Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Q1 FAL List

First of all, I am jumping in again for the Q1 FAL!

I did rather dismally in Q4 of 2018, the worst ever in fact...
Out of my nine hoped-for finishes, I finished two, and one flimsy.
Log Cabins

Fallen Sky

Love is All

Monday, January 14, 2019

Getaway Island Batik Blog Hop & Giveaways

It's Week 2 of the Island Batik Blog Hop! I hope you got a chance to view all the quilts from last week. If not, no worries; the list is below of all the ambassadors showcasing various Island Batik collections, and they are all stunning. Lots of drool-worthy fabrics and quilts. Lots of giveaways, at the Island Batik blog, as well as at most, if not all, of the stops on the hop!
If you missed my own post, it is here. I have a couple of giveaways for you!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Getaway! Island Batik Blog Hop and Giveaways

Who doesn't love to hear that phrase, "Let's get away!" be it January, cold and dark in the northern hemisphere, OR January, summertime in the southern hemisphere, school's out and let's head to a great camping spot or the big city or the ocean...
I try to be all-inclusive, and I have realized especially over the past year, but even years ago when I had a grade 7 student from South Africa (whose mum was my first Yin yoga teacher😊) who spent a month, December/January, in the southern hemisphere summer visiting their family each year, that we northern hemisphere peeps do not recognize our sister/brother southern hemisphere peeps' seasons. So I am right here right now. Sidenote: said grade 7 student is now a doctor, as in M.D.!

And welcome to my spiralling mind! It's how I roll, both on the blog and IRL, (in real life). I always have been like that; menopause exacerbates it, and I sometimes leave my dear husband, aka MacGyver, in the dust with my spiralling and jumping around and assuming he is following my meanderings. Anyhow. Let's focus, shall we?

I am so excited to show you my quilt I designed for this hop! It's the biggest one I've made for Island Batik, measuring 69 X 84". All the fabrics were provided by Island Batik, the batting by Hobbs Batting (I'm using 100% wool, pinch me!), and the threads by Aurifil. I should also tell you that I found out this week that I've been accepted for a second year representing this wonderful company as an ambassador for their fabrics. I just love their fabrics, truly. I've been a batik lover forever, have used them solo, or mixed them in with other cottons. Here is the group I got to work with for the hop. It is called Crystal Ball.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

TBT #13 Stars Upon A Christmas

Welcome to the first edition of TBT, Throwback Thursday for those quilts you made before you started blogging. This way we can record them, their makes and stories, because every quilt has one, right?

Today's quilt and a few ornaments were made quite some time ago, and are Christmas-themed. I don't know about you, but although I have taken down our Christmas tree, I still have several Christmas items around the house. This tablecloth is one.
The glass tree in the centre of the table is new, as are the vine and berries wreaths in the windows. I was on the lookout for them, as I had a lonely one, and saw this look on either Pinterest or an Instagram account I follow, and wanted to copy it.