Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Stash - A Missouri Virgin No More

Yep, lost my virginity.  Of the fabric store kind.  It's Preeti's fault.  I signed up for updates from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Broke the seal of no purchases from them within a few days of updates.  And I'd been doing so good on the fabric diet.  Here's what I bought:

The daily deal that day was the Windham Basic Bright Charm Square pack.  They have a $5 flat rate shipping so to quote a phrase from Tish, 'it just looked lonely all by itself' so I had a leedle look around... which is when I spied the Mystery Charm Pack deal for $4.95.  That's pretty decent so throw one of those babies in. Besides I love surprises.  I got this lush flannel Fossil Fern pack!  I've loved Fossil Fern from way back; I used some dusty rose in my mum's 70th birthday quilt, and that is going back 10 years.

They sell Kona cotton for $5.95/yard, and now that I know how I am adding to Radiance, I know I do not have enough of the Cheddar I used, so I bought a yard of that. 
Balanced the Windham pack on its end so you can get an idea of the happy brights therein
Finally, one more item somehow popped into my cart, didn't even know I was looking for labels, but you know how anal I am about labelling all my quilts properly...
They're a little out there.  I like that.  This is one side of the two-sided panel, so you get two of everything.

Pretty good haul I'd say for $21.40, which included the $5 shipping!  I am not an affiliate; just thought I show you Craftsy is not the only one with some screaming good deals.  Be sure to check out both places if you're like me and saving money while feeding the fabric beast is your thang! Craftsy's sale ends tonight...I might have spent a leedle more than $20 there... btw I am an affiliate for them. ;-)

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  1. Great shopping! I love the Missouri Star store e-mails, they have such great deals.

  2. Fabulous fabrics. Definitely worth breaking your no buy for xx

  3. I think it's about time to see a photo of your entire stash! LOL

  4. Glad to see you spend some money Sandra! Great buys!

  5. It's that leedle look bit of this and that that gets me every time.

  6. Glad you joined the MS band wagon too, LOL I might have ordered a few times from them too, LOL

  7. Fun shopping! The label panel is great. I really should label my quilts more often. Thanks for the reminder :)


  8. You are claiming you just now lost your fabric virginity?? :P Those are some pretty awesome fabric scores. Totally worth falling off the wagon for. I'm in love with those pretty little polka dots.

  9. Well it's not like all of it won't get used! 😉

  10. Shows what a leedle looking can do for you :-)
    Wait till I show you my Craftsy spoils. They are in transit right now. Did you know that some items on Craftsy are still at clearance prices, others have gone up slightly.

  11. Is that $5 flat rate shipping to Canada?

  12. Wow. $5.95 for Kona??? I might have to go, don't do it....maybe....


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