My Etsy Shop

I named it SandraJaneQuilts. Jane is my middle name, named after my nana, who usually was known as Janie, make that 'our Janie'. She lived in Lancashire, England, which is where my mum also was born, and grew up. My nana was a seamstress extraordinaire, taking in mending and sewing as a way to help raise a little money during the tight times of WWII. She also was a knitter and even had a knitting machine! She died much too young, in her early 60s, when I was just 3. So I wanted somehow to honour her as my mum  often commented how much like her I am with my intense passion for all things sewing. I used to knit a lot, but have gotten away from it, although I've been doing a bit again and wondering why I let it fall by the wayside as I love knitting too. Click the link below to check out my shop. 😊

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