Saturday, October 31, 2020

DrEAMi! #45

Welcome to another edition of DrEAMi! Drop Everything And Make it!

There is truly something freeing about following a whim, chasing that shiny bauble, following a squirrel! I don't know about your yard, but around ours, the squirrels are super-busy hiding black walnuts and acorns everywhere. It's really quite amazing to watch them.
Thank you to Roseanne of Home Sewn by Us for this description of my life. Some days are more squirrelly than others, and Friday was certainly one of them. I'm surprised I even remembered I had a squirrel photo, and remembered where I'd saved it!

One thing I did forget was in my gratitude post on Thursday, to post this photo from a friend in Scotland, Michelle. She's followed my blog for years, done a couple of my QALs, and we've chatted back and forth several times. She said these 'feather' clouds she saw the other day reminded her of me!
You know how I looove quilting feathers. Isn't that just the coolest?

I finished chasing a squirrel this month. I originally got mesmerized by the pumpkin quilt this time last year and had a DrEAMi! and made the pumpkin blocks where I really should not have been doing that. But that's how these squirrels operate. Then I behaved and set all the blocks aside, picking them up in the spring I believe it was, sewing the columns together... and then set them aside again. I set it as my OMG to finish the flimsy. Well that happened within days of declaring the OMG, so I wondered aloud if I would maybe get the entire quilt done. Last weekend when I should have been concentrating on a certain magazine quilt project and an upcoming Island Batik blog hop project, I threw up my hands and said okay, I'll piece a backing and just load it onto Avril and quilt it here and there throughout the upcoming week...well three not-too-long sessions later and it was done and ready for binding.
You can read more about the quilt here.

Last month Wendy of Pieceful Thoughts of My Quilting Life had quite the heyday (hey-month?!) of September chasing squirrels. She showed us no less than five in her post. I love this little piece, especially the photo shoot!  

So now it's your turn to confess what diversions you may have chased after during the month of October. Link up below!

Oh, and Happy Halloween! Here is a little quilt I made in 2003, a free appliqué block from my LQS.

It is hanging off the mailbox. We'll be quiet tonight as the province has asked that door-to-door trick or treating not happen as we try to flatten this curve again.

The other one is from 2000, a block exchange I was in through my guild at the time.

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  1. I love the squirrel photo, and wording ..... so apt!
    What were the chances of clouds like that! So you!
    Loving your pumpkin quilt, well done!
    And I love the colours of Wendy’s quilt!
    Barbara xx

  2. Love your Halloween quilt! Somehow missed it earlier.
    So sweet!
    B. xx

  3. Thanks for the highlight, Sandra! For all the squirrels last month, I'm not sure if there were any this month. I need to go back and look - I can't remember what I've been doing (and now I might need to pee - LOL).

  4. I'm so glad you squirrel-ed the pumpkin quilt this month!
    I love many things about this quilt. I love that the autumnal green reigns queen over the other colors. I love that no two are the same so my eyes make the round again and again to see the individual pumpkins. I love that there's no pattern to the pumpkin size/shape/color yet there's a satisfying rhythm to their placement. And I absolutely love the random, but no-not-random-at-all two teal pumpkins on the bottom.

  5. Oh, I love that squirrel photo. It sums up much of my life lately! I love looking at everyone’s quilts squirrels, so thanks for rounding them up.

  6. Funny squirrel meme! I love the cloud photo, and that she thought of you from the other side of the pond! Wendy and her squirrel model--we all need one of those!?!

  7. That squirrel meme is so perfect, Sandra! Love it! Thanks for hosting us squirrelly quilters each month?

  8. Great squirrel photo/meme. Someday I might get around to a Dreami moment. Finishing the pumpkin quilt was a perfect October project. The multi-colored pumpkins and random sizes make a very interesting layout. How sensible of your province to declare a trick or treat pause. We're not participating and it will be interesting to see how much "traffic" there is this year. We used to get more than 100, but it was down to about 80 last year.

  9. Thanks for the laugh with the squirrel meme...I resemble that guy more than you know! Great post and love your front porch.

  10. I have been chasing my fair share of squirrels this year. You did good

  11. So pleased about your finish. The squirrel is perfect and I do love DrEAMi moments! We don't have trick or treaters on our block on the island. I do miss that. Have a lovely evening...a glass of wine will be my treat.

  12. Great post Sandra. One can only hope that the Trick or Treaters will find other safer ways to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve. In Alberta they are still Trick or Treating, but not so much here in BC. The parents are finding other alternatives from what I am hearing.

  13. I've a couple of squirrels for October, but one is still on the machine. I may do a post later today & link up. Take care , stay safe & hugs from down under.

  14. Thanks for the mention; wish those feathery clouds were here today - we've got wind and rain :-( Still at least it's not snow :-) Although to be honest I'd prefer snow sooo much prettier. The one DrEAMi I finished this month was a hallowe'en one. I doubt we'll get any trick or treaters tonight because of the weather. Stay safe.

  15. The squirrels didn't get me this month, but that graphic sums me up. LOL

  16. Hi Sandra, congrats on the finish of your pumpkin quilt. You and Avril can whip things up in no time :-) I've been playing with textiles and having too much fun....I have to get back to quilting eventually....I suppose! Take care and thanks for hosting.

  17. Hi, my friend. Thank you for the shout out. I still giggle when I read this meme. I am VERY impressed that you remembered that you had a new squirrel photo AND where you saved it. I cannot say that I would have recalled either one. That feather cloud is SOOOO COOL. I can see why Michelle thought of you when she saw it. Sweet! We were very quiet for Halloween. Our little came over for a special trick-or-treat. They gave us a new definition of a sugar high. !! ~smile~ Roseanne

  18. Hi Sandra:
    Thanks for the squirrel, he made my day - and I bet we could all argue over who it describes best --> I'm definitely in there for the running. The feather cloud is beautiful, quite the catch - I love clouds, but the phone and the camera are no where to be found. And I just love those pumpkins, so simple, but your colours give it a special place in my list of likes - it is lovely. Thanks again, and now I have to figure out what I was doing before I read you post . . .