Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday Spiraling Along

Still working on the current WIP, but I'm at the final borders stage.  Circles are hard to quilt, unless they are inside lines!  Mine come out often looking squashed, square-ish, egg-shaped, and sometimes round.  Sigh.  Of course it's a tad more difficult when you are fighting off a "OMG I'm in LOVE with this new quilt, Sandra" cat named Bella:

Altogether I removed her no less than four, or was it five freaking times from this most favoured spot of hers!  She loved that I'd left the removable "free arm" part of my machine right there for her leaning pleasure.  She loves to have one arm and shoulder leaning on something.  I even moved her faux sheepskin pouffé (cushion) she loves, from the floor to the right of the sewing machine with new-to-us fabric under and beside.  She, like me, has a thing, a very sensual thing, for new fabric.  She wasn't having it.

I wish I could add sound here, she was purring like a Mack truck, kneading the fold under her 3, yes 3, there's a back one in on the action, on top of the front two, paws!
After I took this pic, I scooped her again, and got bitten!  Yes! And mrreee-OWED at.  She stomped, as only a cat can do, bottle-brush tail spiked out in indignation, out of the sewing room and didn't come back.

So here is where I'm at! Having so much fun with FMQ.
Angela Walters' dot to dot design in the yellow (without a ruler, not bad!), spirals and pebbles in the aqua, and Leah Day's Angles and Circles design in the squares.  All free-motion quilted on my Bernina.

A peek at the back.  In the top right you will see Leah's Pea Gravel Path design.  It shows up much better on the back, so I only did the one. Most of these here are simply quilting around the designs in the fabric.  Fun!
This is another of Leah's, from her From Feather to Flames book, a cluster of pebbles "flower".

I've used more than 5 bobbins of thread so far, with the final border in progress now. The quilt is only about 49" square.

In other news...

The pattern said you might have to rip back the first glove a few rows, omit a couple in the hand section to have enough to complete the second glove...sigh.  At this rate the winter will be over by the time they are sent!

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  1. Your quilting is fabulous!!! I can't wait to see more of this quilt. And I know you will definitely love Christina's second book.

    You are too sweet. I think if I had a cat, my craft room would become off limits. It would drive me bonkers to have the extra weight on my quilt. ;)

  2. Oh I LOVE this quilt, the colours, the sumptuous textures!
    Next time, video Bella and send me it via gmail. LOVE hearing them purr like that lol! Oh she's beautiful but so nasty!! She's bitten you twice now in what, a week?!

  3. Bad kitty! But oh, so pretty! Love the quilting, especially those scrumptious close ups. Looks like you are having fun!

  4. Cute kitty :) I'm guessing it's hard to stay mad at her. It looks like you're having fun quilting this quilt.

  5. Isn't it funny how cats just love to be on top of whatever we are doing? They are so funny. I love that zen chic fabric line; want to get some but having trouble finding it...your quilting looks fabulous, too.

  6. Bella is a funny that she gets nuts about new quilts. Our kitties used to want to be on whatever we were working on too. Sandra, your FMQ is wonderful! i love all the designs and also how you used the fabric print as inspiration in some of the blocks!

  7. Your free-motion quilting looks great, I took one of Angela Walters classes also. Your kitty is beautiful and knows a good thing when she sees it!


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