It's only taken her 6 weeks...  That's a cat for you!

I've made several scraps and trimmings piles that resemble this:
Trimmings from the first Henry Glass Fabrics Challenge project
which has yielded two completed projects so far with more to come!  That is why I haven't posted in a week, and haven't been that active in QBL.  I have to say that I am enjoying how much I am getting done!

Bella is supervising in all things Henry Glass as well.
Sneak peek of second project which got completed this morning
I've finished my round on Cindy's block for our Mini Round Robin.  Watch for that reveal next week as we send them on their flight to the next in line.  Speaking of flight, I made a minimini for #mmminimini for Make Modern Magazine Challenge on Instagram.
Flimsy on the left; quilted top on the right
It's paper-pieced, a pattern from Carol Doak's Easy Machine Paper-Piecing.  The ghost geese are 1" wide at the base, and 1/2" high.
Birds of a feather....
and here's the photo I posted to Instagram for the challenge.
It's bound with a Michael Miller Eiffel Tower print that I thought gave it a little pizzazz.  I named it Flashing Geese.  It's winging its way to the recipient (yep it's a surprise) as I type.  More on the name and the mini once it has arrived.

And great news, today was Rocco's first walk, 6 weeks after his surgery.  He got to walk to the end of the driveway, stand and sniff the breeze, then turn around and walk back.  He was a happy boy, but sad because it was over all too soon and he wanted to RUN! (and would have had we let him...)
Heading back (so not ready to go back in) and a little later, chill-axin' in the sunshine on the patio
I photographed this jaw-dropping majestic Catalpa tree last year about this time in full bloom.  The photo does not do it justice; not only is it covered in orchid-like blooms, but it also towers over the adjacent trees, dwarfing the 2-storey house and the streetlight.  It just takes my breath away.
Ahh happy summer!  Happy International Yoga Day!  Happy me.  Namaste everyone.

Linking up with Modern Quilters Ireland.

One little update, sorry: I forgot to mention that Craftsy is having a 2-day sale today and tomorrow, any one class for $19.99! That's pretty sweet.  Let me know if you buy one and what you think of it! I will have a review for you in early July; gotta concentrate on Henry Glass for the next several days. :-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rainbow Work

I decided to join in with the Modern Quilters Ireland Rainbow Rose QAL.  I love the Swoon block, made a mini earlier this year, and have plans to make a giant one this summer.  I didn't think I'd be making a baby-sized one as well!  I also wanted to give Ruth my support; I follow her blog, Charly & Ben's Crafty Corner, and thoroughly enjoy seeing what she gets up to, and how she uses colour.  She also has a great tutorial on using shapes within Microsoft Word which I used when I did my first pattern Pocketful of Sunshine.

Just as with Angela's RSC 2016 (Rainbow Scrap Challenge), I had to do some catch-up.  Here is my sorta/coulda/maybe/I dunno for sure, Week 1 fabric pull:
 Photo taken June 11, 8:59 EST
Although I didn't put mine in a circle, as most did, I did pull from the pinks at the bottom and tuck them in behind the purples to see that I'd got a decent transition.  There are more options littered around the edges as you see; for example, I don't have a teal (the Zen Chic 'Sphere' fabric on the right side) and I found a good pinky red below another good turquoise (or is it aqua?) fabric...  So I haven't cut all my squares.  I have to say that I just LOVE projects where I get to muck around in my stash; it's  therapeutic to be sure (make sure you say 'to be sure' with an Irish accent ;-).

Update a couple hours after posting:  To say something, or not...I at first opted to say nothing hoping the title and my silence would speak volumes.  However, something my brother said to me this morning after he saw this post made me think maybe I should say something.....  I sewed on Sunday, with a heavy heart, profound despair to be exact, thinking how poignant my rainbow stitching was...thinking about my family members, my friends, my colleagues, my darling hairdresser who is the first hairdresser in 50 years who knows how to cut my naturally curly hair, thinking about the sadness and horrors and judgement and maltreatment they have witnessed and possibly been subjected to over the course of their lives.  Just before adding this paragraph, I looked at the time stamp on the photo of my fabric pull above.  June 11, 8:59 EST.  That is what made me write this update.  I was happily pulling rainbow fabrics, and a few hours later many LGBT human beings had been murdered for being themselves, in a safe place where they thought they could be themselves.  I am not jumping on a bandwagon of 'standing with LGBT people, no.  I was already there.  Have been for decades.  MacGyver and I talked before I wrote this.  He said when you write publicly, you're damned if you say something, you're damned if you don't.  Well I'll be damned for saying something then: until we practice ahimsa, (do no harm), until we practice what Mohammed the Prophet, Jesus, the Buddha,  all said, Love one another, without exception, we cannot get past intolerance, racism, prejudice.

Here is Week 2 step, making the four 'points of the compass' if you will, on the Colour Wheel:

Outside in natural light on the Boxwood hedge
You can see (I hope) the blue-purples on the left of the square, the red-purples on the right, which will head into pinks.  Then the red, and to the right of the red (which has a bit of a pinky one on the top triangle) the orange-reds, heading towards the oranges corner and into the orangey yellow...and so on.  I found it so interesting and gratifying that Ruth said colour has a personal side: she sees blue-greens more as greens.  I see them more as blues.

Everyone seems to enjoy the spinning effect of putting our four blocks together, and I did this before seeing the others! I find that interesting too: we innately want to create movement.
That would make a terrific cushion right there, wouldn't it?!

My other catch-up item was doing the January row of blues (think frosty blues to deep midnight blue skies with sparkling moonlight-kissed snow) with a touch of purple.  As with the other rows I've done in this second RSC project, I use the "touch of" colour that Angela gives as the inner frame around the rectangle.
Yet again, I am mesmerized by the study in value here.  It isn't the greatest lighting, having sunlight on 5 of the 6 blocks, but you see how the purple goes from palest mauve to rich royal, and the blues from palest Bella's blue, perhaps even paler, to rich royal deep midnight blues.

Linking up with MQ Ireland.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


I had another DREAMi moment this past week while I was waiting for my "Better At the Lake" Desire to Inspire challenge fabric to arrive....  DRop Everything And Make it...'
It's not crooked or wonky; it's perfectly square but the wild grass and weeds in the lot beside us make for a not-flat setting!

If this pattern looks a little familiar to you, hooray! You're right! It's my Blue Skies & Sunny Days pattern here or click the sidebar button in my pattern store.  Until midnight tomorrow it is on sale for just $5.

But it's a little different:  it's a mini!!  It measures just 20" square!  It was another good exercise in quilt math, reducing a larger block to half size.  You betcha, there will be a future post on how to do that correctly; I learned the hard way with the centre block for the Mini Round Robin I'm in.
Completed flimsy
Do you see a mistake in the flimsy? I didn't until I had started ditch-stitching...  Look in the lower left corner in the above photo.
On the right, you can see the lemon plaid block in the top corner should have been rotated 180 degrees. On the left is how things looked once I'd unpicked it

It's now fixed. Phew!  Had to unpick it or it would have driven me nuts.
The back - all fabric from the Textures line
It uses scraps from my Summer Breeze quilt, (ha, that post is almost exactly 2 years ago) all Angela Walters fabrics by Art Gallery Fabrics.  The majority are from her Textures line, with a couple from her Legacy line.

I experimented with using all three greys for the background and paid little attention to how they fell within each block.  Yup, that made me a little twitchy.

I did the Blue Skies pattern, as in a square quilt, but used the Sunny Days construction method.  The pattern gives you both sizes and both construction methods, one using nothing but strips, the other strips and yardage which results in less seams and therefore less thread and fabric.
Label applied using Lara's Crafted Appliqué technique - that link takes you to her current giveaway which ends tomorrow, and entails revisitng all the hops but not the CA blog hop post!  She is having you visit a new post from each of the bloggers so you see what else they get up to. Such a great, and typically sweet and generous Lara, idea.
With the variety of quilting, I thought the name Textures was à propos for this little quilt.  My good friend Tish, partner in crime, now partner in birthing a new male quilter, put me onto the idea of Plexiglas.  On one of his many trips to Lowe's, I got MacGyver to pick me up a piece of it; it measures 28X30".  I grabbed a pack of erasable markers and an eraser at Staples, and tried it out on this little quilt.  It is an awesome tool to have added to my quilting supplies!
Pre-binding, but post-quilting since I forgot to take a pic of the Plexiglas drawings before quilting
Because there were several greys and because the colours weren't all in one colour family or as much of a contrast to the background as both of the original quilts, I wanted to created that strong diagonal movement but I wanted to change it up from the feathers.  I used Angela's Signature design from her first Shape By Shape book.  I did it on the Crazy Hearts mini (see below) and loved it.  Fun to do, awesome to look at and pet ;-)

In the coloured sections I alternated between a really cool way of doing double pebbles that I saw Natalia Bonner do in a video, and back and forth lines which were inspired by the plaid fabrics in the quilt. I was going to go back and do a few random horizontal lines, but I liked the look of the back and forth, and LOVED doing it with the FMQ foot, so fast, so freeing and not perfect.
Another of Tish's influences on me: Susie's Magic Binding again
Here it is in the shade on the patio.  I did Susie's Magic Binding, here, which gives you a flanged binding entirely done most effectively by machine.  I did this one narrower than she calls for; I prefer 2.25" binding, and hers gives you a 2.75" one which is way too wide IMHO for a mini.  I cut the main one at 1.25" and the flange at 1.5" in case you want to do this too.
What in the world? you may be wondering.  After the patio shot, I turned to go back into the house, and thought you might be interested to see the pet ramp we now have off the patio doors, since Rocco is not allowed to do any stairs.  We, well, MacGyver, who am I kidding, glued pieces of an old yoga mat onto it to give it a better grip.  Notice  another fur kid peeking out the screen?!
Went inside, downstairs to my sewing corner and pinned the new mini to my wall, er vapour barrier of minis.  They are all right around the 20" size, and all have Susie's binding :-)  From left to right: Crazy Hearts, Swoon Mini and Textures
I love them! I purposely set Textures a little lower than Crazy Hearts, might have to make it more obviously lower...And I just noticed, when I found the post for Crazy Hearts, that I have some of the Textures grey plaid in the low volume background of it!  Cool.

Interesting:  when I wrote about Crazy Hearts, Craftsy had a classes sale on, and if you notice the sidebar button, you'll see they are doing a pretty sweet one this weekend.  All classes, yep every single one, are 50% off and some are even more, at $19.99.  This is the time to pick one up; I know that's when I got my Angela classes, and I have put them to good use over and over.  Free Motion Quilting Negative Space is a great one, as is Machine Quilting: Small Changes, Big Variety.  She uses both a domestic and a longarm in these classes.  I have done these quilting designs on my longarm as well as on my Bernina.

One last outdoor shot.
Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  original design, mini based on my Blue Skies & Sunny Days pattern
Size: 20" square
Fabric: scraps
Batting: franken-batted Warm 'n Natural 100% cotton
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads: pieced and quilted with Aurifil #2600 and 2123, fabulous threads, no breakage, no tension issues whatsoever; from piecing to quilting, I adjusted nothing.
Aurifil thread with what's left of the fabric; note some pieced scraps to become part of my Scrap Vortex quilt
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Lake Erie as seen on my walk this sweltering morning of the fishflies' arrival, ahhh and aackk-- speaking of lakes, I will be blogging less and concentrating efforts on sewing my challenge "Better At The Lake" fabric from Henry Glass Fabrics, so exciting! AND doing the first round on Cindy's centre block of course ;-)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Binding Tutorial Take 2!

Take 2:  a second look at Joining the Binding Ends and there are 2 TWO tutorials here.

When I did the binding on Uncle Frank's quilt I took pictures at each step of the process in the hopes that this will be it.  Clear!  Almost everyone, lol, said the binding tutorial on Auntie Joyce's quilt was really good.  I do think that UF's binding fabric is easier to see right and wrong side of fabric, and I broke the joining the ends part down even further here (so there are a TON of photos).  However, if you are new to binding, new to joining the ends in this fashion, or new to using the glue and pressing, this is one of those things that you must DO at the same time as you read through the tutorial.  When I was first taught this joining method many years ago, I wrote down the instructions as the teacher showed another student (she'd already showed me) so that I could refer back to it, which I did, for many many quilts.  It's not every day you bind a quilt, right?  Eventually it will become second nature to you I promise.
Notice the length of each tail of binding; there is a LOT. I've left a good 11" of each tail and I have about 18" open on the quilt. The pin is to show you that is the beginning tail end.

Overlap the end binding tail on top of the beginning. Note that pin.

Overlap the ends by the width of your binding; mine is 2 1/4".  Make a chalk mark at that 2 1/4" point on the end binding tail.

Either cut with scissors or use your 5X7 Olfa mat between the two bindings so only the top layer that you wish to cut rests on the mat, and cut on the chalk mark.

This is what you will have.

Orient the two tail ends as shown, end binding tail right side up and open, beginning binding tail also open but wrong side up.
Align those two ends as shown. You may have to scrunch up your quilt top in order to do so.  Place the 45-degree angle line on your 6X12" ruler along one straight edge so you get the cutting edge of the ruler on the diagonal oriented as I have it here.  Draw a line with your marker along that edge.

Either pin as shown here, or....

put some dots of glue on the line and press the two pieces together as I had them in the previous photo.  I have pulled back the one binding so you see the glue; you press them flat, right sides together as the previous photo.  Stitch on that line. I like to stitch one needle width to the inside of the line so the binding fits snug against the quilt top.

Before trimming the just-sewn seam, lay out the binding to be sure it is not twisted, and that it is the correct length.  THEN, trim the seams to 1/4" so you will have two little triangles of fabric left over...which can be paired with previous cut off binding triangles for use in minis, right?!

That ends the Joining the Binding Ends Tutorial.  Now follows Finishing Sewing Down the Binding.  You can do it, as I prefer to, by hand, but stitching it down by machine is just so fast, and durable, that I'm doing more and more this way.

I prefer applying my binding to the front of the quilt and stitching in the ditch on the front, catching the folded edge on the back with my stitching.  You can do it in reverse, applying the binding to the back, and topstitching it down on the front.  It's a personal preference.
Press the binding away from the quilt top

Fold it and press it again to the back of the quilt.  Let's take a closer look at mitres on the corners.
Press the binding down up to the corner and off the edge of the quilt, so binding folded on binding (this is clearer when you are doing it) and you will automatically form a 45-degree angle where it starts to go around the corner.  Fold the binding down over the next edge; you may have to finagle that fold a little so both folded edges meet as you see here.

Notice the difference from right side to the wrong side of the quilt at that corner:  the bulk of the folded corner is on the right here between my index and third fingers, and in the previous photo the bulk is to the left.  This means the corner bulk is evenly distributed and the corner will lie nice and flat.

After you've pressed the binding to the back all the way around (or you can do one side at a time), then put a tiny amount of glue on the quilt back inside the seams.  Less is more.  I find taking the time to iron first, apply glue, and then iron again, keeps my fingers cleaner!
Press that binding down, setting the glue.  Stitch by hand (see why less is more; it's hard to poke your needle through a glued fabric edge) or by machine.  I've hauled quilts around on car trips like this, binding by hand to pass the time and it is the GREATEST thing EVER! No pins, or clips get lost!
Stitch in the ditch from the front of the quilt using your walking foot.

Here you can see what the back is looking like, nicely caught by the ditch stitching.  You can also see how hand-sewn-down the front looks since the stitching disappears in that ditch.
There you have it!  I hope this helps newbies, or teaches some experienced quilters a new way of doing something or a new tip.  I started using glue not even 2 years ago, as I was pretty skeptical at first. Now I wouldn't have it any other way.

AND!!!!! Desire to Inspire Challenge Update!

The Henry Glass Fabrics fabric arrived at my daughter's house on the Michigan side of the Detroit River yesterday afternoon.  MacGyver hopped in the SUV and went over for a visit once she was home from work, and then brought it to our house on the Ontario side last night!  I waited until the sun was up this morning to take the photos to show you:
My package-eeep!

Fabric inspector, photo bomber, and quilt tester Bella takes a sniff

Lush colours, no?!  Those are fat quarters of woven plaids and two twill weaves!
 Now to put some of my ideas into fruition toute suite, or as my friend Lara, who also lives on a Great Lake, Ontario to be exact, of Buzzin'Bumble likes to write, 'toot sweet'.  :-)  Fabulous giveaway, not lake but sea-themed over on her blog until this weekend.

Remember my pattern is on sale until this weekend!  Just $5 will get you a copy here on Craftsy in my pattern store.  You can also be taken there through the My Pattern Store button on my sidebar. :-) After this weekend it will be $7.

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