Monday, February 28, 2022

Postcard from Sweden - Finish the Quilt!

The end. 
Seriously, that is all that is left, the final five rows, which, if you've been doing them in 4-patches style and spinning the seams, means that you basically have two rows of 4-patches plus one row of triangles. I found it very therapeutic, sewing just four sets of triangles together, and then sewing them into 4-patches. I'd get my triangles set up the night before, and then sew them first thing in the morning, cup of coffee in hand, well not exactly, but you get the picture. It was a wonderful way to start each day. And, truth tea, (or coffee, ha): I often sewed one more set of triangles together, because the colour combinations are just that good.
Thanks to Ann, who is another quilter like Debbie, with a discerning eye, my quilt looks like the cover quilt for Row N1. The layout has colour 36 Pear, with 14 Leprechaun, but the cover quilt has what looks to be 8 Citrus in place of 36. I had just sewn the first half of Row M/N when I got Ann’s email. I decided I like the pop of yellow there, so I cut another triangle, ripped out Pear, inserted Citrus, and ta-da: new N1!

Somehow I have messed up the dates a little bit. I have in my original schedule that today, the 28, the homework is to finish the quilt top, and quilt it up. However, I wrote in the Step 3 post to have the next third done for the 26! Oops. Anyhow I have only allowed two weeks for this final, rather big, step. I know some of you have already finished your top, or your entire quilt, which is fabulous. I have the final parade of quilts set to open on March 15. I will leave the Linky open for one week, so that will actually give you 3.5 weeks from today to finish up the quilt and quilt it.

"How do I quilt it?"

is the next likely question. On the original quilt, Kelly did straight lines, and I love it. It is simple and allows the gorgeous design and colours to shine. Check out her pattern cover.

On my first quilt, I did wavy flowing lines and interspersed motifs of Christina Cameli's randomly within them. It looked fabulous. 
Note: the post this photo came from has some great tips for squaring up and trimming your quilted quilt.

I recently saw an incredible custom-quilted one that someone sent me (can't recall who!) feathers, ribbon candy, L's in various triangles with flowing quilting in other areas.

In all honesty, the design of this quilt is gorgeous, and no matter how you quilt it, the quilt is going to shine.
To be clear:
  • Finish the quilt top, and then quilt it up. It is due between March 15 and 22.
  • In order to qualify for a grand prize, you can link up the flimsy or the finished quilt.
  • You must have been participating in the QAL in order to qualify for the prize.
That seems obvious, but would you believe that among the plentiful emails about this QAL, there were five women who emailed me and 12 more on Instagram who sent me a DM asking for the pattern, saying they were going to participate, and so I sent them all a PDF... I have never heard from any of those five via email again, despite my emailing them two weeks ago with a gentle but firm nudge to please show me some progress, since that was the 'deal' in order to get the pattern. And so far only four have responded of the 12 via Instagram. And these people have been sewing on other projects!

Some people, sigh. Now I know there are a few of you who, for various personal reasons, have let me know that you've not gotten as far as you'd hoped. Know that I get it; life happens, and not as we plan. I do hope you'll be able to carve out a little space between personal stuff to sew a few rows as a treat for yourself and a balm, quite literally, for your spirit.

Happy finishing! Be sure to tag me and use the hashtag #postcardfromswedenqal2022 when you post your quilt progress. If you don't have Instagram or a blog, email me a photo and I will share it for you! I have been loving (I think we all have, even those who haven't been participating), seeing the glorious colours splashed all over Instagram!


  1. Your top looks great, I like the pop of yellow!

  2. It is disappointing to hear about the 5 people who didn't participate,but not surprising. Too many people can't translate electronic communication to the same behaviors as real life. Would they borrow their friend's book and then never return it? Sheesh.

  3. Hi. I'm afraid I may be one of your 5! I unexpectedly started a full time job with a former employer (they made me an offer so generous I couldn't refuse) after signing up for the quilt along. After being more or less retired, it's quite an adjustment! I haven't even finished the first few rows, but I'm still hoping that I can finish the flimsy before this is over. Now id I can just stay awake past suppertime...

  4. I'm glad my eyes weren't deceiving me. I too like the extra yellow so I will make the substitution for block N1. Thankfully I have not sewn up the last few rows so it should be easy enough to unsew one seam. I had issues trying to link up my first six rows using the link app two weeks ago. I don't have a blog so I left that spot blank when filling in my info. I could not progress any farther into the program and it seemed that that was required to post my photo. I am having fun with the triangles and putting the rows up on my design wall has brighten my sewing room considerably.

    1. Hi Ann, Well I've written back to you once and started this reply, but then realized you are a no reply blogger, so I have no way of replying other than this. I hope you come back. You don't have to have a blog to link up; you can link up an Instagram post, so I hope we can connect before March 15 when the Linky party opens for finishes! Sewing this has definitely has given my sewing room and spirits a lift!

  5. One question - what the heck colour thread should I use for quilting? When it's got every colour under the rainbow I struggle! (at) rogers (dot) com

  6. What a vibrant quilt. I've wanted to make this one and think I even had the pattern when it was on Craftsy, but I apparently didn't save it before they shut down. I didn't sign up this time because I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up. Maybe someday.

  7. So good!!! I hope to make this quilt someday. For now, I'm really looking forward to the link ups!!!

  8. I got the pattern from you, thank you. And I'm sewing as a fool. I hope to at least have the flimsy ready for mid March to link up. This is a fun project.

  9. I'm still wishing I could have participated, but timing with QuiltCon just didn't allow it. I've also seen some beautiful Postcards on Instagram. It's disappointing that people who joined in good faith have let you down People are like that... more inclined to let others down than follow through. It's something I'll never understand, though I could be sympathetic if someone had a problem, and let me know why it couldn't be finished. I'm terribly sorry for you, and the designer.