Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Like/Love #2

Ten Things
1. I really do love Craftsy.  Yes, I'm an affiliate, but I wouldn't promote anything I didn't buy, or really like myself.  I love Angela Walters, no secret there, and her latest video is once again, terrific.  This time she's paper-piecing! And it's her own design.  Here's the video:
I've already downloaded the pattern for Angela's quilt!  I already purchased some Boundless batiks, and can't wait to work with them....I think I know where they may be, hmm...

2. You know I love Craftsy classes, and own many.  This weekend, beginning tomorrow, in celebration of Spring, all their classes are on for $19.99! That is SUCH a great deal, owning that class for life. I can tell you from personal experience that Angela's Craftsy classes come a very close second to her real life classes; she is every bit as funny and personable, and educational, as she is when she's in the flesh and blood.  Did you know there are many many free classes on Craftsy? From knitting, to woodworking, drawing to baking, and the 2017 Craftsy block of the month quilt! Just think, you can do this quilt along with Nancy, but use your own fabric! Shh! Don't tell.

3. I like pre-scheduling posts!  This has been a  lifesaver as we settle into our new home.  My Freefall QAL, DrEAMi! are just a couple of the few, including most of this one, that I've prescheduled.  I am waaay behind in responding to comments, but I will get there, I promise.  I'm so pleased to see that 130 downloads of steps 1 and 2 in PDF format from my Craftsy store have occurred so far.  Wow.  The next linkup is Monday, of your first 8 blocks.

4. I love good friends like Tish, for many reasons, but one recent one is for linking up posts when I am unable to.  Thank you my sweet friend, mwah!

5. I love learning and educating myself about new things.  One is a knitting show on Craftsy.  This latest episode shows how to cable without using a cable needle!  It also shows some beautiful merino yarn, and a great pattern for a cowl.

6. I love Spring.  The rebirth, the hope, the promise...
Those hardy, oft-hated, but such bright happy dandelions!  Daffodils are starting to bloom too!
...the possibilities, the wonder.
I first noticed these buds on the tree outside my sewing room window the day we moved in.

7. I love the smell of the colour green, the fresh smell of new grass, the wet, earthy smell of Spring.

8. I love history.  HIstorical fiction, like the current book I'm reading, New York.  It is very good so far.

9. History before my eyes.  History repurposed.
This is just one of the old railroad markers along the repurposed railroad bed in Essex County, which is now a 50-km long walking/biking/horseback riding trail, known officially as the Chrysler Canada Greenway.

10. Finally, I like British TV.  A new-to-us series is 'Happy Valley', on Netflix, recommended by both my mum and neighbours in Florida, who hail from Duluth.  It is a bit terrifying and disturbing to me, but intense with excellent acting.  Of course, the lovely Sarah Lancashire, who MacGyver quite likes, is the main lead, a police sergeant.

I will be connecting with LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color this week.  If you'd like to read more I Like/Love posts head over there where she does her own, and points you to a few of us in QBL who join her.
Have a wonderful Thursday on this beautiful blue/green planet.


  1. I'll have to check out that novel. Oh my gosh I love history! And walking on those repurposed trails. Thanks Sandra!!LeeAnna

  2. It's great to come across snippets of history! Also, I didn't realize that the trans canada trail had subsections with different names. Neat!

  3. What an interesting post! I just checked out your blog, especially the yoga poses. I only do a few my daughter taught me so these are great for us beginners.

  4. What an uplifting post. A friend and I now start each email with a positive thought, and it seems difficult sometimes. Thank you for showing me how simple it can be.

    I hope to have my 8 leaves done this weekend. Wish me luck.

  5. Thanks for always being so positive Sandra. I hope you are happily settling into your new abode.

  6. Aaah and we share lots of the same loves, being sisters and all.... Love YOU!!!❤

  7. Oh, I needed that reminder on the New York novel. It is so good; I read it quite some time ago but wanted to recommend to a friend here and I forgot to do it. I've loved everything I've ever read by Rutherfurd. NOT so sure about paper piecing. lol

  8. We have really been enjoying the British shows on Netflix, so I'll have to look for that one. I have New York in my book pile, and have never read it. I guess I should, since I grew up there! Thanks for the recommendation! Hope moving into your new home is going smoothly, and you'll share a little bit about it with us one of these days!

  9. I like this post a lot ~ mostly because I can hear your excitement as I read :-) (and I adore Spring! :-)


  10. Monday!!! EEKS!!! I have 3 leaf parts done, and the pieces for one block arranged. I am going to have to get busier, leave the housework and ALL meals and sew. Great to know others are accessing the PDF file. it makes printing it out a breeze.Thanks so much.

  11. I love you too my friend! I still haven't watched the latest Angela video and I need to. I'm kind of scared that I might get attacked by a squirrel if I do :P

  12. The book looks like something I need to get. Hope your house is coming together into a perfect home for you, McGyver and of course the fur babies.

  13. Beautiful post Sadra...there is a lot to love in this beautiful world of ours; sometimes we need to just slow down and 'smell the roses'. I love Autumn and that is all around US here in NZ at the moment:-)

  14. It's always good to take the time to be thankful for the little things. I'm so glad for the warmer temps and the greening up of things. Happy stitching this week.

  15. Your views from your new house are wonderful! I love all your likes:) have a great day!

  16. Very nice post! It makes me remember my favourite colour which I'll soon see... the pretty, fresh green on Willow trees as they are poised to get their leaves...a true sign of Spring really being here. Dandelions....I live on a rural half-acre, so dandelions are something I've learned to embrace as my Spring flowers, providing cheerful colour. Hey, if you can't beat them, enjoy them, right???

  17. If you like historical fiction, (as I do too) can I recommend Gillian Bradshaw? She's British & a lot of her book are out of print, but check your library. The Beacon at Alexandria, The Bear-Keeper's Daughter, and Imperial Purple are all excellent. She's one of my favourite authors.