Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday Stretch #25

I've already noted that Sunday Stretch (Yin yoga poses) is coming to an end, since there are basically about 25 poses we use.  I did not do a SS in November, so I will do my final one at the end of January., unless I find another pose that might be helpful to us quilters. I do have a good hips one yet to show you. So, I think this month, with all its busy-ness, along with this weekend, heralding the start of a new year, needs another meditation post. Just 10 minutes a day for a little quiet, inner-listening time can really do wonders. I know I need to get back into this regularly; it was very worthwhile, and Miss Bella sure enjoyed the 12 minute app I use on my phone:
She just knows when I do the meditation, and personally I think it adds a little something extra: a warm furry body purring on my crossed legs.
This is the free app I use:

You can personalize it with the style of sounds you'd like to remind you of intervals of time and beginning and end. There are different screenshots too to put you in a reflective mood.

I wish everyone peace in 2018. Peace in your heart, and peace that you spread throughout your life. Here is Kino MacGregor again:

Please come back Monday for a very exciting announcement!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Goddess Eyes

Woot! Woot! A sort of unplanned finish for 2017.  Here is Goddess Eyes. Apologies for inside at night pics; hope to remedy this tomorrow! This is on my Q4FAL List, as and either this RSC2017 project or that one to finish. I'd hope to get 'that one' as in the Migrating Geese done, but this one jumped the queue!
Outside Sunday am in the frigid -12C/10F weather...oh what I do for quilting pleasures. 😆

This was my Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017 project #3 with Angela at so scrappy. My good friend Nancy, who lives in Florida, sent me a photo of this quilt done entirely in scraps, not colour-arranging like mine, on Pinterest, saying it would be a terrific easy scrap quilt.  I sure agreed, and I said let's do it as a sewing together quilt! Even though we are a thousand miles apart for the majority of the year, we could plan to sew 'together' as in at the same time, but each on our own quilts. Well, although Nancy retired from her full-time job as a nurse about a year ago, her new life is overflowing with busy-ness, and it just did not happen. However I started.  I had the idea to put a little order to the chaos of the blocks by doing two of the four corners in whatever colour of the month Angela said we were to work on. That was about all the plan I had. The black strips are whatever width, purposely not all the same.

So when it came around to several months in, I knew I had to have a wee bit more of a plan.  I started leaving the opposing corner empty of coloured strips, so I'd do two corners random, the third corner the colour of the month, and often leave the fourth 'empty'. In this way I started building the quilt and seeing where I needed to fill in.
Notice a fifth purple block realizing okay, uh, exactly how am I going to do this?

Choosing to make the sides alternating reds and turquoises just happened while placing the blocks on the design wall, as in a few landed there and I thought, hmm! I like it! A warm and a cool colour, good stuff.  When it came to the neutrals month, I made the four corners neutrals. The 'X' strips are all blacks and a couple of dark greys.
Now I'm starting to get it, well you see where the one red/green corners block can go in two different places?! And that the aqua/purple blocks maybe shouldn't have 3 of them... It started to get like a Rubik's cube!
I didn't even give this one as a choice on my Q4 FAL list; I put RSC #1 (houses) and #2 (geese) as my dilemma and everyone said do the geese, and so I am... However, serendipity struck. I had a cool idea as to how to extend the flannel backing I had bought for one of my rainbow quilts, not this one, so of course, there wasn't enough of it for the geese quilt.  But it is PERFECTION: feathers!! In rainbows!! So I gotta ya know?! And then when I sewed up my cool extension idea, and decided I better pre-shrink these flannel babies well, they took longer to dry. When you're itching to quilt, ya gotta quilt, right? Scratch that itch! I spied the strings quilt, now a flimsy thanks to using it as a leader/ender project, and thought, it's small, it's busy, I'm going to meander it, I can get a backing together lickety-split and have that baby quilted and off Avril while the flannel pieces dry... You may have seen that on the previous post, because this is a kind of DREAMi, thought not a true one, because I didn't do it all in one go, start to finish, as a true DREAMi project.
I timed the quilting, and for this 48X64 all-over meander, it took me about 80 minutes. I'm not an über-fast quilter, so I think that is pretty decent.

An outside shot of that lovely texture:
It's in the wash as I type, so I'll add another crinkly shot later. I like the way the vertical and horizontal seams have a definite line, almost a ridge to them!

Here is the back:
Love love that frogs doing yoga fabric; this is the last of it; have had the fishes forever, thinking they'd get worked into a kaleidoscope, but not yet, so they're now all gone except for a 5" strip; leftovers from H2H quilts last year is the Good Neighbors fabric down the side.

I started binding it this morning, deciding on a mottled black in my stash, but then we had to go into Windsor to run some errands (one of which was giving MacGyver my iPhone 6 and giving-ha! I wish-me a new iPhone 7, eeep! which is still 'updating iCloud settings...ugh), so the binding didn't get finished until just before supper...and it's winter in the northern hemisphere, and so the light was gone.
The label (nearly forgot again!) and binding applied by machine to the back, then wrapped around to the front and top-stitched down. 
That is my least-preferred binding method, but I was looking for speed, and didn't have to worry about going back to where I might not have caught the binding when I apply it to the front and catch the back edge when I stitch in the ditch from the front. Meh, it's a scrap quilt, and going to be used and loved. I will be gazing and reminiscing more about the myriad of scraps on the front!!
Reminiscing: I see: Dayna's Mariner's Compass, Aunt Bertha's 90th quilt, a signature one, made in 2002 (she's passed away now); a wheelchair charity quilt, a bag made for a good friend and neighbour from our condo days in Florida; a cushion for my second mum, also my piano teacher, also sadly passed away now, Tish and David's first quilt pattern I tested for them; a bag I made and reviewed for Craftsy; scraps from Freefall and Windfall; my Christmas Laurel Burch wallhanging; a quilt I made for my SIL and BIL for I think their 30th which was in 2000, a happy new home quilt I made for my niece; matching floppy hats and dresses I made Brianne and Dayna around age 8/9; Brady's Halloween quilt; oh! a piece of a quilt I made to give a dear dear friend, Marianne, who was going through very serious cancer treatment and she's here and vibrant as ever today!!! I could go on for several more lines, but I am sure you get me on this scrap quilt wonder and heart/soul/spirit massage.

Here's a daylight shot of all the fabulous variety of fabrics:
Certainly did not plan this, but cows from at least 10 years ago, Canadian designers out of Manitoba, that were two different runners for my farm folks relatives are either side of that green paisleys triangle which is a scrap from Jade, aka Little Green Cow, Helen's cushion! And I love how Olaf from 'Frozen' is peeking out! He's a scrap from a pillowcase I made for Brady.

The label:

Why did I call it Goddess Eyes? Well, do you know what a god's eye is? If not, go here. We made them as kids at summer camp. The rainbow squares on point in my quilt are rather jewel-like to me, just kind of glow, and I thought of the glowing eyes of gods and goddesses. This has been the year of empowerment of women, so goddess it is. The rainbow fish fabric works so well with the front doesn't it? Oh, and to the lower right side of the label you get a glimpse of my trademark, FMQ-signing my name and/or initials somewhere in the quilt. I'll get a daylight pic of it tomorrow.
My initials are FMQ-ed in the opposite corner, but I was freezing, so you'll have to trust me on that!
As well as showing you 'Sandra' handwritten there, you can see both sides of the binding. I'm not a fan of the line of stitching you get on the back, but it is the back, and it isn't visible on the yoga frogs fabric, so I'm mostly fine with it.

Rolled up:

And one last in the snow in a little bit of sun pic! Didn't that orange variegated thread work wonderfully in all the colours?

Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  'X' Marks the Block at Fabric Therapy
Size: approximately 48X64"
Fabric:  100% scraps
Batting: scraps of Hobbs 80/20
Quilted: on Avril
Threads:  pieced with Gütermann cotton; quilted with Aurifil 50 wt 4657 in variegated oranges, originally bought for and used on Radiance; The Bottom Line in the bobbin
# of stitches: 51 171

Quick note to perhaps check out both Craftsy and Connecting Threads (affiliate links, thank you!) for some pretty amazing year-end clearance deals. I got some fantastic ones on chocolate and a yoga top today, yesss! Not there though LOL. I always have a good supply of chocolate in my sewing loft. Always.

Linking up with
Cooking Up Quilts
Busy Hands Quilts

and also with a new linky party at
Clever Chameleon

DREAMi Linky #11

Well, believe it or not, but I had no Drop Everything And Make It Moment this month. I actually focused, and completed one of my Q4 items on the list, possibly another...there's what almost 48 hours left in the month and year, right?! It's been fun seeing all the distractions everyone has suffered, the squirrels we've chased...
'bout says it all, right?!

Note that I've changed the acronym so it's all caps but for the final i, just easier, and in keeping with the iPhone the iPad etc etc, ha)

Okay hold the phone, I guess I kinda/sorta did have a bit of a DREAMi...
This is not on the Q4 list, and there are still two items ON that list I should be focusing on...AND would you believe that is a wild oranges variegated Aurifil thread I'm using?
But the flannel backing wasn't quite dry for me to load it to quilt the migrating geese flimsy, which IS on the Q4 list, and I was itching to quilt something, and this top had come together when I used it as a leader/ before I knew it I had cobbled together a backing, found that with a little Franken-batting I could cobble together the remainder of the Hobbs 80/20 I used in my mum's quilt, Forever Flowers, and well, about 90 minutes of quilting (love, love a large meander, like watching goldfish) it was done. Binding happening Saturday. And loading of migrating geese. Pinky swear.

There were lovely projects linked up last month, so hard to choose...

So I didn't. Here are all eight lovelies:
Nancy of Pug Mom Quilts made this bright Elmo baby quilt - LOVE this photo!
Anja of Anja Quilts made this super-cool bag to carry her Featherweight (I may need to make one for mine!)
Louise of Quilt Odyssey made this fabulous Cat quilt, her Splash of Colour project - and it's a DREAMi because she doesn't do QALs, but this squir---uh cat sunk its brightly-coloured claws into her and had to get made! And now!
Liberty LOVE! Helen of Midget Gem Quilts made this beauty for her visiting grandson to cuddle in. She showed you the flimsy that just HAD to get made, and here is the finish.
Just LOOK at this gorgeous Supernova quilt made by Tanya at Tanya Quilts in Colorado, another baby quilt
Janine of Quilts From the Little House designed this, and then it wouldn't get out of her head until it grew up from paper to finished door hanging!
Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts had not one but TWO DREAMis, happy scrappy baby quilts for twins!
Are you seeing a theme here?! I know it struck me this particular month. Baby!
1930s grabbed the attention of Allison of New Every Morning...I wonder if her quilt top is now a flimsy or perhaps a finished quilt?
Thank you all for linking up such bright joyful projects! I'm contemplating switching to a thumbnail linky, because you know you need to see the photo just in case it's a juicy squirrel, and making a little moola through being an affiliate means I can pay the bucks to get those thumbnails, methinks.

Well, here's to the last DREAMi of 2017.  I wish you all the very best fat furry bright-eyed and bushy-tailed squirrels you can find in 2018!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

I Like #11

First of all, thank you to LeeAnna for hosting these each week. I write one a month, but I snap photos and make notes all month; putting my month-long gratitude into one post is just my way of cutting back on computer time. I love the new people I've met through this, and I like that there is a place for us to share. I used to write these posts a couple of years ago, but felt like an island, so this is truly wonderful.

1. I like magazine surprises.

I cleaned up (okay straightened up a wee bit) my sewing loft and one of the things I did was stack together any magazines partially read or not read yet (saved for Christmas Day) and tucked them in the bookcase. A few weeks later I pulled the three of them out, and decided to visit another shop in Quilt Sampler. I savour these reading about a shop a week or so. Well, Rumpled Quilt Skins was the shop I opened to...wait! I've been there! Shortly after it opened. :-) I purchased a panel and fabric for matching valances for my then sewing room to make. I think I should make the valances for my loft at the very least! The wallhanging will have to wait because I have no wall space until we do some renovating, unless I rotate wallhangings...

The second magazine surprise is turning the page in the one I still subscribe to, American Patchwork & Quilting, and seeing a pretty quilt in an advertisement. As I always do, I look for the designer's name, and who was it buy Lisa Ruble! She is the editor of Modern By the Yard, and also the Paintbrush Studios contact. I've gotten to know her through doing my Freefall QAL, and through having my designs published in the ezine.
Isn't that a fabulous quilt?

2. I like cardinals.
That would make the most perfect Christmas card wouldn't it? If I could photoshop out the upside down patio chair legs, that is LOL. When I posted this photo along with two others on Instagram, Tish reminded me that cardinals can be seen as a visit from our loved ones.

3. I love the sun...
Here in its crystalline cold beauty, setting over Lake Erie,

and a thousand miles to the south in its tropical glow, setting over the Gulf.

4.  Although I do not like this Arctic cold one little tiny bit, I do like being cosy, and cocooning.
I also like these two minis hanging on the stairs wall of my sewing loft.
I love the fairy lights along the window ledge, and the little Christmas touches

5. I love making all the Christmas food.
Not pictured: the salad and the squash.

A few things on the go, but to the left are the Baby Christmas Cakes being iced with marzipan and then icing, a recipe surprise shared with me by Jean of All Points of the Compass. Delicious! I ate one while I typed part of this post. ('part' because it took me so long due to interruptions, good ones, like company popping over, and not so good ones, like Airdrop not working for a couple of hours!)

6. I like this ornament I sent to Brady.
Yup, I scribbled with a tool on my phone to erase MacGyver's face; he likes his anonymity.

7. I like the architecture of the old buildings in Detroit.

and these Christmas decorations, subtle and beautiful

8. I like my new planner, same company as 2017's, and I like that again, I got it with a $5 off coupon at Bealls Outlet in Florida. :-)

Speaking of coupons and sales and saving money, just sneaking this in, so plug your ears if you aren't going to take advantage of any more sales this year. Go to #10, no judging here. I got a couple of emails, and I checked them out (didn't buy anything...yet) but Craftsy is having quite the year-end clearance. Connecting Threads is also having a flash sale, 40% off books (and they have some terrific current titles) and up to 50% off select fabrics. Those are affiliate links, and let me also say how very grateful I am to those of you who DO click through on my links. Basically 10% of a sale, sometimes less, sometimes more, comes back to the affiliate. I like ways to support and help others that don't involve digging any deeper into my pockets than I already am, right?!

9. I love dogs. A profound, mad love for these wise canines, especially those who have graced my life. Thank you for all your thoughts and words of comfort over October and November while Naala recovered overall so amazingly well from her splenectomy. She had a 2-month critical period to get through, and Dec. 8 was the 8-week mark. With basically no warning, we lost her (still cannot write or think the 'd' word about her) on Dec. 9. She was our gladiator, our mama bear, as I called her, MacGyver's adored 'little rottie puppy' and she will be forever deeply missed. Our hearts are so heavy. I said to my husband, "Her absence is such a presence..." I know it will take time, so we put one foot in front of the other and know that our memories will help us. So I am so grateful for my brain. I make jokes about my menopausal melon (melon as in head) but I am so grateful that I have my memories.
2007, age 5 months, perched on the console between us, in her beloved truck, on our Oregon trip. She was the very best, and 10.5 years was much too short, yet we treasure her presence for every minute of those years.
Linking up with LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color
Many wonderful posts are shared here, reminding us to be grateful for life's treasures, most of which cost nothing.

Reflections and Intentions

Reflections Part 1: Celebrations

Each year, during the last week of the year, Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs hosts a party where you look back over your posts and choose the best five of the year. You choose them however you want.
May I just take this opportunity to say, this button rocks, Cheryl; I love it!
I'm not one to look at my stats more than a couple of times a year. So I was rather surprised when I looked now to see how many posts I've written so far this year, and I see that many got well over 1000 views! That is pretty amazing when I realize that just a little over 4 years ago I was regularly getting a number of views I could count on one hand. 😇 I've written or am about to publish 130 posts this year, probably a few more because of my DREAMi and Sunday Stretch posts this coming Saturday and Sunday and maybe another finish.

I am very proud of running my first Quilt Along and of how well it was received.

There are several posts that go with the QAL, but this post will take you to the finish. Click the Freefall tab up top and you will find all the posts. I am hopefully going to get the posts all into one PDF pattern for sale very soon, dare I hope for by the end of the year? Twelve people linked up their tops or finished quilts, and later I heard from a few more who sent me photos of their quilts after the QAL, something which warms my heart so very much. I had participants from (off the top of my head) five different countries!

The most-viewed post was my rendition of Quilter's Laundry Day.
I love this little quilt, with its 3D quilt on the line and tiny clothespegs (not in this pic). I had such fun doing this for Jen of A Dream and A Stitch and Jan of Color Creating and Quilting blog hop. Do you realize it's mainly scraps from Freefall? (except for the Kaffe scraps for the mini quilt)

A very proud mama moment for me this past year is the post announcing my first ever publication, in the ezine, Modern By the Yard, put out by Benartex Fabrics.

Coins of the Atocha (a name suggested by my good friend Julie, of Pink Doxies, for the gold coins found in the shipwrecked Spanish galleon off the Florida Keys) was in the Spring edition of the ezine. The quilt is named On the Plus Side, in the magazine, a name that I quite like too!

One of my favourite makes in 2017 is Radiance.

This one, like Coins of the Atocha, is not in my regular comfort zone of colours on the wheel. However, I think I nailed it on the progression, and the quilt seems to glow, pulse and radiate. The photo shoot is a memory I will always cherish, for it led to the rediscovery of this incredible beach less than 10 minutes' drive from my house. The early morning light was just perfect to show off this baby which lives in my nephew Aidan's home where it is very much cherished. He messaged me on Christmas Day, and talk of the quilt came up without prompting. My heart glowed like the quilt.

My number 5 is all the I Like/Love posts I wrote in 2017, with one more to go for Thursday.
Bowl #2 I made with Lake Erie beach glass

I used to do a Thankful Thursday a couple of years ago, but I like that there is now a linkup for those of us who write these. These posts, my own, and reading others', have helped my spirit in a year that has been extremely difficult: heart-wrenching, and soul-searching. Finding pleasure in and gratitude for life's simple treasures has helped me get through this year with a move that caused more angst than I got into here, the tragic death of our son-in-law, Brady's beloved dad, far too young, and just 2 1/2 weeks ago, the loss of our beloved gladiator, mama bear, Naala, who fought so hard and seemed to be a poster child for a splenectomy survivor. LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color started these after the death of her beautiful standard poodle, Cole, and I am so thankful for the community of 'I Likers/Lovers' who I've got to know, some of whom I already did, but new friends too.


Once again, I am joining in with Yvonne at Quilt JET girl for her 2018 Planning Party. I got used to doing this throughout my teaching career; it can be a bit of a 'ugh, do I have to?' feeling, but it is so very worthwhile, and something I firmly believe in, like physical exercise!

Reflections Part 2: How did I do in 2017?

My over-arching goals were Lifelong Learning and Balance, and I am keeping them for this next year. Wow, I did go on quite a learning curve this past year! I am happy to report that I attained better balance, although I still take far too long to write a post, this one no exception, groan! I finished three quilts for family members, C' Boss! Cows quilt, Radiance and Forever Flowers and made a lap quilt for Brady, using his own design.

Under Main Quilting Goals
1. Expand the Purpose of my Blog
🚩ran a quilt along (Freefall was a tremendous success; I wish I could figure out the total downloads of the steps but there doesn't seem to be that capability on Craftsy anymore
🚩set up a linky party, which happened in January, called DREAMi! -- Drop Everything And Make it and has run each month all year. Here is the intro post. Note it's morphed into DREAMi! because everyone seems to write it that way, even though I had a small 'r' because it is part of Drop. No worries; I'm flexible.
🔕not done is a quilt along organized by myself and Tish of Tish's Adventures in Wonderland.
🚩 Made and donated 3 charity quilts, with a couple of cat mats in the works yet. I'd aimed for 2, so I'm very pleased. I also made blocks for a few different needs over the course of the year.

2. Explore the money-making angle of quilting a little more
🚩expand my Etsy shop - done! and even sold my first quilt this past summer
🚩add at least two patterns to my Craftsy shop - done! (affiliate link) Three were added, all free, Freefall has come down and will go back up for sale, with 2 sizes, and the cushion.
🚩submit an original design to a magazine - done! Three of my designs have been accepted, two published with a third upcoming shortly.
🔕quilts for sale in local coffee shop; quilt a quilt for someone else; more involvement with Craftsy, none of the above happened although I did make some headway in all three.
🔕 improve aesthetics of my blog and investigate branding --bzzz. other than clean up the sidebar and tabs a tad.

Random Quilt-Learning
🔕 make a quilt entirely of solids - started The Honey Pot Bee, fell by the wayside after the first 3 months.
🚩do a design challenge. Done, with the lovely Lisa of Sunlight in Winter Quilts, and it was a great success; I even had Melody of The Red Hen Shop approach me to be a sponsor, and she was terrific!
🚩This wasn't even on the list, but as a result of the design challenge, I bought and learned how to use the Quiltography app for iPad.😃
🚩Nor was this on the list: making stuff with beach glass I found! (see photo further back) There are plans for more makes.😃

Personal Goals
I did well here: I read 23 1/2 books, aimed for 25. A couple were massive, New York for one, at 880 pages. Walking has fallen back a fair bit this past week due to being really sick one day and being wiped out for a couple days after, as well as to the extreme cold. Ashtanga has been 3 times a week most weeks, Yin twice. Time organization, too much spent on writing a post as mentioned, too much in the QBL vortex, but not as bad as last year, although my Instagram vortex time has increased...

2018 Intentions

My new planner, same company as last year's

Over-Arching Goals

A. Lifelong Learning
It's just what I do. I've always been committed to this; I take on new things that may scare me a bit, but I put one foot in front of the other, and always learn and always grow.

B. Balance
Another thing that in retirement  from teaching school seems ludicrous to even discuss, but my retirement is anything but boring! I do teach part-time still: yoga. 🙏 Each day is full, but I want to be sure I am not feeling beholden to the blog. I need to say no, even if it pains me to do so. I still want this blog to be primarily a giver of joy to me, and to others.

Main Quilting Goals

1.  Maintain and continue to expand the purpose of my blog.

  • continue the DREAMi! linky parties once a month
  • run another Quilt Along or two - My own design will be one; Postcards From Sweden another
  • continue to offer free patterns and tutorials
  • make at least 3 quilts for charity
  • continue to submit to Modern By the Yard
  • continue to participate in blog hops for Benartex and or Paintbrush Studio


  • there are a couple of imminent plans collaboring with/being a part of sections of QBL that I can't talk about just yet, which both excites and scares me.
  • run that quilt along with Tish. (two possibilities, our other Swoon and a Zentangle)
  • add items to my Etsy shop, small ones like bags and runners.
  • add to my Craftsy store. I can add Coins, Let Your Star Shine now that the window has passed. Freefall/Windfall needs to be added.
  • run another Spring/second quarter QAL. The pattern is another shadow quilt!
  • submit some designs to other magazines, and again to Moda Bakeshop (it's been a couple of years!)
Quilt Learning
  • learn EQ7 (I learned and got quite proficient with, Quiltography last year) and then EQ8. (there's a reason to this madness)
  • pursue the branding of my blog, and get business cards printed.
  • try a pantograph!
  • make a solids quilt

Personal Goals

Physical exercise is so important to me, so I plan to continue with walking, aiming for 15 km/week. Continuing to aim to practise Ashtanga yoga three times per week, is important. I've gotten much better at doing one practice at home this year, though there is still room for improvement there! Doing Yin twice a week has been achieved overall. Work out twice at the club where I teach; this goal has been started by working for a few sessions with a personal trainer.

Continue to write one Gratitude post to link up with LeeAnna.

Watching more TV: I'm on season 2 of Gilmore Girls, (binge-watching just isn't in my wheelhouse); I have one more episode in season 5 of Once Upon a Time; I haven't started season 2 of The Crown yet; I'm in the middle of Outlander; we are nearly up to date with Still Standing; I am almost finished season 4 of Call the Midwife.  Not very good. I want to get into Doc Martin, work my way through some more Murdoch Mysteries, and I'm really looking forward to Last Tango In Halifax season 3. I need to watch more movies! I saw 'Hidden Figures' - SO SO good.

Reading: Again I want to read at least 25 books. I've read a fair amount of non-fiction this year, but I like a balance between fiction and non-fiction. 

Knitting: more! Make that dratted lace scarf; a slouch toque for Brady (have the yarn); hope to finish the selvages rug (it's about half way), and make myself some fingerless gloves (have the yarn). Prep that Lazy Daisy wool appliqué quilt so I can big stitch quilt it.

Tish and I talk all the time, so she is my accountability partner once again this year.💕

Linking up
Meadow Mist Designs
Quilt JET girl

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Quilting Confessions

Okay.  Deep Breath.  Here goes...

I get sidetracked pretty easily. In life, a bit (I can see MacGyver busting a gut laughing at that), so, since this is a confessions post, okay fairly often. This is why I work so well under pressure. Put the blinders on. Focus. Pedal to the metal kind of thing. Therefore, I have quite a few UFOs.

Blogging has been both a positive and a negative when it comes to UFOs.

  • A positive: joining in with FAL to get things done, prizes to motivate, pulling out some older projects to put on the list
  • A negative: like a magpie or is it a crow, I am easily distracted by shiny objects; like a dog, I am tantalized by squirrels and rarely pass one by, (I started a DREAMi monthly linky that kind of celebrates those chasing squirrels moments); and, getting designs published means pushing the FAL list to one side while a deadline takes precedence...

Enter Tish and her mission for next year to help us tackle the skeletons in our closets, pretty plastic organizers, IKEA Kallax units, drawers, top shelves, bottom shelves, under beds...wherever these cotton skeletons lurk. Her post about it is here.

I'd asked Tish if we should count the projects that are still in our heads and we'd maybe just bought a few pieces of fabric towards making them...she called them mythical quilts (I love that!)... well, it would take a few posts to list all the wannamakes in my brain. Know that some of the quilts on my list below are in the mythical quilt category!

All right, full confession: this is not a full confession, LOL. I did start a list in Word, however, and I plan to get those, as well as more lurking UFOs, organized and put them out here... well, maybe. It's a good way to maybe stop the buying? Make myself reread the list before I hit 'check out' at the online sales...ya, okay, I'll let you know how that goes.  I admire Lynette at What a Hoot Quilts for her candid post she linked up. Interestingly, reading Lynette's post on the Henry Glass Fabrics projects she created is the reason I got involved in the Henry Glass Desire to Inspire challenge in 2016. Cool how our paths cross here again! Her list is very much like I suspect my own would be were I to actually sit down for a day or ten and itemize every project in my sewing loft. She is running 18 in 2018, which you may want to check out. I may participate in that too. Anything to move these projects along!

Without further stalling, here is the abbreviated list of projects I need to move along over the next year:

Quilts partially quilted

Brr Park (this one has been started quilting on my Bernina) red face of shame that it has been put aside for two years now...

Flimsies awaiting quilting

RSC 2017 Migrating Geese
Stepping Stones
fleurs (Self Round Robin done at my former guild)
Wayward Transparency
Lazy Daisy
Kaleidoscope #2

I see I have created an A list, a B list and a C list of UFOs! Well I tweaked it a bit to get this, but I like it, but then, that doesn't surprise me, because as crazy as my UFO list is, I do like order.

UFOs (Blocks stage)

RSC 2016 Pop Rocks
RSC 2017 Strings
RSC 2017 Houses
150 CA Women
Splash of Colour
Scrap Vortex
Canada Quilt tested for Cindy
Stack n Whack green/coral
Magic Tiles

UFOs (Cut fabrics stage)

Box A Lot
Hometown Charm Jelly Roll (MBS by Rose)
Celestial (McCalls Quick Quilts) *about 1/4 of the strips are cut
Sea glass Quilt

UFOs (All, as in various, stages)

Tula Pink City Sampler (x2)
Cat mats (at least 2, hopefully 4 this year)


Downton Abbey b'day quilt
Sea Swept (Quilt Sampler Cotton Patch LQS)

Patterns I want to make (some fabric already pulled/purchased) 

Aunt #3
Cats quilt
Postcard From Sweden
Sewcial Sampler with Tish
150 Canada pillow
With Glowing Hearts
My Guy
Modern Hand Drawn Lily & Loom
Suburbia with Boundless Blenders
Puzzle Tropics

38 items!  Won't happen.  However, seeing them in print here, and then checking back, will, I believe, help me get these done and in use or given to whoever they may be for, including charity. Some of these will also show up on the quarterly Finish Along and monthly OMG in which I usually participate. I've found these to be excellent motivators.

Hope you may consider joining Tish!