Saturday, March 23, 2019

Burst of Spring

I have a finish, and it's on my Q1FAL list which is here, and it's perfect timing to have on my table for Spring!
I considered pulling the table out so I wouldn't have the sun through the stained glass glint on the table topper but na, it just adds to the bright spring feel IMHO. This is Tish (The Madd Quilter) Fireburst Mystery QAL.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sparkling and Sparking

I love it when a good title comes to me! I am actually this week focusing on a couple of my Q1FAL projects. This one is long overdue. You've seen some in-progress shots, but I have a flimsy, and that flimsy is actually on the frame now so a finish is imminent. This is 'Sparkle On!'
This is a kit, called Box-a-Lot, that I bought 3+ years ago at Connecting Threads. It's Amanda Jean Nyberg's (Crazy Mom Quilts) fabric, Good Neighbors, and it's so bright and cheery isn't it? That is a link to her last post. She stopped blogging as of December 31, and that post has a Good Neighbors quilt as her final finish! Who knew. I loved her blog, glad she's keeping it available.

Friday, March 15, 2019

30 Quilt Designs Challenge Announcement

This is the main post for the third annual Quilt Design Challenge I host on Instagram. It gives me a thrill to write that sentence!
Profuse apologies that this was not up two days ago as planned... Real Life got in the way, and I was waiting on a response from a potential sponsor, and then Instagram, where I originally planned to set up a private account, went whackola, but so did FaceBook... All good, though. Here we go!

Here is the link to the first challenge that I co-hosted with Lisa of Sunlight in Winter Quilts
Here is the link to the second challenge in 2018 hosted by moi.
And now, on with the deets of the third challenge!
Feel free to grab this graphic for your blog, sidebar, or Instagram post.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Green Scraps Box

It's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's a green scraps box!

I was checking back for the RSC2019 colours, since I am woefully behind, first time in four years of participating that I am this remiss in doing my monthly scraps homework. I was scrolling back in time on Angela's blog soscrappy, and that's when her squirrel bit me!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

TBT #15

Welcome to another edition of Throwback Thursday. For those who may be new to my blog or who are not familiar with TBT, it is where we pull out, photograph, and tell the stories of quilts or quilted projects we've made before our blogging life! Mine today is another Christmas quilt, this one a little over 17 years old, and with the snow that fell on February 27, the day before this photo shoot, it is rather fitting!

I had a very curious, and somewhat annoying helper that morning... He's still alternating between sweet and a turd. And yep, MacGyver got the gate done (isn't it fab?) so no more baby gate on our doggie playpen, er backyard deck!
Here's a full-on shot:
Yes, he still managed to get in on the action. This was a 9-patch exchange I organized, and was a part of during the year 2001 in my then guild, Fort Saskatchewan Quilt Guild in Alberta.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

I Like/Love #25

February sure seemed to go by in a blink for me. I do believe it is due to my first like (who I freely admit has been a major DISlike several times since Groundhog Day when we brought him home) taking up so very much time and attention and effort and energy....

1. I like, well I am starting to love, Rufus. He is worming 😉 his way into our hearts big time.
He has driven us crazy with not wanting to eat; he should weigh twice what he weighs, poor guy, so it's been exceedingly stressful and worrying that he's not had much of an appetite. Four bags of various kibble later (good ones too: two kinds of Acana, which is what our dogs have had for many many years and done excellent on it) and several varieties and brands of canned dog food, and no real progress. Then we thought we saw a worm in his poop...took him to the vet and yep, whip worms. We've got it in time, so that's a relief. In the meantime, more research had ensued (MacGyver is not only amazing at building but he's a research guru too) and we determined we'd try the raw food diet. Our vet also recommended it before we'd even told him that's the route we planned to take. He LOVES this stuff. We're feeding him as much as a 150-pound dog right now so that he will pack on the pounds.
Content puppy with a full belly and a healing gut

Monday, February 25, 2019

Magnificent Minis Challenge

Our first challenge for the 2019 year of the Island Batik Ambassadors is to make a mini quilt, any technique, 24" or less per side. We could use any fabrics in Box #1 except the wrapped 'surprise' fabrics. This is #8 on my Q1 FAL goals list.
I chose to work with the 5" stash builder rolls we got, ten of the beauties, four WOF (width of fabric) strips in each pack:
This was one of the two packs I received. All the fabrics were provided by Island Batik, and the batting by Hobbs Batting, the white thread for piecing by Aurifil. I used the white batik we had been given as background fabric.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

DrEAMi! #25

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Drop Everything And Make it! where we proudly show off those squirrels we've chased, and caught! Remember this is not a 'finish' linky party, although the projects should be completed with some exceptions, such as you might have found a rather large one and still be in the ecstatic throes of working on it, but need to share it before the party closes . Rather, this linky is for those projects that pretty much all of us have been so captivated by, that we will not rest until caution is thrown to the winds along with the current 'supposed to be being worked on and/or completed project', and we focus solely on this DrEAMi! or squirrel as we like to also call them.
Click the photo to be taken to the video; I can't insert Instagram videos here, and yes you can watch it even if you don't have an Instagram account.

Sister-squirrel-snaggers, such as Wendy, Pieceful Thoughts, and Rose, something rosemade, often send me cute squirrel pics they've stumbled upon, and this heartwarming story about Bonita made my day this past week when I got the link from Wendy.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Return, A Comment Fix, and A Favourite Tutorial

Things have been pretty quiet, for me anyhow, in my corner of QBL. If you follow me on Instagram @mmmquilts you'll know that I've been madly sewing and quilting away on a project I can't show until summer. Yes it's for a magazine, and I'm super excited about it, though super-exhausted by how much work it took around a multitude of interruptions ranging from daughter and grandson visit, to the two weeks in Mexico, to a 7-month-old-tomorrow puppy...
who's rambunctious as hell in the mornings, who isn't much interested in any kind of food (but fish he quite likes, oh,  and cottage cheese) so that is alarming as he is underweight to start with, and who has claimed MacGyver's IKEA poäng chair from time to time in the evenings, so hilarious, and he snores so loud in it because already he doesn't exactly fit...
Like how in the world is that comfortable?!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

I'm an Island Batik Ambassador Again!

I am thrilled to announce that I am once again an Island Batik Ambassador. Last year was an amazing year of challenges, that pushed me out of my comfort zone, and it helped me spread my wings as a pattern designer.
This first box arrived a few weeks ago, but due to the Getaway Blog Hop, we were asked to wait to share all our goodies until the hop ended. Within this post is the announcement of the winners of the giveaway I hosted on my blog for that hop, so read on! One favour I am asking of my readers who subscribe via email: can you let me know if the link that says "Continue reading..." works for you please, or if the way it comes in has changed at all? I am having some extremely annoying issues with blogger and gmail.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

TBT #14 A Cozy Quilter's Christmas

Would you believe I have a couple of Christmas items still around my house? A snowman quilt or two, à propos for January wouldn't you say? A Stars and Mittens quilt... and this cushion, or pillow.
That other cushion is one of the items I made when I was chosen to do the Desire to Inspire Challenge for Henry Glass Fabrics back in 2016

I need to get back into stitchery. It is so portable, I enjoy do it, and I love incorporating it with quilt blocks. Welcome to Throwback Thursday Quilts if you are new here! This is a place where we can write posts about those quilts we made prior to our blogging days, and let others see our quilt journey. I find it's kind of therapeutic to revisit these, and discover stories you might not have realized are held within the fibres of those projects.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

I Like/Love #24

This is the first gratitude post for 2019 for me. I join in with LeeAnna each month at Not Afraid of Color. She hosts a weekly link-up on Thursdays where you will find many like-minded, gratitude-aware peeps. I just link up once at the end of each month. It's not that I'm not being grateful the other three weeks, au contraire, I am always aware of how many blessings I have (just ask my family, who get annoyed by me in a loving way when I often acknowledge my gratitude and loves aloud). I try to limit my monthly list to ten items.
1. I love my kitchen. I love early morning, and I love these fairy lights, and their warm, soft, golden glow. On a bitterly cold morning like today, it makes me feel even more cosy in my little house. Yep, I still have a sparkly silver-sprayed wreath in my door to the deck, and four red berries twig wreaths in each window; I like them all and the ambiance they create. A few of the pics in this post are taken in that warm golden light this morning.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Getaway Island Batik Bloghop & Giveaways Week 4

Wow! Inspiration overload, right? Wrong! One can never have too much quilt inspiration and eye candy, at least in my humble opinion. Fabulous fabrics, gorgeous, creative quilts, ahhh. We are entering the final week of the month-long hop. My own post where there are three giveaways (I remembered I have an extra copy of January/February American Patchwork & Quilting, so I'm giving it away too), can be found here. The finished quilt can be found here, and seen below!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

DrEAMi! #24

Welcome to the first DrEAMi! linkup for 2019! This is the third year I've hosted this party for those of us with Quilter ADD.  If you're not sure what I'm talking about, have you ever come across a quilt project (pattern, actual quilt, idea, etc) that just BUGS you so much that it takes over your life? You have to literally stop everything you're currently sewing, forego any house work, ignore social media, your kids, your husband... and sew your hiney off until that project is done and you've got it out of your system!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Oh! The Places You'll Go! Finish!

My first finish for 2019 is a wrap! This is also a goal on my Q1FAL. My list is here.
It's not the greatest of photos, but let's just say my trusty quilt-holder was a little exasperated that a quilt put us behind schedule...
This is the quilt I made as my final challenge for being a 2018 Island Batik Ambassador, a position that has really helped me grow as a designer. I am so grateful for being accepted as an ambassador, I'm honoured to have been able to showcase these rich beautiful fabrics, I'm happy to have made new friends, and excited to have been offered new opportunities. Most of all, I am still in awe of receiving such beautiful fabrics from Island Batik, gorgeous threads from Aurifil, and wonderful batting from Hobbs Batting. All shine in this quilt. I'm also super-excited to start my second year as an ambassador in February!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Modern by the Yard New Issue and I'm in it!

And it's not a quilt of the fabric kind but a block of the digital kind!

MbyY, in case you are not familiar with it, is the ezine put out quarterly, for free, by Benartex Fabrics. You can get your copy by going to their blog, Sew in Love With Fabric, where you will find the link to the ezine on the sidebar. When they contacted me to ask if I would like to design a digital block, the assignment being a modern twist on the Log Cabin block, I jumped at the chance for several reasons. First, I love a good challenge to my creativity and second, it was another opportunity to work with EQ8, and third, well, being published is always a thrill that never gets old. Fourth, I'd just played with a log cabin challenge for November's Island Batik challenge, so log cabins were still bouncing around in my head. You can see that quilt top here.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Getaway Island Batik Blog Hop Week 3 and Giveaways

Welcome to Week 3 of the hop! The first two weeks have been amazing, and the third looks to be every bit as good!
Here is the list of all the ambassadors for this month-long hop in case you've missed some:

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Q1 FAL List

First of all, I am jumping in again for the Q1 FAL!

I did rather dismally in Q4 of 2018, the worst ever in fact...
Out of my nine hoped-for finishes, I finished two, and one flimsy.
Log Cabins

Fallen Sky

Love is All

Monday, January 14, 2019

Getaway Island Batik Blog Hop & Giveaways

It's Week 2 of the Island Batik Blog Hop! I hope you got a chance to view all the quilts from last week. If not, no worries; the list is below of all the ambassadors showcasing various Island Batik collections, and they are all stunning. Lots of drool-worthy fabrics and quilts. Lots of giveaways, at the Island Batik blog, as well as at most, if not all, of the stops on the hop!
If you missed my own post, it is here. I have a couple of giveaways for you!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Getaway! Island Batik Blog Hop and Giveaways

Who doesn't love to hear that phrase, "Let's get away!" be it January, cold and dark in the northern hemisphere, OR January, summertime in the southern hemisphere, school's out and let's head to a great camping spot or the big city or the ocean...
I try to be all-inclusive, and I have realized especially over the past year, but even years ago when I had a grade 7 student from South Africa (whose mum was my first Yin yoga teacher😊) who spent a month, December/January, in the southern hemisphere summer visiting their family each year, that we northern hemisphere peeps do not recognize our sister/brother southern hemisphere peeps' seasons. So I am right here right now. Sidenote: said grade 7 student is now a doctor, as in M.D.!

And welcome to my spiralling mind! It's how I roll, both on the blog and IRL, (in real life). I always have been like that; menopause exacerbates it, and I sometimes leave my dear husband, aka MacGyver, in the dust with my spiralling and jumping around and assuming he is following my meanderings. Anyhow. Let's focus, shall we?

I am so excited to show you my quilt I designed for this hop! It's the biggest one I've made for Island Batik, measuring 69 X 84". All the fabrics were provided by Island Batik, the batting by Hobbs Batting (I'm using 100% wool, pinch me!), and the threads by Aurifil. I should also tell you that I found out this week that I've been accepted for a second year representing this wonderful company as an ambassador for their fabrics. I just love their fabrics, truly. I've been a batik lover forever, have used them solo, or mixed them in with other cottons. Here is the group I got to work with for the hop. It is called Crystal Ball.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

TBT #13 Stars Upon A Christmas

Welcome to the first edition of TBT, Throwback Thursday for those quilts you made before you started blogging. This way we can record them, their makes and stories, because every quilt has one, right?

Today's quilt and a few ornaments were made quite some time ago, and are Christmas-themed. I don't know about you, but although I have taken down our Christmas tree, I still have several Christmas items around the house. This tablecloth is one.
The glass tree in the centre of the table is new, as are the vine and berries wreaths in the windows. I was on the lookout for them, as I had a lonely one, and saw this look on either Pinterest or an Instagram account I follow, and wanted to copy it.