Saturday, December 18, 2021

Small Sewing

I've been busy sewing up a storm of little projects, some secret, some not so secret. The majority of them have been bags.
Some of the above are gifts, some are in my Etsy shop. Here are a few details, with a link to a tutorial I wrote four years ago for the mug rugs.
Brady hasn't requested anything quilty lately, so, knowing that I actually am going to see him in person for Christmas--you have no idea, well a lot of you probably do, how excited I am as it's been more than two years--I just had to make him something to take with me. He loves to bake and to cook, so a young budding chef needs a hot pad, right?
He loves fish, and I love this print I've had for a long time. The bubbles print is another ancient piece, not much left now, of Jennifer Sampou's. I FMQ-ed the fish with a Coats & Clark red polyester, and the bubbles with a variegated Sulky rayon. Fun! 

Love how the fish in red show up on the math print I used for the back. I used this in his t-shirt quilt. The binding is two chunks in my binding leftovers bag, score!

I put two layers of batting in it one of Warm and Natural and another of Insul-Bright. The quilting shows up really well I discovered one early morning, seeing it perched on my sewing machine cover:

The mug rugs I made following my own tutorial for Benartex Fabrics from four years ago: Mug rug tutorial. The tutorial yields two mug rugs due to the stack and shuffle, improv-slicing method. I had fun quilting with Sulky Metallic Holoshimmer threads.
If you make one, be sure to let me know!

Most of the fabrics are leftovers from various projects I designed for Benartex.

I love both of the prints I used as the backings, both from Nancy Halvorsen's 'Better Not Pout' line out last year. Shine is a quilt I designed to showcase her line. The pattern is available for purchase right here in my Etsy shop. 

I put it on sale just now 20% off, no coupon required. It sews up super-fast, and, as my friend Rose, suggested, you could simply sew up the SHINE section as a banner! I also made a cushion cover out of the 'I' block, which is a candle.

I've gone a bit crazy with bag-making over the past month. I've sold several through my Etsy shop, and have learned it's best, and most efficient, to make two at a time. I also made a few using a Strippy Pouch pattern I've made several of. I sold the three I had in my shop last year, and haven't replenished the stock. Well it has been replenished!
To view all four: Sandra Jane Quilts.
The aqua ones always sell fast, so I made another, this one with some lime in it. That led to the green one. There are four now in the listing, and just one left of the charm squares pouches, so I should get cracking (after Christmas) and make some more of those. I found some metal zipper pulls at Fabricland, so there is that option now too. These are approximately 6" x 8".

Some that I may list after Christmas, are not patchwork, though they are quilted. I tried out Hobbs fusible cotton batting for the first time, and I like it! I still did a bit of quilting on them for extra security when/if these little bags get washed. They are fully washable.
I love quilting with Sulky threads. They were the first 'fancy' threads I tried way back when. Two decades later, they still capture my heart.

This is the Open Wide Pouch by Noodlehead, a great pattern. I made it last year for Brady, who wanted a pouch to keep in his locker for his masculine toiletries for starting grade 7...Sadly, he did grade 7 online due to Covid, and elected to stay online for grade 8, so he has yet to have it at school.
These have a fairly large boxed bottom. When making the blue one, (much-loved Laurel Burch fabric) I did 0.5" seams as she indicates, but when I did Brady's and the red one (another gorgeous fabric, Jinny Beyer) I did 0.25" and it worked fine, and is (obvi) a bit bigger.

Each time I make one I think, ooh! I want to keep this one. I definitely will make some more of the Open Wide ones; I mean I need one, right?! I think I have to have a blue cats one, with that books fabric by Valori Wells for lining. Isn't the farm animals doing yoga a fun print?! It was left over from backing my aunt's Cows quilt. All of these were quilted on my Bernina.

So, once again, I've exceeded my quarterly goal in the #wipsbegone2021 challenge of makeup pouches! And also fallen victim to several squirrels of the DrEAMi kind! If you want to see my progress (and there is some!) on my RSC Bowties quilt, and the Husband Quilt, check out my Instagram, @mmmquilts. At this point it's not looking good for my PHD to be completed, but I will be close...


  1. I'm so excited that you get to see Brady soon, that fills my heart with joy for you both!

  2. Oh, Sandra, two years!! That is a terribly long time to go without seeing each other. Thank goodness for the internet and video chats. I'm sure he will love his little quilty gift, but I'm also sure he'll love seeing you more. Merriest of Christmasses to you all!

  3. Okay, I still have to go back and look at all these wonderful projects. But you had me at "am going to see him in person." Yippee! You are going to be bowled over by how much he has grown in two years. Facetime is wonderful, but the actual in-person meet-up is almost jarring (in a good way) after 2D interaction. I am sure you are all going to be over the moon. I hope you get some photos of the chef using his hot pad. Okay, now I'll calm down and look at all of your other pretties.

  4. All your little bags are gorgeous! How wonderful to be spending time with family again, it's been a long time for you.

  5. Beautiful bags! The best Christmas present is being with Brady in person! Enjoy and soak up that wonderful feeling that only a grandchild can give.

  6. Pretty bags, and Brady is going to enjoy that little hot pad, I'm sure! Wait -- did I miss something on Instagram?? Was the Husband quilt posted and I missed it?? (impish grin . . .)

  7. Oh,joy, I'm so glad you get to visit Brady. Have you been able to see Dayna (sp?). I just read that the border is being tightened up again.

  8. Wonderful news that you and Brady will be together at Christmas!! It is a joy to see family in person after so long. And what a little bee you have been with all your sewing. I hope those bags sell fast...but then you'd have to make MORE! Merry Christmas.

  9. So many cool small projects, and the best is a gift for Brady! Blessings on your time together!

  10. So many good things - wonderful bag and Brady's hot pad! It is so good that you will see him - such a long time. Enjoy your visit (or travels or both)! Return refreshed and ready to dive into a whole new year of quilty adventures!